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KTM Corporate shoes

KTM shoesFresh from the KTM clothing catalogue are these rather fetching lightweight summer shoes. They’re not really meant for riding but there’s nothing to stop you using them for such purposes.

They’re made from mesh like materials with a strong and flexible sole and, of course, they’re in factory KTM orange.

So with Christmas just around the corner they could make an ideal gift, and we’re sure Donald Trump would like a pair to match his skin colour, if you know what we mean?

Price: R1,330    Go to or call (011 234 5007) to purchase.

Tork Craft KT2573 bit set

TORKcraft bitshotIf you enjoy, like many, fiddling around with your bike, car, boat, etc whilst in the garage, then you just have to own a set of these comprehensive bits?

You’ll get 101 variations of just about every type of screw remover you can think of, and a neat handle to let you use them. All contained in a sturdy yellow case, which is great seeing as there’re 101 of them to lose.

So, if you have strange shaped screw heads that manufacturers don’t want you to undo you’ll be able to now. Also check out their site for a new cordless drill to work nicely with this bit set?

Price: R505   Go to (011 314 7711) to purchase.

Also check out for more interesting tools. 

Universal exhaust

uni zaustCheck out this little beauty? Primarily it’s made for all Jonway/Big Boy/Go Moto styled scooters, who all have horrid exhausts that easily break, right?

Well instead of replacing it with another ‘stock’ pipe why not fit this rather fetching exhaust instead? The header will certainly fit but you’ll have to make a bracket to support the silencer depending on the scooter. Or maybe fit this colourful silencer to any type bike, why not?

All parts are stainless steel with some sort of chemical process to add colour to the end piece, which looks superb, as does the impeccable welding.

Price: R1,500    Exclusive only to Randburg Motorcycles (011 792 6829)

Triumph Raven 2 jacket.

retro jacketOld and aged jackets are fetching a fortune around the world. It seems many people desire this kind of look on their torso. Even irritating pop stars and Hollywood giants are often seen in similar garments.

However, it can take years to achieve the desirable distressed finish so why not save time and just buy this gorgeous and official Triumph leather jacket instead?

Super soft leather is used as well as internal body armour for protection and there’s even a removable inner vest for those horrible cold days, to add to the attraction of this vintage styled jacket – tremendous!   

Price: R7,993    Visit for purchase details or call (011 444 4441)










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