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KTM Adventure R suit.

r jacketThe new pair of KTM 790 Adventure bikes are now here in South Africa, which is great news for adventure guys and gals. If you choose to buy either you’ll probably be after a new matching adventure outfit, and why not?

Well here’s the answer with this rugged 2019 Adventure R suit, and it looks like it’s designed to survive an apocalyptic event. Never mind that though it’s highly attractive and full of interesting features to help the rider in all conditions, from snow to 40-degree sweaty temperatures. Very impressive and very desirable…

Price: Adventure R jacket R6,436  Pants R4,450

Available from (011 234 5007)

Nexo leather gloves.

GLUFFSWithout doubt the best selling road motorcycle gloves in the world, regarding colour choice, are black. Obviously it’s because they don’t show up contamination and dirt like bright colours do, and they always look very cool and mean.

Well here are a couple of interesting options at an affordable price. The short ones are for warm days and the longer versions are more for touring/superbike type of riding, both have fancy carbon knuckle protection. Tom Cruise likes this sort of glove and so should you, maybe?

Price: Short R650  Long option R849

Available from or call (011 467 0737)

Nexo Ikaro jacket.

jacket neonIf you like bright motorcycle apparel, then you’re going to want one of these. The camera doesn’t really show how bright and ultra-green this jacket is, but you get the idea.

You don’t necessarily have to own a Kawasaki to wear this very affordable Nexo sports item, because anyone that wants to be highly visible will benefit from this colour option for sure.

Full internal armor is found inside and it’s 100% waterproof, so they say. Ideal if you’re a big fan of the Marvel comic Hulk dude as well?

Price: R1,999

Available from (011 467 0737)

Acerbis boots.

boot brightNow, are these good-looking boots or what? And so they should be because Acerbis have always been one of the top manufacturers of off-road equipment since ‘off-roading’ began.

Worn by many elite riders around the world, and for good reason when you admire their sturdy build quality. Also, no boot currently available offers so much value wise with their superb pivoted ankle system. If you don’t believe us check out the prices of similar boots from other makers?

We especially adore the vast colour spectrum Acerbis offer in South Africa for MX/off-road and adventure riders alike, tremendous!

Prices: From R3,500 to R6,000   Visit: for contact and dealer details or call (011 259 7750).

Also visit: to see their enormous range of products.










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