Shoei Marquez replicas

marq lids 4upHe’s World Champion again, for the eighth time, if you didn’t already know and you belong to a different planet. He’s also Shoei helmet’s most famous competitor wearing their superb (and according to our Bill, ‘the best helmet ever’), X-Spirit 3.

So if you’d like to wear one of ‘his’ beautiful and fetching matte finished designs, then these are what you need to own. Shoei would like to enforce that there’s absolutely NO difference between any X-Spirit 3 Marquez wears and these.

You might not win any titles owning either design, but you can pretend you just have, which is nice.

Price: R15,535.   Call: World of Yamaha (011 259 7604)

Or, ask your local Shoei dealer to acquire either item for you.










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