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The All-New 2021 Yamaha YZ Competition Range Revealed

2020 yam yz family eu dpbse mc sta 001 03 77673Yamaha’s 2021 motocross competition line-up continues to raise the bar of competitive performance. Additionally, there is a full two-stroke line-up consisting of the YZ65, YZ85, YZ125 and YZ250.

Introducing the updated YZ250F, featuring a thoroughly refined engine, revised frame, new suspension settings and new brakes. For 2021, the YZ250F gets significant engine, frame, suspension and brake updates to deliver more power and nimble yet confidence-inspiring handling.

Also, introducing the 2021 YZ450F, with an updated engine, cylinder head, frame and Launch Control System.2021 yam yz250f eu dpbse act 007 03 77362

What’s new for the 2021 YZ250F?

  • • The new 250cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, electric start engine features an all-new cylinder head with an improved intake port shape and new camshaft profile.
  • • There is a new air box and intake track, silencer and an updated ECU. These modifications, along with an updated transmission and shift cam, revised clutch design and improved water pump impeller produce a more competent machine.
  • • The lightweight aluminium, bilateral beam frame has redesigned engine mounts with better flex characteristics.
  • • The Kayaba SSS forks have enhanced speed-sensitive damping, while the Kayaba shock gets revised damping.
  • • Top triple clamp, handlebar mounts and front axle were redesigned to complement the new frame.
  • • Improved braking performance is achieved with lighter weight front and rear brake callipers, larger brake pads and redesigned 270mm front and 240mm rear rotors.
  • • Standard equipment includes electric start, lithium battery, fuel injection, downdraft intake tract and rear-exit exhaust layout.
  • • Racers can adjust ECU straight from their phone using the on board Wi-Fi Yamaha Power Tuner App.2021 yam yz250f eu dpbse stu 001 03 77384

2021 yam yz250f eu dpbse act 010 03 77357What’s new for the 2021 YZ450F?

  • • Ultra-compact 450cc 4-valve engine, power with control
  • • Rearward-slanted cylinder gives mass centralized design
  • • Reversed cylinder head with forward-facing inlet and rear-exit exhaust
  • • Yamaha Power Tuner for instant trackside tuning via a smartphone
  • • 2-mode handlebar button for switching engine power map while riding
  • • Compact electric starter with ultra-light battery
  • • Launch Control System (LCS) optimizes engine output for quicker starts
  • • Agile and lightweight aluminium bilateral beam frame delivers precise handling
  • • Slim line body and seat for ultimate ergonomics
  • • Industry-leading KYB® coil spring-type speed sensitive front suspension
  • • Link-type Monocross rear suspension with specially tuned KYB® shock
  • • Lightweight wheels with blue rims
  • • 270mm front disc, 240mm rear disc
  • • 4-position adjustable rubber-mounted handlebar clamp
  • • Tapered aluminium handlebars with quick-adjust clutch perch2021 yam yz450f eu dpbse stu 001 03 77408

The 2021 Yamaha YZ Competition range features a truly diverse and exciting range of models for racers and riders of all ages and levels of experience. With their liquid-cooled 2-stroke engines and high-specification chassis designs, the YZ65 and YZ85 give youth racers the very best start into motocross - while the YZ125 is the perfect bike for teenagers to sharpen their race skills before moving up to the adult category. The all-new YZ250F and recently-redesigned YZ450F come with the most advanced technology. Then there's the legendary YZ250, Yamaha's ultimate 2-stroke motocross bike with a loyal following of committed racers and leisure riders all over the world.2021 yam yz65 eu dpbse stu 001 03 773922021 yam yz85lw eu dpbse stu 001 03 775322021 yam yz125lc eu dpbse stu 001 03 77356Yamaha remains committed to welcoming everybody to the victorYZone.2021 yam yz450f eu dpbse sta 001 03 77428end bike test

Sporting Icons Share Their Memories for Yamaha's 65th Anniversary

y001To celebrate Yamaha Day on 1st July, which marked the 65th Anniversary of Yamaha Motor, some of the brand's most iconic riders and sportspeople shared their favourite memories, whether that be a title-winning season, or a particular event that remains close to their hearts.

#MyYamahaStory saw 11 Yamaha athletes share their most memorable moment with Yamaha each day leading up to its 65th anniversary.  

In road racing, Valentino Rossi revisited his epic first race victory with Yamaha at the 2004 African Grand Prix in South Africa, while three-time 500cc Grand Prix world champion Kenny Roberts, fellow American and triple world champion Wayne Rainey, motorcycle racing’s most successful rider Giacomo Agostini and 2009 Superbike World Champion Ben Spies each spoke about their successes with Yamaha.y02From motocross, 10-times world champion Stefan Everts looked back on that incredible triple Grand Prix victory at Ernée in 2003, an achievement that only the Belgian can claim. Yamaha’s first motocross champion Hakan Andersson, 1994 125cc title-winner Bob Moore and future star Freddie Bartlett also shared their moments of Kando.

Elsewhere, ‘Monsieur Dakar’ Stéphane Peterhansel reminisces about his first Dakar Rally victories in the 1990s with Yamaha, and surfing legend Garret McNamara looks back on the “perfect wave” from ‘Jaws’ in Hawaii. 

In 1955, Genichi Kawakami established Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd. and racing has been a part of the manufacturer’s DNA since the very beginning. From national championships in Japan, to the world stage of Grand Prix off road and on road motorcycle racing, and today the brand is synonymous with the racetrack. end bike test

Yamaha South Africa is proud to celebrate Yamaha's 65th Anniversary.

yamYamaha continues to strive to bring Kando*, the vision of its founder Genichi Kawakami, which has been embedded into the company's mission since 1955, to its customers; sharing everything from unforgettable memories in motorsport to ground-breaking machinery.

As Yamaha continues to make history, audiences can expect more exciting stories, news and developments to come through the Yamaha SA social media pages as well as the Yamaha South Africa website:

So, keep connected and stay tuned for more.

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the lives of millions around the world, Yamaha SA would like to encourage you to stay safe and healthy during this tough period and enjoy Yamaha's awe-inspiring products and exciting activities.

*Kando is a Japanese word for the simultaneous feeling of deep satisfaction and intense excitement that we experience when we encounter something of exceptional value.end bike test

New Ténéré 700 Rally Edition

2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb sta 005 03 77141Iconic Dakar heritage colours, extra protection and a higher specification

Since its launch the Ténéré 700 has quickly established itself as the best-selling middleweight adventure bike in Europe. - with over 8000 units sold to date. Combining characterful torque-rich engine performance with agile handling, remarkable all-round versatility and a high level of long distance comfort, the Ténéré 700 is proving to be an outstanding success. 2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb act 006 03 77129The Ténéré legend has been growing since the very first Yamaha Ténéré adventure bike was introduced in 1983, and with its historic blue and yellow colours plus black Yamaha speedblock, the new Ténéré 700 Rally Edition celebrates the achievements of Yamaha's Dakar heroes and their machines from a bygone era. These special colours are exclusive to the new Rally Edition, making this an extremely desirable and collectable motorcycle for every rider who appreciates the iconic status of the original Ténéré and the part it played in the Dakar and many other rally raid events. As well as its special colours, this premium adventure bike also features a higher standard specification, and is equipped with a range of lightweight components that offer increased protection and deliver a more dynamic rally riding experience.  2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb sta 004 03 77142The making of the Ténéré legend

Named after the massive sandy plain in the southern Sahara Desert that stretches from north eastern Niger to western Chad, the Ténéré can trace its beginnings all the way back to 1976 when Yamaha launched its first large-capacity 4-stroke single - the legendary XT500. Tough, good looking and with a unique thumper character, this enduro-style dual purpose bike was an immediate sales success in Europe and it became one of the company's best-selling models for many years.  

2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb act 009 03 77131The XT and the Dakar  

Perhaps the most significant chapter in the XT500's remarkable story was its role in the burgeoning rally scene. Frenchman Thierry Sabine was a man with a dream of making real adventure accessible to every rider, and he realised that dual purpose enduro style bikes like the XT could open up a whole new era in off road riding. Sabine set about creating the ultimate off road challenge, and his dream came true in December 1978 when 182 vehicles assembled at the Place du Trocadéro in Paris for the start of the very first Paris-Dakar Rally. Amongst the two wheeled entry were many Yamahas, and with its rugged construction, off road chassis and high-torque thumper engine, the XT500 proved to be the ideal machine for this 10,000 kilometre event which was about to change the motorcycle world in so many ways for decades to come. Yamaha pilots Cyril Neveu and Gilles Comte made history by taking first and second overall at the inaugural Dakar, and 1980 witnessed another win by the Yamaha-mounted Neveu - with Yamaha XT riders also taking 2nd, 3rd and 4th overall. With its legendary status now assured, the XT500 went on to become one of the best-selling motorcycles in Europe with a huge and loyal following, and it set the scene for the development of a new generation of Yamaha adventure bikes that would enable every rider to embark on the journey of a lifetime. 

The first Ténéré  

Equipped with a large capacity fuel tank, long-travel forks, disc front brake and a single shock Monocross rear suspension system, the 1983 XT600Z Ténéré was Yamaha's first purpose-built production adventure bike that took the performance of the XT range to a new level. Like the original XT500, the later XT600Z was to demonstrate its ability to handle the most extreme conditions in the Paris-Dakar Rally, and its strong performance contributed towards Yamaha's unrivalled record of 18 podiums in the first 6 editions of the event.2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb det 001 03 77178 Yamaha's Dakar heroes  

1983 also proved to be the year that the Paris-Dakar rally confirmed its fearsome reputation as the most extreme event in the motorcycle world - with over 40 competitors getting lost in the desert for up to 4 days, and 75% of the riders failing to finish. Riding the then new XT600Z Ténéré, Sonauto Yamaha team riders Serge Bacou and Jean-Claude Olivier took 5th and 7th respectively, a fantastic achievement for both the riders and the new bike. Olivier went on to take an impressive 6th place overall in '84, with team mate Bacou 9th on their distinctive blue Ténéré race bikes, and in doing so they became an integral part of the history of the world's most famous rally - and achieved legendary status as two of the most talented and charismatic rally raid competitors of their time. Known to everyone as 'JCO', Jean-Claude Olivier was not only one of the biggest personalities within the Dakar - he was also CEO of Yamaha Motor France! As well as being the toughest and most determined racer, JCO was a visionary businessman who made Yamaha the number one brand in France. JCO played a key role in making the Ténéré one of Yamaha's most successful, legendary and enduring models - and the historic colours of the Ténéré 700 Rally Edition are a fitting tribute to him and his fellow Dakar heroes. 2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb det 005 03 77173Heritage Rally colours  

Launched in 2019, the Ténéré 700 is the result of one of Yamaha's most intensive development programmes that involved some of the world's leading rally raid riders testing and evaluating the prototypes in a wide range of terrain all over the world. With its compact and agile chassis as well as a characterful and torque-rich, 689cc, CP2 engine, this best-selling middleweight adventure bike has the ability to deliver thrilling off road performance together with exceptional long distance comfort on the highway. Proudly assembled in France by a dedicated workforce alongside the Ténéré 700, the new Ténéré 700 Rally Edition features a special blue and yellow livery that pays homage to the Yamaha race bikes ridden by JCO and Serge Bacou in the '83 and '84 editions of the Dakar rally. Yamaha lovers will recognise the iconic design from the XT600Z of 1983. Black Yamaha speedblock graphics reinforce the historic look, making this an authentic tribute to the men and their machines that inspired so many riders to travel beyond the next horizon in their search for new adventures and lasting memories. 2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb det 004 03 77177Increased protection  

The Ténéré 700 Rally Edition features a high specification as standard, and is equipped with a number of components that offer increased levels of chassis protection in off road riding situations. Manufactured from 4mm thick aluminium, the heavy duty skid plate gives a high level of protection to the engine and lower frame tubes, and also features a tool box mounting point. There's also a black aluminium radiator protector that's designed to prevent the ingress of small sticks or stones - and the laser-cut aluminium chain guard enhances the premium style of this special edition model.2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb det 002 03 77176Rally Seat  

The exclusive one-piece Rally Seat gives a riding position that's 20mm higher at 895mm, and this gives a straighter lower body position that makes it easier to move from sitting down to standing up on the footrests when riding off road. Its dual material construction gives a high quality feel and finish, and the white Yamaha logo complements the iconic heritage colours.2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb det 003 03 77180 Akrapovič slip-on muffler

The 689cc, CP2 engine is fitted with an Akrapovič slip-on muffler that emits a rich, deep and throaty sound that enhances the high-torque sensation when accelerating. This high quality lightweight can is fitted with carbon heatshields that reinforce the overall feeling of quality.  2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb det 007 03 77181LED flashers  

Lightweight and compact LED flashers at the front and rear give a modern and sleek look, and help to give a sharper and more rugged appearance to this high specification adventure bike. 2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb det 012 03 77185Grip pads  

Special rubber grip pads come as standard on the Rally Edition, and these are designed to provide added knee and inner thigh grip during acceleration, enabling the rider to achieve optimum control. 2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb det 017 03 77174Off road handlebar grips  

To underline its genuine off road abilities the handlebars are equipped with off road grips that give a high degree for confident riding in dusty or muddy conditions.  

Ténéré 700 Rally Edition Highlights

  • • Iconic heritage colours with historic Dakar factory race bike influence
    • Enhanced Rally feeling from Rally Seat, tank grip pads and off road grips
    • Lightweight Akrapovič slip-on muffler gives rich, deep and throaty sound
    • Extra protection from the heavy-duty skid plate, radiator guard and chain guard
    • Durable and modern LED flashers front and rear
    • Characterful 689cc, 4-stroke, CP2 engine delivering high levels of linear torque
    • Lightweight and durable double cradle tubular steel frame
    • Slim, compact and ergonomic body
    • Aggressive rally-bred face with 4 x LED headlights
    • Adjustable long-travel front and rear suspension
    • Tough and lightweight 21 inch / 18 inch spoked wheels with adventure tyres
    • Switchable ABS for on the fly adjustment

Nick Sanders, motorcycle adventurer

Yamaha is proud to be associated with Nick Sanders, one of today's greatest motorcycle adventurers who is currently on his 8th circumnavigation of the world. Having ridden over 1 million kilometres on many different brands, Nick knows exactly what he wants from an adventure bike, and his choice of the Ténéré 700 for his latest round the world trip speaks for itself. "It's a proud and happy coincidence to make a film that fits the launch of the new Ténéré 700 Rally connected with huge historical importance to Dakar legend Serge Bacou. As a film-maker I had a brief to try and understand why the name Ténéré was so important to Yamaha. This was especially interesting because I was to ride the very first production Ténéré 700 on its inaugural adventure from Yamaha's MBK factory near Paris and roughly follow parts of the original Paris-Dakar route to Senegal. It's a road test. It's an adventure. It's also a film that gives a little insight into why 'heritage' is so important to a brand like Yamaha with a nod to JCO and of course Monsieur Bacou himself." Nick is currently on the London-Sydney leg of this adventure, and his exploits can be followed at and The new Paris-Dakar movie from Nick Sanders will be posted on Youtube channel MAD TV (Motorcycle Adventure Dirtbike TV the 24th of June).  2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb det 016 03 77172Price and availability  

The Ténéré 700 Rally Edition will be available at Yamaha dealers starting in July 2020. Please contact your national Yamaha press officer for more detailed information on the local price.  


The Ténéré 700 Rally Edition will be available in Sky Blue. 2020 yam xtz700sp eu syb sta 001 03 77205Yamaha Genuine Accessories  

Yamaha has developed a range of Genuine Accessories for the Ténéré 700 Rally Edition that enable every owner to personalize their bike and make it their own. The constantly evolving range includes comfort, functional and performance accessories that have been developed to the same high quality standards as your Yamaha motorcycle. Each part can be purchased individually, and Yamaha has also developed special accessory packs to suit individual requirements. There's also a range of apparel including CE approved adventure riding jackets and jeans, as well as a range of T shirts, caps, hoodies and more. The Genuine Accessory and apparel range is constantly evolving, and full information can be seen at  

MyGarage app

Everyone can create their very own unique Yamaha by downloading the free MyGarage app. It's the quick and easy way to build a virtual Yamaha online and experiment with different combinations of Genuine Accessories and see which components work best for them. Using the MyGarage app anyone can instantly create their dream version of the Ténéré 700 Rally Edition and view it in from any angle in high definition. This app takes the guesswork out of choosing the right parts, and the final list can be emailed to a Yamaha dealer who will supply and fit the selected Genuine Accessories. MyRide The MyRide app enables Yamaha riders to track every ride and record a variety of data including lean angle, acceleration, top speed, elevation changes and distance covered. Images can be added to the trip data and shared on social media, and information can be saved and stored under the customer's own account. It's the best way to add another dimension to every ride and allows riders to rediscover their favourite journeys.

end bike test

Ferrandis Defends His Crown to Score Back-to-Back 250SX West Titles

cq5dam.web.2000.2000Dylan Ferrandis overcame challenges to finish fourth at the East-West Showdown and secure the 250SX West Championship for the second year running at Sunday’s Monster Energy AMA Supercross season finale at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. It was a roller coaster day for the Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing team as whole with Shane McElrath finishing second, but coming short of the 250SX East title. Justin Cooper crossed the line seventh and Colt Nichols was unable to start due to a crash in his Heat race that sidelined him for the Main Event.cq5dam.web.2000.2000 5It was fireworks from the start even before the East-West Showdown began. McElrath found himself into the tough blocks and over the bars after an incident on the practice start in the 250SX East qualifying. He ultimately ended the session in third behind his teammate Nichols in second. In the Western Regional class, Ferrandis not only topped his class but set the fastest 250SX time overall, with Cooper qualifying fourth.cq5dam.web.2000.2000 1Things really heated up in the regional Heat races. The East started the night and it was Nichols getting the holeshot with his teammate McElrath behind him. With the title on the line, the North Carolinian quickly made his move to the front. In the final moments of the race, the leader in the Eastern Regional class, Chase Sexton, made his move to take second and landed on Nichols coming out of the triple into the right hander. They both went down and the Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing rider rejoined the race to take the last transfer spot in ninth, but was unable to start the Main with a hand injury. The Oklahoman plans to get further evaluation when they get home.cq5dam.web.2000.2000 2In the 250SX West Heat, Cooper took the lead early and held it all the way to the checkered flag. Behind him, Ferrandis found himself on the ground after the start in turn two. He rejoined the race but had his work cut out for him in 18th. The defending champ pushed forward but was just short of the transfer spot in 10th. Ferrandis has never had to race an LCQ in supercross before, but with the title on the line the Frenchman took the all-important win.cq5dam.web.2000.2000 3The drama continued in the Showdown Main Event. McElrath bagged the holeshot and started to build a gap on the competition while his title rival was farther back in eighth. Ferrandis got a decent start considering his less than ideal gate pick, but unfortunately for Cooper a rider cross-jumped him early in the race, putting him onto the ground. Then Austin Forkner went down hard, which brought out the red flag and called for a complete restart, erasing McElrath’s four-second lead. It turned out to be a repeat of Round 7 for the North Carolinian and he was unable to get another holeshot and rebuild his lead after the restart. Sitting in second, he made an attempt to pass the leader but was blocked and his rival was able to move past them both. McElrath quickly retook second and the championship contenders exchanged positions a few laps later, but McElrath ultimately had to settle for the runner-up spot and second in the 250SX East standings.cq5dam.web.2000.2000 4As for Ferrandis, with Forkner unable to restart and Cooper behind him, he just had to finish the race. There were some hectic moments, but the champ got the job done with a fourth-place finish to score his second title before he moves on to the 450SX class next year. His teammate Cooper recovered from that first lap crash before the restart and managed a seventh place finish to end the year second in the 250SX West Standings.

The Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing team now shifts its focus to the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship which kicks off on July 18 for the Ironman National in Crawfordsville, Indiana.end bike test



Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to launch the new MY21 TE and FE enduro range – a complete line-up of 2-stroke and 4-stroke machines that have been carefully designed and crafted. Continuing to set the benchmark, each model provides ultimate enduro specific power, handling and enjoyment. 002Husqvarna Motorcycles’ drive to constantly refine and improve all machines brings an extensive programme of improvements and updates into the MY21 FE and TE range, a comprehensive line-up of enduro models that will allow riders of all abilities to hit the trails with absolute confidence. From the TE 150i, to the TE 250i, TE 300i, FE 250, FE 350, FE 450 and FE 501, the entire enduro model range features unparalleled attention to detail and a fresh and vibrant, three-colour restyling. 

The latest Husqvarna Motorcycles enduro range delivers advanced performance and an ongoing commitment to ensuring all machines come with high-quality components for true riding experiences. Featuring adjustable engine mapping as standard as well as electric starter systems, all 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines benefit from the latest fuel injection technology. 003Husqvarna Motorcycles’ TE and FE range feature numerous enduro specific technical highlights. WP XPLOR forks and WP XACT shock combined with the chromium-molybdenum steel frame, progressive bodywork and innovative 2-piece carbon composite subframe to ensure consistent damping, precise handling and superior rider comfort. 

From the TE 150i to the Erzbergrodeo winning TE 300i, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ 2-stroke range features the latest fuel injection technology, electric starters as standard and chassis that offers precise flex characteristics.004Offering a generous supply of torquey, manageable power, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ 4-stroke range ensures both versatility and performance. From the nimble FE 250 and its ability to shine in tough and technical terrain to the larger displacement FE 450 and FE 501, each model is finished with high-quality components. 005Underlining the true performance of Husqvarna Motorcycles’ 2021 enduro range, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Billy Bolt recently secured the 2020 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship title aboard his FE 350. 


Chromium-molybdenum steel frame featuring precisely engineered flex characteristics

Innovative 2-piece carbon composite subframe design

WP XPLOR fork with advanced mid-valve piston delivering consistent damping function

WP XACT shock with integrated pressure balance offers superior rider comfort and handling

Progressive bodywork for optimal ergonomics

CNC machined triple clamps

MAGURA hydraulic clutch system offering perfect action in every condition

MAGURA brake calipers and high-performance GSK discs combining superior stopping power with unsurpassed sensitivity and modulation

Adjustable engine mappings on all models and state-of-the-art traction control (4-strokes)

Electric starter for easy starting when time is critical

Lightweight Li-ion battery

ProTaper handlebar

Progressive throttle mechanism and ODI grips → adjustable throttle progression and easy grip mounting

Laser engraved D.I.D. wheels

Gearboxes produced by Pankl Racing Systems

Ensuring all enduro riders can fully enjoy their next ride, Husqvarna Motorcycles offers the Functional Offroad Apparel Collection 2020 – a range of high-performance gear and protective equipment that takes into account the unique challenges of offroad riding. In addition, Husqvarna Motorcycles’ Technical Accessories provide an extensive line-up of performance engine and suspension components, protective parts and tools that allow further customisation and personalisation of all TE and FE machines. 006The Husqvarna MY21 enduro range will start to be available worldwide in June 2020 at all authorised Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealers. Availabilities may differ from country to country. For all details on pricing and availability, please refer to your national Husqvarna Motorcycles Subsidiary or Importer. 

The complete MY21 Husqvarna Motorcycles Enduro Media Kit is available (for registered Press) at: 

All details of Husqvarna Motorcycles' 2021 enduro range will be available on from June 22 onwards.end bike test

Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing’s McElrath Back On Top in Supercross’ Return

004Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing’s Shane McElrath wasted little time in showcasing his speed, taking the win as Monster Energy AMA Supercross returned to racing inside Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. McElrath gained three coveted points in the championship standings during Round 5 of the Eastern Regional 250SX class. Returning to full fitness during the break, his teammate Colt Nichols lined up for the first time in 2020. Unfortunately it was an uphill battle in the Main Event after going down on the opening lap, but he worked his way back to 15th.

McElrath started the night on top with another heat race win on the season. His great gate pick paid off as he launched out of the gate, collected the holeshot and led wire-to-wire. With short lap times, the riders completed a long 22 laps, but McElrath was able to avoid traffic and make it a clean race for the win. He now sits seven points off the championship leader with four rounds remaining.001It’s been a long time coming for Nichols who had been sidelined with injury as the regular season started in February. He was able to heal up during the off-time and lined up for the first time on Sunday. The Oklahoman had a great heat race where he finished second behind his teammate, but a crash on the opening lap hindered his Main Event return. Even after having to come in for a bike check following his crash, he still managed to finish 15th on the night.

The 250SX East Championship continues on Wednesday, June 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah for Round 6 of the Eastern Regional 250SX class (Round 12 of the series).

Wil Hahn – Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing Team Manager

“It was great to get back to racing. Shane rode an awesome race, rode great all day and gained three points at a crucial time in the championship. It was a bummer for Colt to get caught up in that crash early on, but he showed good speed in his first race back. It was a great night for the team. We’ll come back Wednesday and keep fighting.”002Shane McElrath – Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing

“There’s been a lot of anticipation to get back going and it’s finally here. I had a near perfect day and I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made over the last few months since Daytona. My bike was awesome today and I felt great with the elevation. The track was honestly the best case scenario with the weather and wind that we dealt with today. I felt really good and I’m ready for another race in a few days.”

Colt Nichols – Monster Energy Star Yamaha Racing

“It was honestly a really fun day and I was just really happy to be at the races again, even with the results. We had some tough luck in the main with a crash and a lengthy mechanics area stop, but in the end I just have to get off the gate better. All in all, I’m really happy to be back racing and can’t wait to try again on Wednesday.”003end bike test

Beaubier and Gagne Score Double Podium in Race Two at Road America

005Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha riders Cameron Beaubier and Jake Gagne scored a dominant 1-2 finish on Sunday, May 31, in race two of the opening MotoAmerica round in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. 

Lining up in their Saturday qualifying positions of pole position and second, both riders got off the line well but Beaubier missed the holeshot and was passed into Turn 1. Fighting back immediately he forced his way back in the lead in the next turn and built a gap of three seconds by the fifth lap.

Behind Beaubier, teammate Gagne was engaged in a repeat of Saturday’s thrilling three-way podium battle. Swapping positions in a hard-fought race, Gagne was chasing in fourth until a crash involving two riders ahead on lap seven promoted him to second. From there he ran strongly to the checkered flag to take his second podium for the team.

Ahead of Gagne, Beaubier made the most of Sunday’s warmer weather to set a blistering pace and broke the outright lap record on just his second tour with an incredible 2’11.033. Lapping consistently in the 2’11 and 2’12s, the four-time Superbike champ cruised to the finish line 13 seconds ahead of Gagne to score a second win and wrap up a perfect start to 2020.008

Sunday’s double podium puts the Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha Racing team in an excellent position at the start of the 2020 MotoAmerica Superbike season. With a 50-point lead, reigning champion Beaubier and teammate Gagne will be back in action in just under a month when MotoAmerica returns to Road America for the second round.

Richard Stanboli – Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha Racing Team Manager

“We keep trying to mess Cameron up but he won’t let us. We keep making the challenge higher and he keeps stepping up to it. We had an issue in morning warm up, but we were able to get it fixed and it was great it didn’t happen in the race. We’ll go back to the shop and just cross our T’s and dot our I’s and go on to the next one.007“We’re pretty happy with the result. We were real close to that 10 (2’10) that I think we’re all kind of shooting for. Cameron’s kind of racing himself right now more than racing anyone else, but I’m sure everyone will get caught up. They all had a long time off. They’re all rusty. So we’ll see how it goes. Jake’s really doing well. I think it’s just a matter of time. He’s going to be giving Cameron some grief for sure.”

Cameron Beaubier – Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha Racing

“It’s been an incredible weekend. I haven’t started off my season like this since I was on a 600. I just really got to give it up to the team. My bike has been so good all weekend. We had a couple little problems here and there in practice where we didn’t get as many laps as we wanted, but the thing just gives me so much confidence. When I lined up in the race I was ready to go, even with limited amount of laps. It just goes to show how hard those guys are working. It’s been great. Like I said yesterday, I don’t want to get too excited. I’ll go home and keep working. We’re coming back here in a month, so will try and keep the momentum rolling.”006Jake Gagne – Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha Racing

“I’m happy to be leaving the first round with a couple podiums, a second and third. Our number one goal is to get in some good, solid races with no mistakes, finish the race and get on the podium. We made some changes after yesterday to get the bike working better on new tires, and I was feeling better for sure going into race two. I went faster in the beginning, but I really started struggling a lot more than yesterday once the tires started wearing off a little bit, so it kind of flip-flopped. happy to bring it home in second. That was a bummer when Bobby (Fong) hit Mat (Scholtz) like that. I think we were in store for another good battle like yesterday, but that’s how it goes. We learned a lot this weekend and made a lot of progress. I’m happy with the crew. I can’t wait for the next one.”end bike test

Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha Racing Team Ready to Roll at Road America

cq5dam.web.1200.1200After the long wait to get the green light for racing to start up, the Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha Racing team is excited to kick off the 2020 MotoAmerica Superbike season this weekend at Road America, on May 29-31.

Cameron Beaubier looks to get his title defense off to a great start at a track where he’s had a lot of success. The four-time MotoAmerica Superbike Champion has seven wins in the last 10 races at the four-mile circuit in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. While the new season marks some changes team wise, the Californian has made a smooth transition with his new crew chief Richard Stanboli and is eager to fire up his Monster Energy Attack Performance Yamaha R1.

Making his return to Yamaha, Jake Gagne will line up alongside his fellow Californian this weekend and looks to come out swinging. The 27-year-old has had a lot of success in the support classes with the Yamaha brand. He also has a proven track record at Road America, including sweeping the weekend enroute to both his 2014 Daytona Sportbike and 2015 MotoAmerica Superstock 1000 title.end bike test

Yamaha unveils price and 3 accessory packs for the new Tricity 300

001Yamaha is taking the Urban Mobility segment to the next level with the introduction of the all-new Tricity 300 - a smart and modern 3-wheel scooter with a best-in-class specification and premium build quality. Its dynamic styling brings a fresh and sporty new look to the city streets - and being the lightest model in its class makes it ideal also for first-time customers.

Available in a choice of three colours, Nimbus Grey, Tech Kamo and Gunmetal Grey, Tricity 300 will be in the market in July 2020. The price varies per country, please contact your local Yamaha Dealer for specific information.

Yamaha has also developed three new Accessory Packs with a range of carefully selected products to match individual needs: Urban Pack, Sport Pack and Winter Pack. 

You can also create your dream Tricity 300 by either using the online model configurator on the Yamaha Urban Mobility product page - or, even cooler, with a mobile app showing the chosen Genuine Accessories directly on the scooter in stunning 360 3D views. The Yamaha My Garage App can be easily downloaded with a mobile device from the Apple App store or the Android Google play store. end bike test




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