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Support Darryl and Riaan

dakarDue to the shifting of the Euro, Riaan and Darryl need to raise some extra cash to pay for the shortfall for Dakar 2013, please support them by ordering their Dakar supporters t-shirts and forwarding this to all your mates, they only have 500 shirts available at R 200 bucks each, so first come first served. 

R200 each, please place your order with: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Monster Energy hats

ME hatsKawasaki and Monster energy drinks have been associated with each other for many years now. So if you happen to own a limited edition Kawasaki model of any kind then you’ll need at least one of these on your head? There’re many shapes and sizes to fit all tastes, so drop into the shop for the full range?

On the other hand, if you’re a ‘real’ Monster, with four heads, then tell your beastly mother to buy all of these for a Christmas present. Can you imagine the fun you’ll have swapping them around?

Price: R255 - R325   Call: Fourways Motorcycles 011 465 1540.

Monster Energy hoody

ME hoody

At the moment it seems those bitter tasting energy drinks, which make Bill feel ill rather than ready to run a marathon, sponsor the entire world.


But if you desire the Monster brand across your nipples and fancy a spot of petty thievery without a security camera identifying you, then this Monster hoody is just for you. Thankfully it has the Kawasaki name alongside to increase the energy value.

On this thick garment you’ll find a drawstring hood attached and a belly pocket to conceal, er, things you’ve acquired.

Price: R650    Call: Fourways Motorcycles 011 465 1540  

Triumph Acton ladies glove

triumph gloves

If you’re a lady and ride one of Triumph’s superb range of motorcycles then we can highly recommend you buy these? The Acton ladies glove is cut to fit a ladies hand size, which will offer much better protection for you gals than a ‘baggy’ man’s version.

They’re made from a fabric called Tri Tex, whatever that is, but it does make the glove waterproof, windproof, but still breathable, so your hands won’t get too sweaty. There’s also a hard knuckle protector, which is ideal for ‘planting’ one on your husband/partner, when he arrives home too late from the pub.     

Price: R443  Call: Fourways Triumph 011 465 1540 or log on to for more Triumph products.  










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