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Triumph Raven 2 jacket.

retro jacketOld and aged jackets are fetching a fortune around the world. It seems many people desire this kind of look on their torso. Even irritating pop stars and Hollywood giants are often seen in similar garments.

However, it can take years to achieve the desirable distressed finish so why not save time and just buy this gorgeous and official Triumph leather jacket instead?

Super soft leather is used as well as internal body armour for protection and there’s even a removable inner vest for those horrible cold days, to add to the attraction of this vintage styled jacket – tremendous!   

Price: R7,993    Visit for purchase details or call (011 444 4441)

Arai MX-V

nikki mxAs far as MX helmets go this has to be one the best money can buy, which obviously reflects with the price. Arai are well known for their attention to style and more importantly the highest form of protection.

Thousands of hours are passed to design and develop the shell and ventilation system on this high-end off-road helmet, or possibly on-road if you add a classy set of goggles.

But the main reason for this new Arai product is the Nicky Hayden tribute paint scheme, truly stunning on all counts. Seems a shame to get it dirty?

Price: R10,300    Go to for purchase details or call (011 234 5007)  

Triumph Flag gloves

union glovesIf you’re a fan of the Union Jack flag then you’re going to enjoy these. They’re a genuine Triumph accessory, which means they’re of the highest quality.

Made from the finest leather and found at the fingertips are interesting little grip inserts for improved feel on the levers, so they say.

But never mind that because the Queen would surely like these for her next horse event? And if you happen to own a Mini then how cool would these look clamped around the steering wheel, or anything British for that matter?

Price: R1,640    Go to for purchase details or call (011 444 4441)

Thule Backpack

Thule backpackIt’s nice to inform our readers about products on special offer to save you money, so here’s a nice one.

Thule is a Swedish company that specializes in all sorts of outdoor items, like cycle carriers and of course this. It’s a sturdy bag with an internal ‘hard case’ to carry sunglasses or other fragile things, maybe even an expensive sandwich or two.

Either way it’ll last longer than many others because the Swedes make superb outdoor equipment on all counts. Donald Trump would love one because it matches his skin colour.

Price: Was R1,500   now R1,100    Go to for purchase details or call (011 234 5007)  










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