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Team VR-46 clothing.

sky vr46You all know of the famous Mr. Rossi and his clothing VR-46 label empire, which usually relates to him personally.

However Rossi also runs/owns a race team in both Moto 3 and Moto 2, supported by the Sky Empire. And now for the first time in South Africa their impressive and attractive range of clothing has arrived for you to enjoy.

Here we have three new items, t-shirt, polo shirt and a thick hoody jacket. All are from the VR-46 factory, so you know they’re superb quality. In limited numbers only, so be quick if you desire something different?

Price: T-shirt R630, polo shirt R915 and the hoody is R1,330.

Go to the Yamaha store at or call (011 259 7604)

KTM boots.

katoom bootJust arrived in South Africa are these new Alpinestars off-road/MX boots, which are official KTM, branded items.

They’re both Alpinestars Tech 7 variations that offer rugged protection at an affordable price that will suit the family man. We say that because the cute white/orange boots are only a size 4 because they’re for the kids, when the other black/orange pair is obviously for the adults.

Both are available with either MX or off-road soles depending on the type of riding you and your siblings are going to attempt.

Price: Tech 7 R5,608  ‘Baby’ Tech 7 R3,695

Go to for contact and purchase details or call (011 234 5007)

KTM gloves.

KATOOM GLUFFHere’re two new factory KTM gloves that have just arrived in SA, both ideal for our forthcoming winter months.

We have the textile ‘HQ Adventure’ with long wrist coverage that’s made from many high-quality materials to keep you warm, like Thinsulate that’s the perfect climate control material both windproof and waterproof advantages.

The short glove called ‘Radical X’ has a combination of leather and carbon fibre that will be ideal for Duke riders out on the street. Or maybe Adventure riders who like sporty styled gloves. Either way they’re very cool, well actually and specifically speaking really warm.

Price: HQ Adventure   R2,700   Radical X   R1,487

Go to for contact details or call (011 234 5007)

Felo Screwdrivers

FELOscrewdriversWe all need a decent set of screwdrivers and these German made Felo options are claimed to be some of the best in the World. Well they are made in Germany and have already won many design awards so who’s going to argue, not us.

The red ones with red shafts are for the electricians that can handle, or repel, an incredible 10,000 volts! Now that’s a cool screwdriver to show off to your mates.

The rest of the range pictured are also of the highest quality and will undoubtedly last longer than you will, so you’ll be able to hand them down to your kids, which is nice.

Go to for contact details and pricing and more tempting products for your garage.

Also go to to see what awards they’ve been given.











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