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SIX DAYS 2021Following up on the release of the comprehensive 2021 KTM EXC SIX DAYS range in June, KTM has officially started a keen dialogue with the Italian overseers with the commitment to remain fully implicated ahead of next year’s event at the Lombardy and Piedmont regions. Providing valuable backing for the race organizers to overcome a challenging year, all parties will continue working with the goal to be 100% READY TO RACE in 2021.

Following the postponement of the 2020 event due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, KTM is giving back to the sport of Enduro by extending its support towards the passionate people responsible for the ISDE organization. As well as seeing a great number of KTM racers represent their respective countries on the official ISDE entry lists, KTM has also been present annually with the highly successful paddock-based KTM Rental & Race Service packages.SIX DAYS 2021 Action1KTM’s Enduro roots are strong and deeply ingrained, which is evidenced by the care and high level of technical consideration given to the collection of KTM EXC SIX DAYS machines. For model year 2021, the KTM EXC SIX DAYS line-up is the perfect demonstration of KTM’s continuous support to this historic race. In each of these models, KTM has designed a race-winning package that is ready for the toughest special tests straight out of the crate.

Vittorio Angela, Vice President Italian Motorcycle Federation [FMI]: “With the International Six Days Enduro being the biggest event in the offroad race calendar globally, we are working very closely with the local organizers of the Italian event for 2021. With the common goal to design a great event for next year, KTM’s support towards the organizers and the whole enduro community is very highly appreciated. I trust the hard-working teams of Moto Club Alfieri, Moto Club Pavia and Moto Club Valle Staffora, who are responsible for the organization of the event, will make good use of the added support coming from KTM.”SIX DAYS 2021 staticPaolo Carrubba, Head of Marketing KTM Italy: “Alongside the release of our 2021 KTM EXC SIX DAYS models and in full alliance with KTM’s Global Marketing team, the decision to extend the support towards the Enduro community behind the organization of the ISDE is aimed at helping take the 2021 event to a new level. Staying READY TO RACE, we are all looking forward to attending a 2021 event that will live up to the highest standards set by Enduro racers coming from every part of the world.”SIX DAYS 2021 static2The oldest and most prestigious FIM offroad motorcycle race in the world, the ISDE and KTM is intrinsically linked both to the annual fixture and what will be the event’s 95th incarnation next year. The upcoming FIM International Six Days Enduro will take place at the Lombardy and Piedmont regions from August 30 to September 4, 2021.

For more information on the complete 2021 KTM EXC line-up visit bike test


KTM 450 SMR 2021 TitleSeven years after KTM last fashioned the ultimate lightweight Supermoto powerhouse with theKTM 450 SMR, the motorcycle makes a stunning return for 2021. The supreme technical base of the championship-winning KTM 450 SX-F provides the platform for the factory to revamp and re-establish their Supermoto sporting prowess.

It’s been far too long since that last 450-gunned Supermoto power-drift, so KTM decided a renewal of their pedigree in the segment was vastly overdue. The company wanted to address a race bike ‘absence’ in their hefty arsenal and have taken great care to fabricate a brand-new version of their KTM 450 SMR for riders hungry for the track.KTM 450 SMR 2021 studio1The KTM 450 SMR is a pure expression of the company’s philosophy: READY TO RACE direct from the dealership floor and with a standard setting of performance that will cause throttle hands to tremble. This is the complete Supermoto racer.

The heart of the 2021 KTM 450 SMR is provided by the decorated 450cc engine that made the KTM 450 SX-F such a formidable motocross and supercross weapon. The latest generation of 4-stroke engineering from the firm offers a 63hp boost at a weight a little over 27kg. The motor has been diligently orientated in the frame to emphasize mass centralization: Supermoto riders and racers demand peak tactile feeling and contact with the asphalt and the ability to manipulate the condensed form of the KTM 450 SMR to their will. Underneath the SOHC cylinder head lives the 95mm bore lightweight aluminum cylinder, housing a 320g piston that pumps out mounds of torque while the strategically positioned crankshaft is another asset towards the bike’s centralized handling. A high-end conrod contributes to the long 100-hour service intervals.KTM 450 SMR 2021 studio3Harnessing the potency of the engine is possible thanks to the PANKL Racing Systems 5-speed gearbox with an advanced sensor, permitting specific engine maps for each gear. A SUTER slipper clutch is added to enhance rear wheel stability: an essential ingredient for the Supermoto fan and racer.

The output of the bike is molded through a special chromium molybdenum steel frame; the robotic welded fabrication of which ensures precision and quality. The torsion and flex characteristics are optimum for the use and purpose of the KTM 450 SMR and riders will not be disappointed – in fact they’ll be exhilarated – from the first laps. Stability in a straight line to maximize grip and acceleration is complemented by the sensation of rapid ‘flickability’ that delivers reassuring feedback in droves. The chassis is robust but light; the 900g aluminum subframe is a key part. The frame is cast with 16mm offset through the CNC-machined triple clamps with three-way amendable handlebar adjustment. A die-cast swingarm is another featherweight chassis ingredient and means the wheelbase can be tweaked to optimize feel for any given track.KTM 450 SMR 2021 Action2The triple clamps house the WP Suspension XACT front forks: a 48mm air type featuring AER technology with split damping function, and the mid-valve damping system is a hike in terms of performance. Supermoto competitors will need acute connection with the tarmac but also trustworthy reactions from bumps and various conditions on the offroad sections, so the compact and light WP Suspension XACT rear shock is a valuable and fully adjustable component. The rear wheel travel of 266mm (285mm on the front) is part of a Supermoto-specific package where the linkage system and rear set geometry push usability and handling to the fore.

Stopping power is essential for the KTM 450 SMR and KTM rely on peerless partners BREMBO with premium 4-piston radial caliper & master cylinder on the front brake to convey the necessary mastery administered through the 310mm floating disc and dependability on the 220mm rear. Balance, belief and balls-out braking fun are definitely on the agenda with these specifications.

KTM knows that details can really make the difference to the entire motorcycle. R&D engineers wanted the KTM 450 SMR to strike an immediate impression. The radiator is built from strong aluminum and designed with computational fluid dynamics for maximum efficiency. The part is also placed to augment centralization. A 44mm Keihin throttle body means that delicate throttle response can be taken for granted and the complex Keihin Engine Management System regulates the rider’s personal needs for maps, launch control and traction control. A specifically designed airbox helps the engine generate the sensitive but fiery response a rider or racer needs. Extended thrills are possible due to the 7-liter fuel tank (with the fuel line tucked further into the bike and away from potential damage). Supermoto 16.5/17 ALPINA light, spoked tubeless wheels will carry the expected strength and are graced by Bridgestone slick tires. Expect the bike to really look the part with slim, race-friendly plastics and a graphic scheme apt for the first year of the new decade.

The KTM 450 SMR is back: Are you ready to get forward?KTM 450 SMR 2021 studio5end bike test

Yamaha announce all-new WR450F enduro for 2021 All-new WR450F: Increased power, sharper handling and stronger braking

2021 yam wr450f eu dpbse stu 002 03 79632With an outright ISDE win and numerous Enduro World Championship podiums to its credit, the Yamaha WR450F is recognised throughout the off road world as being one of the quickest, toughest and most competitive bikes in its class.
For 2021 the all new WR450F is completely redesigned, and now benefits from the same advanced engine and chassis technology first seen on Yamaha's latest generation YZ450F motocross bikes. Equipped with a lighter and more powerful engine as well as an all-new sharper handling aluminium bilateral beam frame - together with an industry-leading suspension package and outstanding new braking systems - this high-tech enduro weapon goes, turns and stops better than ever before.
Featuring one of the highest specifications in its category, the 2021 WR450F is waiting to be unleashed by experienced enduro racers and trail riders who demand the very highest levels of useable engine performance along with lightweight manoeuvrability, added stability, easy cornering and outstanding braking.
Finished in a dynamic new Icon Blue colour scheme and featuring blue number plates and minimalist graphics, the 2021 WR450F comes with a range of the very latest best-in-class technology - giving every off road rider the opportunity to up their game and take their performance to the next level.   2021 yam wr250f eu dpbse act 001 03 79796  

Lighter, more powerful and compact new 450cc engine

The current WR450F engine is already renowned for its wide band of enormous power and outstanding torque that deliver impressive performance in a wide variety of riding conditions.
In order to be able to achieve even stronger and more controllable power across the rev range, Yamaha's engineers have developed the all-new WR450F powerplant, based on the latest high-performance YZ450F motocross engine, that is significantly lighter and more compact. Yamaha have made a number of key technical adjustments to suit the different requirements of the enduro rider, including model-specific intake and exhaust systems, as well as optimised fuel injection and ignition maps for the ECU that help to deliver more useable and controllable power together with strong top-end performance.2021 yam wr250f eu dpbse det 006 03 79743

New cylinder head and piston design

The 2021 WR450F engine features a new lighter cylinder head and new piston design that gives an increased compression ratio - up from 12.8:1 on the 2020 WR450F to 13.0:1 on the new model. With its long and straight front-facing inlet, the WR450F's reverse cylinder head offers outstanding efficiency, and for 2021 the intake port shape is revised and the intake and exhaust valve angles are changed from 21.5 degrees to 14.5 degrees to create a more concave combustion chamber for enhanced combustion efficiency and stronger power across the rpm range.
The new cylinder head is equipped with a large number of magnesium components that contribute towards a 310g weight saving, and features relocated camshafts that are positioned closer to each other - while the vertical distance between the camshafts and the crankshaft is also reduced to give a much more compact layout. The combination of lower weight and reduced dimensions achieves enhanced mass centralisation, and this contributes significantly towards the new model's lighter feeling and increased agility when cornering - making the 2021 WR450F one of the easiest-handling large-capacity enduro models.

Yamaha Power Tuner for easy smartphone tuning2021 yam wr450f eu dpbse act 009 03 79894In 2019 the WR450F pioneered the use of advanced digital technology when it became the first enduro bike to feature onboard connectivity that enabled remote wireless tuning via a smartphone. The all-new 2021 model continues to lead the field with its Yamaha Power Tuner that enables riders and mechanics to quickly and easily adjust the fuel/air mix and ignition timing mapping so that the bike can be set up to suit different circuit and weather conditions.

After downloading the free Power Tuner app for IOS or Android devices it's possible to fine tune the bike's engine character via a smartphone, enabling WR450F owners to achieve optimal performance to suit fast MX tests as well as tricky technical terrain. Riders can also access and record a range of data, including system diagnosis, engine run time and more, making the Power Tuner an indispensable part of any toolkit!2021 yam wr450f eu dpbse det 012 03 79780

Handlebar-mounted adjustable mapping switch

The 2021 model is equipped with a handlebar-mounted mapping switch that enables the rider to select one of two maps while riding. By switching between maps the rider can select the best engine power character to suit changing weather conditions or terrain variations, making the WR450F more adaptable and controllable wherever it goes.

Compact electric starter

The new high-performance 450cc engine comes with a compact and lightweight electric starter that enables the rider to get moving quickly and effortlessly. Which is particularly useful when starting on a hill or when riding across a steep gradient. 2021 yam wr250f eu dpbse sta 002 03 79803

Advanced fuel injection system

The 2021 WR450F is equipped with a highly-advanced fuel injection system that has been successfully used on the latest YZ450F motocross bike. The reverse cylinder head feeds cool and fresh air via a front-facing straight inlet into the latest Mikuni® fuel injection system. Equipped with a 44mm throttle body and a high pressure electric pump, this fuel injection system delivers the atomised fuel/air mix into the compact new high compression cylinder head for excellent running performance at all engine speeds.2021 yam wr450f eu dpbse det 011 03 79770

High efficiency angled radiators

To handle the significantly increased levels of both power and torque, the higher specification 2021 engine is equipped with newly designed high efficiency radiators. For optimal coolling efficiency for winning performance, these new radiators are angled so that they face the incoming airflow more directly, ensuring that the 450cc engine is able to run efficiently throughout the day. There's also a thermostitically controlled fan that cuts in when required to maintain a strong and consistent flow of air in slow or hot riding conditions.

Tougher wide ratio 5-speed transmission

The 2021 WR450F's 5-speed transmission is engineered to handle the toughest tests that enduro offers. It's specially designed shift drum and selectors give improved feel together with a shorter stroke when changing gear, and the uprated heavy duty clutch is built to deliver increased durability for consistent operation throughout the longest enduro.
The WR450F's gears are manufactured with a larger surface area compared to the motocross model, and this helps to spread the load more evenly for smoother shifting and increased durability. Running with a lower 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear - and a higher 5th gear - than the YZ450F, the enduro model's transmission provides the ideal choice of ratios for technical and high speed riding.2021 yam wr250f eu dpbse stu 001 03 79569

Mass-centralised wraparound exhaust

By keeping all of the major components located close to the machine's centre, the WR450F's compact new lightweight reverse cylinder head engine achieves excellent mass centralisation, and this plays a crucial role in contributing towards the bike's lightweight and agile handling. Fitted with an enduro-specific muffler, the wraparound exhaust is a perfect example of how Yamaha's engineers are able to keep weight close to the bike's centre and achieve increased power and control.

New lighter aluminium frame for sharper handling

The 2021 WR450F features an all-new lightweight aluminium bilateral beam frame that is manufactured using the same controlled fill technology as the flagship YZ450F motocross machine. To suit the different requirements of enduro riders the frame's rigidity balance has been retuned by using thinner main spars together with thinner bottom tubes. In addition the shape and the bolt tightening stiffness for the front and rear engine mount brackets is also modified to give improved feedback over bumps and an enhanced feeling of connectivity with the track surface.2021 yam wr250f eu dpbse act 003 03 79800

Revised front end rigidity

Further WR-specific chassis tuning can be found at the front end, where the new lighter top triple clamp, front wheel axle and bar mounts have all been redesigned to deliver a more precise steering feeling as well as improved grip. And to make it easier for riders to shift their weight over the front end, the handlebar position is moved 15mm forward and 5mm lower.

Industry leading suspension systems

Featuring speed sensitive damping that ensures excellent bump absorption and strong traction at all riding speeds, the fully adjustable coil spring twin chamber KYB® forks are widely regarded as being one of the ultimate front suspension systems in the off road business. Using the same high-tech forks at the latest YZ450F and equipped with speed sensitive damping and special enduro-specific settings, this industry-leading front end enables the rider to fully exploit the increased engine performance of the all new 2021 WR450F.

At the rear end the WR450F is fitted with a fully-adjustable link-type system that's equipped with a specially-tuned KYB® shock. Running with enduro-specific settings, this lightweight rear suspension system is designed to deliver excellent traction at low and high speeds together with extremely effective bump absorption at all speeds.2021 yam wr250f eu dpbse det 017 03 79745

Stronger stopping power

As well as going faster the 2021 model also stops faster, enabling riders to make up valuable time in tight sections. Like the latest YZ450F, the 2021 WR450F benefits from a more rigid front brake caliper running with larger pistons - up from 22.65mm to 25.4mm diameter. Brake pad surface area is increased by 25%, and the newly designed 270mm front disc gives a 16% increase in contact area without any weight increase.

More compact multifunction display

For 2021 the WR450F is fitted with new multifunction display that is much more compact and easier to read. The meter features an odometer, two tripmeters, clock, timer/stopwatch - and a new and very usefull fuel consumption indicator that enables riders and teams to plan fuel stops more accurately. The unit features a higher contrast LCD display that offers better readability in all conditions, and its unified design and reduced width and depth give a much neater look that enhances the feeling of lightness from the rider's viewpoint.

Lighter chromoly footpegs

New chromoly footpegs replace the previous stainless steel units, to give a 70g weight saving. Further weight savings are made by using the lightweight front axle, top triple clamp and handlebar clamps from the latest YZ450F.2021 yam wr450f eu dpbse stu 005 03 79633

Dynamic new Icon Blue colour

To mark the introduction of the most advanced enduro bike ever produced by Yamaha, the 3rd generation WR450F is finished in a dynamic new Icon Blue colour scheme in common with all of the 2021 Yamaha Off Road Competition models. Minimalist new graphics reinforce the bike's purposeful and sophisticated new look, and the front and side plates are also finished in the Icon Blue to give a coordinated and professional appearance.

2021 WR450F Technical Highlights

Ultra-compact new YZ450F-based engine, increased power and improved control

Lighter and more compact cylinder head

New piston design and increased compression ratio

Yamaha Power Tuner for instant track-side tuning via a smartphone

Handlebar-mounted engine mode switch for on-the-fly adjustment

Advanced fuel injection system with enduro-specific settings for optimum power

Large capacity angled radiators with fan ensure effective engine cooling

Robust enduro-specific 5-speed wide ratio transmission

Heavy duty enduro clutch for positive shifting and consistent performance

Lighter aluminium bilateral beam frame with enduro-specific rigidity balance

Class-leading KYB®  coil spring-type speed sensitive front suspension

Link-type rear suspension with specially-tuned KYB® shockRevised riding position and 4-position adjustable handlebars

Lighter YZ450F type front axle, top triple clamp and handlebar clamps

Lighter and more powerful brakes

Tool-free airbox access

Compact electric starter

7.9 litre fuel tank and compact fuel pump

Lighter chromoly footpegs and forged aluminium sidestand

Large plastic engine guard

Sealed chain2021 yam wr450f eu dpbse sta 004 03 79817end bike test

Locatelli First to Win Nine Races in a Season with Teruel Double Victory

001Andrea Locatelli has already broken multiple FIM Supersport World Championship records this year, and following his double victory in the Teruel round at Aragón, the Evan Bros Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team rider becomes the first to win nine races in a single season. 

After setting a new fastest-ever WorldSSP lap at the Spanish venue in the Superpole to maintain his 100 percent pole position record, Locatelli was in sublime form in Race 1 on the #55 Yamaha R6, taking the lead out of the first corner before setting off into the distance to claim an eighth win of the season.

In Race 2, the 23-year-old dropped to third in the first corner and settled into a steady early pace as several riders jostled for the podium positions. Heading onto the fourth lap, MV Augusta’s Raffaele De Rosa collected the back of race leader GMT94 Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team’s Jules Cluzel at Turn 1, which promoted Locatelli to first.

For the next three laps, the 2020 rookie managed his pace with pressure from Lucas Mahias’ Kawasaki behind, but then put the hammer down at the halfway stage, claiming the fastest-ever race lap at the Spanish circuit before streaking clear to take a ninth consecutive WorldSSP victory.

After a fall knocked him out of podium contention in the opening race, Kallio Racing Yamaha WorldSSP Supported Team’s Isaac Vinales took the holeshot from second on the grid in Race 2, but conceded the lead to Cluzel later in the lap. After Locatelli got by, the Spaniard settled into the race-long fight for the final spot on the podium. Heading into the last corner of the final lap, Vinales pounced on Philipp Öttl’s Kawasaki and won the drag race to the line to claim a second rostrum of the season in third.

Kallio Racing’s Hannes Soomer was also looking to bounce back from an incident that dropped him out of the points in Race 1, and joined his teammate in the podium fight on Sunday. The Estonian was sixth for much of the race, but gained a place on the final lap to cross the line in fifth, matching his best result of the season.

GMT94 Yamaha’s Corentin Perolari backed up his ninth-place finish on Saturday with seventh in Race 2, narrowly missing out on the top five result by 0.237s following a last lap three-way scrap over fifth.

bLU cRU Yamaha WorldSSP Team’s rookie Galang Hendra Pratama enjoyed his best weekend yet, with a pair of 12th-place finishes confirming his promising potential, as fellow 2020 rookie and teammate Andy Verdoïa also scored a double-points finish, crossing the line 15th in both races.

GMT94 Yamaha’s Cluzel battled to third in Race 1 and looked to be in with a shot of victory on Sunday. However, while leading the field, the French rider was taken out of the race on lap four at Turn 1. Cluzel suffered fractures to his left fibula and tibia, and will be assessed further in Alcaniz before undergoing surgery in Zaragoza.end bike test

Beaubier and Gagne Storm to Double Podium in Race Two at The Ridge

0000Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha Racing’s Cameron Beaubier and Jake Gagne took a dominant 1-2 finish in Sunday’s race two of the fifth MotoAmerica round at The Ridge in Shelton, Washington.

Starting in their Saturday qualifying slots of pole position and second, respectively, Gagne and Beaubier both made good launches off the line. Race one winner Beaubier just took the lead into Turn 1, building a gap immediately and leading Gagne by over three seconds on the seventh lap. In full control of the race, Beaubier was consistently throwing down some fast times and took home another commanding victory, his ninth of 2020, and a career-best record for the most wins in a season.0010Behind his teammate, Gagne lapped solidly in second place, maintaining his gap to the chasing pack. In the final laps, the Californian had a rider in hot pursuit, but he held off the challenge to return to the podium, his eighth of the season.

The double podium on Sunday gives the Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha team an excellent lead at the top of the standings, with reigning champion Beaubier and Gagne in commanding first and second positions in the championship. The team will be back in action at the New Jersey Motorsports Park, in Millville, New Jersey, September 11-13.0020end bike test


KTM MotoGP 2020 StyriaKTM celebrated its second MotoGP victory in the space of two weeks with Miguel Oliveira’s brilliantly judged first-ever success at the Red Bull Ring this weekend (August 21-23). The 25-year old not only claimed the first win for his Red Bull KTM Tech3 team in MotoGP but also for Portugal. Pol Espargaró fought for the checkered flag until the last corner and scored his second career podium in third place – a first double rostrum for the Austrian manufacturer in the premier class. KTM had all four RC16s in the top 10; more than any other brand. Celestino Vietti posted KTM’s second Moto3™ victory in a row.Miguel Oliveira KTM RC16 MotoGP 2020 StyriaA second Grand Prix in the space of seven days took place in the picturesque but challenging setting of the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. Espargaró set off from Pole Position for the fifth outing of the season. The Spaniard launched from P1 for what was the first Pole for the factory (and the rider) in less than four terms in the premier class of MotoGP and just four years after KTM had announced their MotoGP plans and ambitions at the same circuit. Miguel Oliveira Red Bull KTM Tech3 MotoGP 2020 StyriaAn accident midway through the 28-lap spectacle produced the red flag for an air fence to be repaired at Turn 1. The 900th premier class race was restarted with a 12-lap distance and with all four KTM RC16s hunting the leading group. Espargaró surged to the front and engaged in a thrilling duel with Jack Miller on the last circulation. Miguel Oliveira was also extremely close and poised to make the most of any mistake. When Espargaró and Miller ran deep into the final turn Oliveira read the situation to perfection; powering past to claim the checkered flag on what was his 150th Grand Prix start. The result was also noteworthy for Red Bull KTM Tech3, representing their maiden triumph in the premier class in just their second campaign wearing KTM colors. Miguel Oliveira Red Bull KTM Tech3 MotoGP 2020 Styria 1Brad Binder, who clinched KTM’s first MotoGP victory in Brno just two races previously, secured 8 points for eighth position and remains fourth in a very close world championship table. The South African rookie was again very quick to make ground with the front-runners. Iker Lecuona charged to 10th. The Spaniard ended a positive fortnight at the Red Bull Ring: he notched his best ever MotoGP classification the previous Sunday with 9th and then his second top-10 result at the Styrian event. Pol Espargaró Pole Position MotoGP 2020 StyriaKTM is third in the Constructors standings, just six points away from the top. The excellent progress as the youngest manufacturer at the highest level means KTM now concedes its concession status and will join its rivals in terms of testing, wildcard and engine limitations. An achievement in itself. Oliveira’s success ended Ducati’s clean sweep at the Red Bull Ring since 2016. 

Brad Binder: “It was a good race. The first one was going really well and I was slowly catching up ground. To get up to sixth was already great. I felt really, really good. Unfortunately with the red flag and the restart I didn’t make the best decision with the tires and really struggled to stop, even running off at Turn 1 but I was able to come back to eighth. All-in-all we should be happy. I gave my best out there and the bike was fantastic. The team worked really well and I’m super-excited for the next race. I think we can do a good job at Misano.” Pol Espargaró KTM RC16 MotoGP 2020 Styria
end bike test

CRF450R Timeline 2002¬-2020

304702 21ym honda crf450r 1800x180020022002­-2004

  • Unicam engine
  • Aluminium twin­spar frame
  • Lightest production four ­stroke MX bike

The lightest four­ stroke motocrosser of its day, the original CRF450R set the stage for years of class­leading performance. Highlighted by Honda's all ­new Unicam engine and an aluminium twin­spar frame, the 2002 model's early success was due not only to its outright performance, but also to the friendly characteristics that aided riders' transition from two­ strokes. The model made headlines for its plush, well­ controlled Showa suspension, establishing from the very beginning a reputation for controllable, agile handling.

There were minor changes in both of the following two years, the most noteworthy being the move to a longer shock that sharpened the handling even further in 2003.20052005­-2008

  • Reduced weight
  • New frame with revised flex characteristics
  • Wider powerband
  • HPSD steering damper introduced in 2008

The second generation CRF450R had big shoes to fill, and it managed the challenge exceptionally. Centred on a heavily updated engine, the 2005 model impressed with improved top ­end power and wider power band. An updated design enhanced the overall look, while subtle revisions to the frame altered the bike's flex characteristics, enhancing the plush feel for which the first generation had already been well known.

Maintenance intervals for valve adjustments were widened in 2005 thanks to new valve seat material, while 2008 saw the introduction of the HPSD steering damper. Additional changes for 2008 included geometry revisions, clutch updates and a rev ­limit increase that combined to further solidify the model's reputation as a benchmark in its class.20092009-­2012

  • New, more compact engine
  • Fuel injection
  • New frame with revised geometry
  • KYB AOS fork

For 2009, Honda engineers challenged themselves to create a CRF450R that was lighter than its predecessor despite adding electronic fuel injection. The result of their efforts was the third­generation CRF450R. Benefitting from an extreme focus on weight reduction and mass centralisation, this all ­new model was highlighted by a new twin­spar aluminium frame with multiple design changes, including a repositioned steering head, lower overall height and reworked geometry. These changes combined with an all­ new, more compact engine to create a bike that was known both its agile handling and strong responsiveness off the bottom.20132013­-2016

  • New frame and swingarm
  • New bodywork
  • KYB PSF fork
  • Dual­ muffler exhaust

With an all­ new frame and updated engine, the 2013 CRF450R had a design brief that was focused on improved cornering performance. The result of the redesign was great turn ­in performance and more consistent steering through corners. A milestone model for Honda, the 2013 was recognised for its dual­ muffler exhaust, new styling and KYB Pneumatic Spring Fork (PSF), which used air pressure to provide spring resistance in place of coil springs.

2016 saw Tim Gajser win the MXGP world title for the first time, becoming the youngest MXGP champion ever, at the age of 20.20172017-­2020

  • Introduction of 'Absolute Holeshot' philosophy
  • New engine with focus on improved acceleration / power
  • Sixth ­generation twin­spar aluminium frame
  • 49mm coil ­spring Show fork

The design brief of the 2017 CRF450R followed Honda's new 'Absolute Holeshot' ethos.  An all­ new engine featured a downdraft intake, new compression chamber and finger rocker arm, among other changes aimed at increasing efficiency. A lighter, sixth generation twin­spar aluminium frame was designed with improved traction in mind, featuring a reduction in torsional rigidity. The 2019 model marked a return to coil ­spring front suspension? other key changes included a new lighter titanium fuel tank and updated plastics with in­ mould graphics.

The CRF450R's major overhaul was followed up by minor changes in 2018, including updates to the suspension and mapping. In 2019, Honda once again made revisions to the frame, swingarm and shock linkage. Launch control and black D.I.D wheels were added. For the 2020 year model, Honda added Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) to the package.

In professional racing, Team HRC's Tim Gajser earned his second MXGP World Championship in 2019.304137 2021 honda crf450r 1800x1800end bike test


Brad Binder KTM RC16 MotoGP 2020 Brno KTM made history in Brno, Czech Republic yesterday as Red Bull KTM Factory Racing’s Brad Binder sensationally clinched the Austrian manufacturer’s first MotoGP victory in only his third premier class race aboard the KTM RC16.

Round three of the 2020 series will remain a poignant and memorable event for KTM, which entered the MotoGP series full-time in 2017 with the then newly-developed KTM RC16. The manufacturer has since enjoyed front row qualifying results and a podium finish prior to yesterday’s incredible victory, where rookie Binder rewarded the project’s efforts at the Automotodrom Brno.Red Bull KTM Factory Racing MotoGP 2020 BrnoBinder rode a calculated race, working his way through the front-runners from his seventh position on the grid to take the lead with nine laps to go of 21. The Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider went from strength-to-strength, stretching out a comfortable advantage to take his, KTM’s and South Africa’s first ever race win in MotoGP – the pinnacle of two-wheeled motorsport. Binder is also the first rookie to win a race since 2013. Teammate Pol Espargaró, who has played a pivotal role in KTM’s MotoGP campaign and enjoyed the manufacturer’s maiden podium in the class in 2018, was unlucky to miss out on the battle for victory in yesterday’s race after colliding with another rider in the fight for third place. Red Bull KTM Tech3’s Miguel Oliveira enjoyed his best finish in the class with sixth position.Brad Binder KTM RC16 MotoGP 2020 Brno 1KTM’s fourth season in the MotoGP category has proven exciting so far with the KTM RC16 battling at the sharp end of the field in the opening three races. The test team with rider Mika Kallio, who has been involved with the project from the beginning, along with MotoGP legend Dani Pedrosa has been fundamental in accelerating the development of the KTM RC16 in combination with the race team and engineers from KTM’s base in Munderfing and Mattighofen. In addition, this major sporting milestone for the brand also highlights KTM’s commitment to developing young riders as Binder has raced aboard orange machinery successfully in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, Moto3™, Moto2™ and now finally MotoGP.Brad Binder KTM RC16 MotoGP 2020 Brno 2Brad Binder:“Honestly, right now, I’m lost for words. I’ve dreamt of this since I was a little boy and today it came true. It is amazing to win my first GP [in MotoGP]. Thank you to everybody who supported me, and the whole team; they put an insane motorcycle beneath me today! I didn’t know if we could win but I knew we would have a go. It was the craziest ten laps of my life at the end. I was being as soft as I could. It was incredible. Unbelievable.”end bike test


304712 21ym honda crf450rx 1800x1800Like the CRF450R ­ every part of the CRF450RX is new for 2021, save for wheels and engine, with the comprehensive update benefiting directly from knowhow gained by the development of Tim Gajser and HRC's 2019 championship­winning CRF450RW works machine. Its 2.3kg lighter and features a new frame and swingarm, plus changes to geometry and suspension, greatly improve cornering performance. The engine receives intake/exhaust upgrades, new decompression system plus single exhaust muffler to boost and smoothen low­mid­range driveability. A larger hydraulic clutch offers greater control with lighter lever pressure. More compact plastics and a smaller seat unit increase  freedom of movement. Brush guards are now standard­fit and the sidestand tucks in more neatly for improved rider ergonomics.304142 2021 honda crf450rx 1800x1800

  1. Introduction

For 17YM Honda introduced an all­new, competition­ready cross­country machine into its off­road line up - the CRF450RX. And it took as its rock­solid base the engine and chassis of the 17YM CRF450R - Honda's first totally new 450cc motocrosser in eight years - with modifications including larger fuel tank,18­inch rear wheel, revised PGM­FI mapping and suspension changes.

The CRF450R was the perfect platform to expand on, and gave the CRF450RX both the pure MX DNA to deal with any enduro stage and the confidence­inspiring competence to handle flat­out trails, challenging climbs and tight, tricky sections with ease.304143 2021 honda crf450rx 1800x1800Development has mirrored the CRF450R, too. An HRC­developed cylinder head upped peak power and torque considerably in 19YM? HRC launch control was also added along with revised rigidity balance for the frame and swingarm, a new front brake caliper and adjustable­position Renthal Fatbar. For 20YM, just like its MX sibling, it received Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

21YM sees a major evolution for the CRF450RX. Starting from the exact same point as the 21YM CRF450R (which has been almost totally redesigned by HRC with developments taken directly from Tim Gajser's 2019 MXGP championship­winning machine) it's an even more formidable off­road weapon, devastatingly fast over the ground and, as importantly, with high build quality and reliability that makes it easy to live with over the years of ownership.304144 2021 honda crf450rx 1800x1800

  1. Model Overview

For 21YM, like its motocross sibling, the CRF450RX receives a wide array of  improvements under a development theme of 'The ultimate off­road weapon'. Firstly it's 2.3kg lighter thanks to a revised frame and subframe. The new frame and swingarm's rigidity balance, combined with tighter chassis geometry, heightened ground clearance and suspension changes, are all targeted at creating optimal cornering performance.

The engine also benefits from HRC's knowhow to give a strong focus on low­ to mid­range torque. The decompressor has been relocated, airbox volume is up, the throttle body redesigned and exhaust ports re­shaped. The exhaust downpipe is new and a single muffler replaces dual mufflers.304145 2021 honda crf450rx 1800x1800

A larger­volume hydraulic clutch has an even lighter lever action, while other weight­saving details include a smaller fuel pump and optimised magnesium cylinder head cover. New plastics, too, are lighter and slimmer to aid rider freedom and the seat is a smaller unit, lower at the back. Brush guards are now standard fit and the sidestand tucks away more neatly. A smart new all­red graphic scheme completes this major update.

  1. Key Features

3.1  Chassis

  • Narrower swing arm spars and swingarm pivot point, with revised swingarm rigidity balance
  • Geometry changes combine with the above to improve cornering ability
  • Re­valved front suspension with an extra 5mm stroke matched with re­ valved rear shock
  • Improved ergonomics from smaller new seat, and more compact, redesigned plastics

The CRF450RX's twin­spar aluminium frame was unchanged in 20YM? for 21YM it is completely renewed - with direct input from the HRC race team - to elevate every aspect of cornering ability.304146 2021 honda crf450rx 1800x1800Thanks to narrower main spars, at 8.4kg it weighs 700g less than the previous design, while a redesigned subframe also saves 320g at 910g. The chassis dynamic is also new: while torsional rigidity is maintained, lateral rigidity has been reduced by 20% to increase corner speed, traction and steering accuracy. The aluminium swingarm has a new rigidity balance tuned to match the frame, with narrower arms and pivot point. The Pro­Link ratio is also revised.

Both top and bottom yokes are revised, with more flex, for quicker steering and feel. Fully adjustable, the 49mm Showa USD coil spring fork is a version of the Showa 'factory' fork supplied to MX race teams in the Japanese championship. With the target of improved, smoother cornering performance, the forks have been revalved, stroke lengthened by 5mm to 310mm and the axle clamps' rigidity increased. The Showa rear shock's main piston valving is enlarged for faster response and improved bump absorption. Its spring also uses the world's lightest steel ­ to save 200g.304147 2021 honda crf450rx 1800x1800The damping/spring rate of both front and rear suspension are new for 21YM - and lower than the CRF450R - to suit a wider range of conditions and help with comfort over longer rides.

The seat is now shorter, lighter and 10mm lower at the rear, to aid the rider's freedom of movement. It's also much easier to remove and install. Maintenance is also easier, as the number of 8mm bolts securing the bodywork goes from 6 to 4 each side. The new machine is also slimmer by 70mm (50mm on the left, 20mm on the exhaust side), and the plastics thinner, while the tank cover has been removed.

Rake and trail are now tighter, 27.1°/114mm (from 27.4°/116mm)? wheelbase is 1481mm. Ground clearance goes up 8mm to 336mm, and the bottom yoke now sits 6.1mm higher at 928mm. The radius arc from swingarm pivot point to rear wheel spindle increases by 0.9°, to 14.5° while distance between the pivot and front spindle goes up 1.8mm to 914.6mm. Dry weight is 107.6kg, 2.3kg lighter than the previous model.304148 2021 honda crf450rx 1800x1800Designed with Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) for maximum through­flow of air, the radiator shrouds are constructed from one piece of plastic, rather than two and now include a lower vent while the radiator grills are optimised for airflow. Holding 8L the plastic fuel tank has also been redesigned.

Standard­fit, lightweight Renthal Fatbar flex for optimal comfort? the top yoke features two handlebar­holder locations for moving the handlebar rearward and forward by 26mm.

When the holder is turned 180°, the handlebar can be moved an additional 10mm from the base position, resulting in four unique riding positions. When it comes to weight saving, small contributions accumulate ('with enough dust, a mountain can form' as the Japanese saying has it)? with that in mind, balanced control cable wiring saves 100g.304149 2021 honda crf450rx 1800x1800

New knuckle guards protect hands and levers and add just 222g total between them. The forged aluminium sidestand also now tucks in much closer to minimise interference while riding.

Up front, the twin­piston brake caliper employs 30 and 27mm diameter pistons and 260mm wave­pattern disc? along with low­expansion rate brake hose, it gives both a strong feel and consistent staying power. The single­piston rear caliper is matched to a 240mm wave­pattern disc.

DID aluminium rims, with directly attached spoke pattern layout are finished in black? the front is a 21 x 1.6in, the rear a 19 x 2.15in. The rear wheel is both stronger and lighter for 21YM and fitted as standard equipment are Dunlop's bespoke enduro­ready Geomax AT81F/AT81 tyres: 90/90­21 front and 120/90­18 rear.

A striking new all­red graphic treatment complements the 21YM CRF450RX's sharper lines.

3.2  Engine

  • Larger airbox plus revised throttle body and exhaust ports for bottom­ end drive
  • New exhaust downpipe with single muffler boosts torque and saves weight
  • Larger volume hydraulic clutch replaces cable operation for consistent and light lever feel
  • Revised decompressor system gives improved stall resistance

Having received a peak power boost of 1.8kW, plus 2Nm more torque and a stronger bottom­end for 19YM, in 20YM development of the 449.7cc four­valve Unicam engine centred around refinements and optimisation of the PGM­FI mapping and HRC Launch Control, plus the addition of Honda Selectable Torque Control. For 21YM the focus ­ with upgrades derived directly from Tim Gajser's championship­winning HRC machine ­ is on drivability in the low to mid­range, and weight saving, further enhancing cornering performance.

A significant increase (up to 0.6kW) in peak power above 5,000rpm is accompanied by a stronger low­rpm torque feel, the result of an air box increased in size by 1.8L to 4.1L on the 'clean' side. The new air box ­ which can now be accessed simply with the removal of one side shroud bolt ­ feeds a redesigned, lighter 46mm throttle body, which optimises intake efficiency and makes active use of latent heat vaporisation in the inlet ports.

The injector angle, too has gone from 30° to 60°, spraying fuel all the way back to the butterfly to improve intake efficiency, cooling of the charge and all­important throttle feel. The decompression system is also new: its counterweight is moved from the right of the camshaft to the left, giving more stable operation at low rpm with increased stall­ resistance.

The biggest change is to the twin exhaust ports: like the CBR1000RR­R Fireblade their exit is oval rather than round in shape for improved efficiency, and the 5.08 kg 2­1­2 exhaust design of the previous model has been replaced by a single 3.84kg downpipe and muffler (which also does away with a heat shield) saving a full 1.24kg. The downpipe also tucks in 74mm closer to the centre line (improving rider ergonomics) while the pressed muffler features twin resonators that reduce noise while boosting power.

One update drawn directly from Gajser's bike is the addition of a hydraulic clutch. This improves both control and feel at the lever (it's 10% lighter) as well as delivering consistent lever clearance under arduous riding conditions. The clutch capacity has been increased by 27% with an extra plate ­ from 7 to 8 ­ and works with an extra friction spring to maximise power transmission and durability. Slippage has been reduced by 85% at peak power.

Bore and stroke remains 96 x 62.1mm with compression ratio of 13.5:1. A gear position sensor allows the use of three specific ignition maps for 1st and 2nd, 3rdand 4th, and 5th.

Rock­solid reliability has always been a big factor in the CRF450RX's success and a 5­ hole piston oil jet and dual 12mm drum scavenge pump manage lubrication.

Saving more precious grams, the magnesium cylinder head cover has been redesigned with thinner material and the fuel pump made smaller - it secures with 4 bolts instead of 6, saves 120g and offers the same pressure and filter life as the previous design.

3.3  Electronics

  • Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) with 3 riding modes (plus OFF)
  • HRC Launch Control offers 3 start options
  • Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) features 3 maps to adjust output character
  • HSTC button now rationalised into the left­hand switchgear
  • HRC Setting tool updated for changes to Aggressive and Smooth mode

The CRF450RX gained HSTC in 20YM and the system is unchanged for 21YM. It works to minimise rear wheel spin (thus wasted forward drive) and maximise traction. It doesn't use a wheel speed sensor, and critically maintains feel at the throttle while managing power? ignition timing is retarded and the PGM­FI controlled when the rate of change of rpm is detected to have gone over a set amount.

The three Modes differ in drive management level for different riding conditions:

In Mode 1 the system intervenes most lightly, and after the longest time - useful for reducing wheelspin and maintaining control in tight corners.

Mode 3 has the system intervene more quickly and strongly, and is therefore useful in more slippery, muddy conditions.

Mode 2 naturally offers a mid­point between 1 and 3 in terms of speed and strength of intervention.

An obvious update for 21YM is the rider controls and display switchgear. The Launch Control indicator, EFI warning, EMSB mode button and LED indicator - are sited on the left handlebar, with HSTC button now incorporated.

Pressing and holding the HSTC button for 0.5s will cycle the system to the next mode, with a green LED indication - 1 blink for mode 1, 2 for mode 2 and 3 for mode 3 - to confirm selection.

The HSTC system can also be switched off completely. When the engine is turned on, the system uses the last­selected setting.

HRC Launch Control gives any rider the best option for a strong start and also has 3 modes to choose from:

Level 3 - 8,250rpm, muddy conditions/novice. Level 2 - 8,500rpm, dry conditions/standard. Level 1 - 9,500rpm, dry conditions/expert.

Activating HRC Launch Control is easy - to turn on, pull in the clutch and push the Start

button on the right. The purple LED will blink once for Level 1 selection. Push the Start button again, for 0.5s or longer, and the LED will blink twice for Level 2. Repeat the process and the LED will blink 3 times, indicating that Level 3 has been chosen.

The Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) alters the engine's characteristics and three maps are available to suit riding conditions or rider preference:

Mode 1 - Standard.

Mode 2 - Smooth.

Mode 3 - Aggressive.

The LED also displays mode selected, but with a blue light.

Gaining a 21YM mapping update the HRC Setting Tool can deliver a much more easy­ going Smooth mode, with gentler throttle response for novice riders. It can also inject Aggressive mode with a hyper­sensitive throttle reaction and engine response for high­test race conditions.304708 21ym honda crf450rx 1800x1800end bike test


KTM 50 SX Factoy Edt 2021 frontKTM is proud to announce details for the brand new KTM 50 SX FACTORY EDITION, the clear choice for young racers looking to kickstart their championship-winning career. Making its debut during the Opening Ceremonies for the AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in the United States, this mini weapon is yet another example of KTM’s commitment to support racing at the youth level and build future champions around the globe.KTM 50 SX Factoy Edt 2021 detail engineKTM’s FACTORY EDITION models are the result of years of designing and developing factory race machines for some of the fastest riders on the planet. Hard-fought victories, title chases, lessons and experiences have led to the creation of a FACTORY EDITION for the youngest shredders. This purebred race machine offers the same competitive advantage as found in the full-sized FACTORY EDITION bikes and is enhanced with a potent range of premium componentry.KTM 50 SX Factoy Edt 2021 leftJunior riders and racers that climb on the KTM 50 SX FACTORY EDITION can do so in the knowledge that they are experiencing class-leading performance with state-of-the-art WP Suspension, high-end brakes and minimal weight. The list of specifically selected performance features includes an FMF exhaust system, CNC machined aluminium ignition and clutch covers and high-performance Dunlop Geomax MX 53 tires.KTM 50 SX Factoy Edt 2021 detail handlebarJunior riders and racers that climb on the KTM 50 SX FACTORY EDITION can do so in the knowledge that they are experiencing class-leading performance with state-of-the-art WP Suspension, high-end brakes and minimal weight. The list of specifically selected performance features includes an FMF exhaust system, CNC machined aluminium ignition and clutch covers and high-performance Dunlop Geomax MX 53 tires.KTM 50 SX Factoy Edt 2021 detail exhaustDesigned for a wide variety of terrain, the MX 53 tires feature Block-In-A-Block technology and provide enhanced grip and control to offer the best race setup found on the showroom floor. Topping all this off with refinements to the engine and jetting, while wrapping everything in special FACTORY EDITION graphics and a blue grippier seat, make the KTM 50 SX FACTORY EDITION the most READY TO RACE 50 cc machine on the starting gate.


Special FACTORY EDITION graphics

FMF pipe

FMF silencer

Blue grippier seat

Smaller rear sprocket

CNC clutch cover

CNC ignition cover

Reworked jetting

Special clutch configuration

Gray grips

New chain guide

Dunlop Geomax MX 53 tires

This class-leading model was presented during opening ceremonies at the Loretta Lynn Ranch and while the future AMA National Champions have been preparing for a week-long battle at the nation’s largest amateur motocross event, the perfect backdrop to introduce KTM’s latest race-focused machine.

The new KTM 50 SX FACTORY EDITION will be available at authorized KTM dealers internationally from October 2020 onwards. For more information please contact your local KTM dealer or visit 50 SX Factoy Edt 2021 rightend bike test




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