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Acerbis boots.

boot brightNow, are these good-looking boots or what? And so they should be because Acerbis have always been one of the top manufacturers of off-road equipment since ‘off-roading’ began.

Worn by many elite riders around the world, and for good reason when you admire their sturdy build quality. Also, no boot currently available offers so much value wise with their superb pivoted ankle system. If you don’t believe us check out the prices of similar boots from other makers?

We especially adore the vast colour spectrum Acerbis offer in South Africa for MX/off-road and adventure riders alike, tremendous!

Prices: From R3,500 to R6,000   Visit: for contact and dealer details or call (011 259 7750).

Also visit: to see their enormous range of products.

Yamaha Moto GP shirts.

hemps 46There’re only a few weeks to go before the start of the inevitably exciting 2019 Moto GP season. So, if you’re a fan of the factory Yamaha GP team you might want either, or both, or all of these factory team shirts?

Whether you’re a Rossi fan or a Vinales fan doesn’t really matter because all of these items are genuine and superbly printed apparel to impress your mates with. And these are only but a few of the options available, so get in touch with the retailer below for more information and availability.

Price: Rossi stuff R550 to R850   Vinales stuff: R550 to R750

Visit or call (011 259 7604)

Torque Craft TCWS002 Workbench

tork benchIf you enjoy ‘fiddling’ in your garage and have no place to ‘fiddle’ and retain parts then you’ll most certainly need one of these new 2019 sturdy 4-in-1 workbenches.

It can either be a bench or trolley that can move (and hold), an impressive 150kg around, and it only weighs 18kg. Anything can be clamped to it and small ports and trays carry all your tool needs.

Also ideal for pushing a fleet of kids around the garden or taking a drunken person to his/her bedroom, its uses are limitless and up to you.

Price: R3,100  Call: (011 314 7711) or visit for more information and products.   Also try

2019 Airoh helmets

airo lidsIn the world of off-road and enduro many in SA choose riding in Airoh, and for good reason. They’re known to be super light reducing fatigue on the rider and of course superb ventilation for our predictably hot days.

Well how about these two new stunning offerings for 2019 that have just arrived? One is called Great Yellow Matt, which is easy to pick out with is bright yellow camo’ interior. The other is a rather special Six Days ISDE Limited Edition with a little refined badge on the side to tell you it is so.

Either way both are very unique and very desirable, nice!

Price: R8,999  Click on to find out how to buy or call (011 234 5007)










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