Yamaha Confirms Three-Year Technical Partnership for the Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and La Vuelta

001Yamaha is pleased to confirm a strategic new 3-year partnership with A.S.O. and RCS Sports, organisers of Europe's three major Cycling Grand Tours, which will see the NIKEN become the official support motorcycle through to the end of the 2021 season.

Combining outstanding sport performance, all-round versatility and serious long-distance travelling capabilities, the NIKEN is a distinguished member of Yamaha's Sport Touring motorcycle range.

Its revolutionary Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) technology always ensures added points of contact with the road surface and means that it doesn't matter whether it's sweltering heat in summer, icy cold in winter, or any other season or condition, the NIKEN will ensure unrivalled comfort and riding confidence in any condition and any season.

Providing ubiquitous support

Each of the three Grand Tours crosses some of the most intense mountain roads imaginable. From the twisty mountain paths of Italy and Spain to the long valley straights of Belgium and northern France, the NIKEN will be the ultimate riding companion for the vast numbers of motorcyclists supporting the Grand Tours.

Offering a seamless transition from a conventional two-wheeler, with no alteration to riding style needed, Yamaha's NIKEN machines will be used by race direction, race commissioners and the official event support teams.

NIKEN riders will be assigned with a list of demanding responsibilities throughout each of these global sporting events. Some of the most vital duties include the provision of medical assistance, the changing of wheels for cyclists, the transportation of drink and nutritional elements and the and the regulation of the race & the publicity Caravan

Strengthening a solid partnership

Covering a combined distance of over 10,000km, the three major Grand tours together with all additional events organised by A.S.O. and RCS Sport work their way through some of the windiest mountain roads in the world. The first two of many events where NIKEN mounted riders will be providing their precious support will be the 2019 Strade Bianche in Italy on March 9 and the 2019 Paris-Nice in France on March 10/17.end bike test







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