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Arlen Ness jackets BW

ARLENNESS BW JACKETSWe haven’t seen much from Arlen Ness clothing lately, so these new leather jackets caught our eye. Arlen Ness is a famous chopper customizer from the USA, who lent his name to this brand, which is also associated with Berik.

These hefty leather jackets have full armour protection in the areas most needed, but the main thing is they look fantastic. Two colour options here are, black/chrome and black/white, which will suit either new or classic machines.

Interestingly they’re half the price of some ‘European’ brands, even though they’re probably made in the same factory?

Price: R4,590    Call: Biker’s Warehouse (011 795 4122)

Go to to see more.

Flowvision eyewear.

We all enjoy a decent and unique pair of sunglasses, so how about these new variants from San Francisco, USA? We’ve even seen top Hollywood stars wearing these very cool, flat-lens, Rythem sunglasses, with a mirrored lens. And they have eco-friendly 100% bamboo arms, for even more eco-friendly film star attraction.

The attractive goggles are for any MX/off-road type riding, with adjustable nose guard, ant-fog lenses and efficient air intakes around the frame, to keep things cool and clear.

Obviously coming from San Francisco all items are earthquake proof, maybe?

Price: R900 to R1,100 +/- depending on item. Call: (082 573 5124) or (011 794 5719)

Visit to view their full range of eyewear.

Also click for SA information.

KTM Defender suit.

Winter is just around the corner so you might need a very warm winter outfit, especially if you own any of the desireable KTM adventure range?

If so, you might want to take a look at this new 2019 Defender suit. Both items are 100% waterproof/windproof and therefore will repel any icy gale that blatantly and rudely attacks you, because of the fancy internal membrane.

You’ll also notice the addition of real leather panels in various areas, which give the whole suit a very cool retro and rather posh feel.

Price: Defender jacket R4,120  Pants R3,299

Available now from and more… (011 234 5007)

Shoei J.O.

retro lids shoeiIf you own any classic motorcycle, or indeed any of the new range of retro bikes that are being introduced yearly, then you must have one of these?

The Shoei J.O. range is without doubt the most beautifully painted of its kind, and these are only two of the designs now available in SA.

Not only are they gorgeous but they also have a drop-down internal visor system, and of course, oodles of Shoei unsurpassed build quality and protection as well. Very desirable on all counts, right?

Price: R6,800 +/-     Go to for dealer details or call (011 259 7750)

Also visit to admire the 2019 range.










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