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KTM Factor helmet.

KTM LIDAs far as graphics go this particular helmet has one of the most striking designs we’ve ever come across. Obviously this is a KTM specific product so anyone who owns any of their models will benefit, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s only for KTM owners.

You won’t have to buy a tinted visor either, because it also has a ‘drop-down’ internal visor to shield your eyes on a sunny day. Many ventilation ports will keep your brain cool and, for a change, it’s a very affordable helmet to purchase.

Price: R3,300    Call: Radmoto (011 234 5007)  Also check out

Shoei Transitions visor

visorBelieve it or not this is the same visor with Shoei’s new photochromic advanced technology. Its UV light sensitive application changes the ‘tint’ depending on light and temperature conditions, from clear to dark.

Very clever and actually a very good safety option, because you’ll only ever need one visor for all conditions. Bill has been using it on his beloved X-Spirit 3, and he has nothing but praise for the subtle way it reacts, which makes a change.

Currently this visor is only for X-Spirit3 and NXR models, so if you own either you have to reward your valuable eyes with one?

Price: R2,250           Available from your local Shoei dealer, or call AMP (011 259 7750) to locate one.

Also visit for more technical information. 

Suzuki RR watch.

suzuki watchIf, like us, you’re a huge fan of Suzuki’s Moto GP team competing with the vastly improved GSX-RR, or, you might own one of the new GSX-R1000 road bikes, then you’ll probably want one of these?

This watch is a genuine Suzuki item made from that flexible silicone type stuff, so it should stand up to a few knocks. The RR race bike label is on the strap and the full team Ecstar logo is on the face, which is Suzuki’s official oil, if you didn’t already know?

Not many have arrived in SA, so get down to your local Suzuki dealer right now who will gladly order you one.

Price: R450   Go to for dealer locations.

Stealth VRX.

stealth lidMatt black helmets seem to be the choice of many riders these days. Not everyone’s choice of colour but they do look mean and sinister.

So how about this new Stealth MX/off-road helmet with a very shapely design made by Vega? Made from polycarbonate, and there’s no doubt it resembles a certain Japanese helmet costing over 10k, obviously not as protective, but check the price?

Also, why not combine it with these new Thor goggles in day-glo yellow to offset the black? Either way a superb entry-level helmet for weekend riders.

Price: Stealth VRX   R1,100   Thor goggles: R650

Ask your local motorcycle dealer who stocks Stealth and Thor products.










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