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KTM gloves.

KATOOM GLUFFHere’re two new factory KTM gloves that have just arrived in SA, both ideal for our forthcoming winter months.

We have the textile ‘HQ Adventure’ with long wrist coverage that’s made from many high-quality materials to keep you warm, like Thinsulate that’s the perfect climate control material both windproof and waterproof advantages.

The short glove called ‘Radical X’ has a combination of leather and carbon fibre that will be ideal for Duke riders out on the street. Or maybe Adventure riders who like sporty styled gloves. Either way they’re very cool, well actually and specifically speaking really warm.

Price: HQ Adventure   R2,700   Radical X   R1,487

Go to for contact details or call (011 234 5007)

Felo Screwdrivers

FELOscrewdriversWe all need a decent set of screwdrivers and these German made Felo options are claimed to be some of the best in the World. Well they are made in Germany and have already won many design awards so who’s going to argue, not us.

The red ones with red shafts are for the electricians that can handle, or repel, an incredible 10,000 volts! Now that’s a cool screwdriver to show off to your mates.

The rest of the range pictured are also of the highest quality and will undoubtedly last longer than you will, so you’ll be able to hand them down to your kids, which is nice.

Go to for contact details and pricing and more tempting products for your garage.

Also go to to see what awards they’ve been given.


Shoei X-Spirit III.

shoei3Arguably the most desired helmet currently available, for two reasons. One: it’s Shoei’s most advanced top of the range racing helmet they’ve ever made and two: this is the exact same helmet Marc Marquez wears in Moto GP. Well in his graphics that is, but there is NO difference between the one you’d buy and his – say no more!

Besides all that Bill has been wearing a stunning matt black version and here’s his take on this amazing new Shoei.

Bill (Sir William of Nottingham): I’ve owned the previous X-Spirit II so I was more than excited to get my head into the third version and wow! Even thought the ‘3’ is a purpose built race helmet it’s ten times more comfortable than the previous model. It’s quiet to the point of it can easily be used for touring and the new ventilation system is second to none. Inside you can alter the position of internal parts to suit your head shape, which is impressive. But the best bit is it looks and feels fantastic and well worth the price that’s predictably high. The best Shoei ever made for sure, so if you have the cash don’t hesitate just buy one. You will not be disappointed believe me?

Price: From R11,000 depending on graphics. Dark and tinted visors are around R800, which you must have of course.

Call: Your local Shoei dealer or go to (011 259 7750) to locate one.

Also go to to drool over their full 2018 range.

Acerbis Carbon G 3.0.

glufsNow these are very attractive gloves to say the least. Made by the product giants – Acerbis. They’ve been involved with Dakar and similar events forever, so they know a thing or two about gloves, right?

These black/day-glo yellow ones are primarily for enduro/motard riders but Bill has ‘acquired’ them for road use and gives a big thumbs up for comfort and protection.

The grey palm is made from a new material with nano technology called Nanofront, predictably. It offers high abrasion resistance and ten times more grip than normal synthetic fibers, so they say. Very cool gloves for the price indeed.

Price: R850    Call: Your local Acerbis dealer or go to (011 259 7750) to locate one.

Also visit to see their full range of exciting kit.










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