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Dainese Freeland.

go-tech bootsThis Italian clothing company is normally associated with fancy race style apparel, especially in South Africa. However, we now have these new adventure/touring boots for the South African rider as well.

These high quality items have genuine Gore-Tex inners, which is not only expensive to make but arguably the best waterproof/breathable material available. The rest of the boot is a combination of thick leather.

Rumours are that Mr. Rossi uses these during his winter excursions, but they are just rumours and why wouldn’t he anyway? 

Price: R4,650  Go to or call (071 101 6146)

Also follow them on Facebook @ gutsngas to see more clothing/boot products. 

Dainese Assen VR-46 gloves

46 glovesYamaha’s famous Moto GP rider, Valentino Rossi, is always seen wearing Dainese leather whilst competing in the best motorcycle racing in the World. So there’s no doubt their product is some of the best protective clothing available.

We especially like these new 2018 Assen gloves that really are made of real leather, not to mention they really look really nice as well.

You’ll notice subtle VR-46 lettering on the sides so you can pretend to be him as you pull huge wheelies down the high street, if you can that is?

Price: R2,650 Go to or call (071 101 6146)

Also follow them on Facebook @ gutsngas to see more new products.

AGV K3 SV Winter Test.

46 lidWe all know of Rossi’s affiliation with AGV helmets so we thought you’d like to see this new 2018 offering. There’s no doubt it’s one of his designs though, with a huge 46 on the forehead.

This K3 SV is more of a road type helmet with the drop-down internal visor and full ventilation for hot sunny days. But there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t use it on track days to show off your ‘Rossi’ riding style, or maybe not?

It’s well priced as well for such a fancy looking lid.

Price: R5,450   Go to for contact details or call (071 101 6146)

Also visit them on Facebook @gutsngas or mail them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2018 KTM shirts

KTM TROYLEEWe’re well into the New Year now, so why not treat yourself to a genuine factory KTM shirt? You don’t really have to own any KTM to wear and enjoy the quality of these items.

We’ve chosen just a few of these splendid new shirts but, they’re also more for the ladies and kids if you want to keep the family happy, which is always a major problem, right?

So, get any of them bought quickly if you see anything you like, because they’re all in limited numbers only. You know you want to?

Prices: R250 – R1,300    Click here for contact details.










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