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Alpinestars Tech 10

ALPHINE BOOTlumoThis MX/off-road competition boot is widely known as one of the best money can buy. Many top racers around the world trust in the ultimate protection the Tech 10 offers.

It’s actually two boots in one with an inner boot and an outer shell to prevent painful and hospital inducing twisting forces, which is nice. But the most interesting thing here is this new ultra-bright black, Day-Glo yellow and pink Limited edition colour scheme, ideal for both mountain climbing adventures and a perhaps vibrant disco afterwards?

Price: R10,995   Go to for contact and purchase details.

Also visit to see the full Alpinestars range.

Bell Moto- 9 Flex

moto-flexThis is arguably one of the most advanced MX/off-road helmets on the market. Indeed, Bell say it’s the most advanced helmet they’ve made for dudes in the dirt.

The Flex has three stages of inner layers to disperse a heavy impact and the shell is made from an ultra-light Tri-matrix, which all sounds very posh.

These two Troy Lee designed options are replicas from the famous USA rider, Jeremy McGrath, or so they say. Either way they’re very flamboyant and distinctive.  The Bell Moto-9 Flex is far from cheap though but, top quality and high protection never is, right?

Price: R13,385   Go to for contact and purchase details.

Also visit for more technical details.

BMW RR boots.

bmw boootsWe see more BMW S 1000 RR super bikes on the road, here in SA, than any other. So, if you’re one of the many owners of that motorbike you’ll be, or should be, very interested in these fancy boots?

Made by Dainese for BMW they offer a wealth of features and protection, like a carbon/aramid safety shell for example. Interestingly they’re the same boots Rossi wears in Moto GP, but these are specifically for the BMW RR rider. But if Rossi VR-46 trusts them you know you’re in good hands, well feet to be more precise.

Price: R6,100   Go to (011 676 6600)   

Vinales pit lane clothing

Vinales pit laneAfter the recent Australian GP it seems Maverick is back on form with the troublesome 2017 Yamaha M1 GP bike, which is no fault of his own.

So, if you’re a fan of the Spanish youngster then you’ll certainly like these new Factory clothing items in Yamaha’s Moto GP livery?

The t-shirt and hoody are beautifully made and display all the right logos to make you part of the Yamaha GP team, which is the best thing about this sort of genuine clothing. So why not become part of Maverick’s gang today?

Price: t-shirt R730      Hoody: R1,535

Visit for contact details or call (011 259 7600)










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