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Triumph Hydro 3

triumph backpackThis interesting device may attract many of the Triumph Adventure bike owners out there, or perhaps any motorcyclist?

Obviously it’s a totally waterproof backpack of sorts, but hidden away inside is a 2-litre bladder that will hold any fluid of your choice whilst out and about on your travels.

It’s designed and made by Kriega, who are apparently expert manufacturers with this type of device. Either way it’s a very well made quality product that’ll endure many hours of off-road adventure ventures.

Price: R1,580   Go to for contact and purchase details. 

Arai RX-7V "25"

arai 25If you don’t know who number 25 is you must be in a coma or something, it’s Maverick Vinales the Yamaha Moto GP rider. He’s the man to watch at the moment and it’ll take a brave person to say he won’t win the World title this year.

Well this is exactly the same helmet he wears whilst racing – Arai’s top of the range RX-7V beautifully painted in his personal design, now available in South Africa.

We’ve heard he’ll be here for a visit in December, so buy one now and get him to sign it when he arrives, maybe?

Price: R13,650   Go to for contact details. 

Petrol Clothing Co.

petrol clothingRetro bikes are all the rage at the moment so why don’t you adorn yourself with some retro styled clothing too?

The Petrol Clothing Co. is a proudly South African brand, designed and produced right here, which is cool and makes them even more tempting.

All the designs reflect and portray older styles of print and the t-shirts they’re printed on are of the highest quality. But the best thing of all is the prices. Much cheaper than other brands because they don’t have to carry obscene import duties –sweet!

Price: R350   Go to  also visit

Bell Qualifier DLX

TT lidIf you’re a big fan of the Isle of Man TT Races then you’ll probably want to own one of these Limited Edition Bell helmets?

The paint scheme perfectly portrays everything about the Isle of Man, so even if you’ve never been there you can tell everyone you have.

The visor on this particular helmet is called a Bell Transition visor that reacts to changes of light to turn it either dark or clear within a few seconds, which is very cool. Saves you buying two visors as well.

Price: R5,999 (including Transition visor).  Go to to find you local Bell dealer and more.







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