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Tork Craft Tri-light.

TORKBULBSWe think this is a very cool and interesting product for all motorcyclists. Simply screw into any light fitting and the ultra-bright LED components will illuminate any area you’d choose to place it.

Made from strong aluminium with three heat sinks, and it automatically activates due to its high-end motion sensors. The Tri-light is also guaranteed to perform for over 50,000 hours, which is impressive to say the least.

The retro styling will suit any garage or workplace and instantly lights when you enter into them, making this a perfect security device as well.

Price: R2,842   Call: Vermont sales (011 314 7711) Visit to watch the Tri-light video, and to view their huge range. 

FIXMAN 130 piece roller cabinet.

FIX F1RP7 1We all need a strong tool kit for our garage and this particular one will sit nicely in anyone’s domain.

Seven draws holding 130 pieces will assist with the most demanding repair work, or maybe even an engine rebuild. We especially like the way the tools are stored in its own compartment, then you’ll easily be able to see if one is missing or misplaced.

The rolling cabinet looks bombproof and probably is, with a handy tray on top to hold the obligatory large mug of tea. Exceptional value for so many tools and accessories.

Price: R19,900   Call: Vermont sales (011 314 7711) Visit to view their huge range, and more. 

HJC i90

00 PRODUCTS 2SquaresIt seems this style of helmet is gaining in popularity throughout South Africa. The ‘flip-up’ design makes life easy, as it’s basically two helmets combined into one.

This one, from HJC, is very affordable as some helmets with this design can become horrendously expensive. We’re not saying it’s a ‘cheap’ option though as HJC is one of the World’s leaders in technical design and the advanced materials used. The i90 also has a drop-down internal tinted visor, to hide from the blinding sun when needed. Very nice for the price, as some say.

Price: From R4,550       Go to (011 251 4000) for more information..

Also visit to view the full range.


HJC C70If you didn’t already know HJC is the largest helmet manufacturer in the world, a very impressive ‘claim to fame’, don’t you think. And Brad Binder uses them in his Moto GP quest, so they’re of the highest quality.

But full-race helmets are expensive though, so why not choose this new model made from an advanced polycarbonate composite, ideal for all street riders?

With that kind of construction the C70 is of exceptional value for such a good-looking helmet. And inside you’ll also find an internal ‘drop-down’ tinted visor for sunny interference, very nice indeed.

Price: R3,465       Go to (011 251 4000) for purchasing details.

Also visit for more technical information.










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