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YZF-R1 GYTR ‘20th Anniversary’

001Due to the incredible demand for the YZF-R1 GYTR '20th Anniversary' by the huge number of passionate Yamaha fans, applications are now closed for this very limited-edition machine.

The 2019 YZF-R1 GYTR '20th Anniversary’ is a hyper exclusive piece of motorsport history! This track only machine sports the same livery used by the Yamaha Factory Racing Team when they smashed their own record, winning a fourth consecutive Suzuka 8 Hours.002

This racetrack ready titan is an ultra-performance beast with 20 units built, one for each year the YZF-R1 has been tearing up the rule book and changing the game. Each unit has its limited-edition number engraved on the top yoke and is shipped with a certificate of authenticity.

Each one of these exclusive bikes will be painstakingly assembled, thoroughly tested and fine-tuned with their new owner in mind. They will be put together by an Official Yamaha Racing Team crew, receive a full dyno engine run-in and get a first oil change with premium Yamalube oil. These units will be ready to conquer the track, right out of the box.003

Every lucky owner who gets their hands on one of these supreme pieces is automatically invited to attend the Yamaha Racing Experience in Spring/Summer 2019. For those who choose to attend, they will receive an exclusive YZF-R1 GYRT set up session designed to fine tune their track conquering beast even further, so they can squeeze every available millisecond of race pace out of their bike.

This iconic race machine is for circuit use only and cannot be registered for road usage.

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h2001Model updates: The new CRF250RX arrives in cross-country specification to further strengthen Honda's off-road line-up. Sharing the frame and engine hardware of the CRF250R moto-crosser, it is fully adapted to its role, with 8.5L fuel tank, forged aluminium sidestand and 18-inch rear wheel, plus revisions to power delivery and suspension settings. It also features 3-level HRC Launch Control as standard.

2. Model Overview

In common with the CRF450RX, the CRF250RX uses the rock-solid base of its moto-cross sibling and adds the essential ingredients for closed-course cross-country riding. Thus, it features a 8.5L fuel tank (like the CRF450RX), and also uses an 18-inch rear wheel plus revised suspension settings front and rear. Fuelling and ignition mapping have also been adjusted to deliver a softer power delivery compared to the moto-crosser, and a forged aluminium sidestand is fitted as standard.

The CRF250RX also benefits from the upgrades made to the CRF250R for 19YM: engine changes which boost low-rpm torque to gain time out of slower corners

(thanks to revisions from the throttle body all the way to the exhaust), a new front brake caliper, Renthal Fatbars and 3-mode HRC Launch Control to help any rider gain a good start, every time.


3. Key Features

  • Strong bottom-end torque, same top-end power as CRF250R
  • Benefits from 19YM CRF250R upgrades: revised throttle body, cylinder head, intake and exhaust for improved low-down performance
  • 3 level HRC Launch Control optimises start performance

New for YM19 (and as with the CRF250R) HRC's Launch Control system gives any rider the best option for a strong start and has 3 modes to choose from:

Level 3 - 8,250rpm, muddy conditions/beginner

Level 2 - 8,500rpm, dry conditions/basic

Level 1 - 9,500rpm, dry conditions/expert

Activating HRC Launch Control is easy - to turn on, pull in the clutch and push the Start button (on the right). The LED will blink once for Level 1 selection. Push the Start button again, for 0.5s or longer, and the LED will blink twice for Level 2. Repeat the process and the LED will blink 3 times, indication Level 3 has been chosen.

The Engine Mode Select Button (EMSB) alters the engine's characteristics and three maps are available to suit riding conditions or rider preference: Mode 1 (Standard), Mode 2 (Smooth) and Mode 3 (Aggressive). The LED also displays Mode selected.h2003

3.2 Chassis

  • Renthal Fatbar has 4-way adjustable positioning
  • DID rims finished in black, 18-inch rear wheel
  • Shares CRF250R upgrades for 19YM: new front brake caliper and hose for improved stopping performance; redesigned sump guard and fork protectors

The CRF250RX uses the same tapered-spar aluminium frame as the CRF250R, which returns excellent feedback and rear wheel grip due to its low centre of gravity.

Unchanged in its transition to RX-spec. it does use anew twin-piston front brake caliper - common with the YM19 CRF450R - which has 30 and 27mm diameter pistons. This allows for a lighter body and, along with low expansion rate brake hose, improved brake feel and staying power. It works on a 260mm wave-pattern disc, matched by a rear 240mm wave-pattern disc and single-piston caliper.end bike test


h003The trails are calling, and the all-new, road-legal CRF450L answers, expanding customers' off-road possibilities by enabling access to the best riding trails on public lands, even when that means connecting them via asphalt roads. Based on the CRF450R, the durable CRF450L is a full-fledged off-road machine, but with street legality achieved via features like LED lighting, mirrors, and a dedicated exhaust system, making this bike equally at home in the woods, desert, or the roads in between.h001

CRF450L Key Features

  • Lightweight, 7.6 litre titanium fuel tank for long range
  • Riding time maximized by lightweight, compact LED lighting system, featuring headlight with high-intensity projection for illuminating broad area
  • Rear-view mirrors
  • Lightweight lithium-ion battery with increased capacity compared to CRF450R, to power electrical components
  • Lightweight, compact digital meter with black characters on a white liquid-crystal background is easily legible while riding



  • 449.7cc Unicam® engine specially tailored for trail-to-trail riding
  • Finger rocker arm contributes to compact layout while using dedicated design to attain off-road-specific power characteristics. DLC surface treatment reduces friction
  • Dedicated valve timing for smooth power delivery in technical riding
  • High crank inertia (up 12% over CRF450R) for tractable power delivery in technical terrain
  • 12.0:1 compression ratio
  • New piston with three-ring design
  • Wide-ratio six-speed transmission is ready for a wide variety of off-road terrain or road going
  • Special clutch design enables light lever pull. Primary damper mechanism with friction springs suppresses engine torque fluctuations, ensuring smooth running
  • Large-capacity radiators with high heat-exchange efficiency for strong performance in demanding off-road conditions
  • Electric fan and thermostat control engine temperature in brutal conditions
  • ECU with dedicated settings
  • Noise emissions minimized via covers on the left and right crank cases
  • Powerful AC generator for street-legal lighting
  • Air cleaner box
  • Dedicated single-muffler exhaust system provides great sound while meeting emissions requirements


  • Aluminium twin-spar frame designed for nimble-yet-stable handling on trails
  • Subframe designed to ensure optimum rigidity balance appropriate for carrying tools
  • 49mm Showa fork with dedicated settings for trail-to-trail riding
  • Shock based on that of the CRF450R but with dedicated settings and link ratio for off-road riding
  • Front brake uses design from CRF450R, but with better fade resistance thanks to thicker discs and large-capacity reservoir
  • Endless sealed chain withstands the elements
  • Front and rear sprockets, produced in durable steel material, feature damper system for smooth, quiet running
  • Urethane injection in swing arm to reduce road noise
  • Fuel tank cap with a cut-off valve prevents fuel from flowing out of tank if the bike is on its side
  • LED turn signals with flexible mounts for durability
  • Easily accessible electronic component box on left side of the frame
  • Black 7/8" Renthal handlebar with red pad
  • Compact, lightweight handlebar switches
  • In-mold graphics are resistant to peeling caused by washing or abrasion
  • IRC GP-21F/GP-22R tires provide great balance of on- and off-road performance
  • Black rims for strong presence


end bike test


k001This weekend marked the 51st edition of Africa’s oldest enduro race – the Roof of Africa. Making a guest appearance in the Brother Leader Tread KTM squad was Lyndon Poskitt, an international rider well-known for his popular travel series ‘Races to Places’.

As a Malles Moto Dakar Rally specialist, signing up for Africa’s ‘Mother of Hard Enduro’ was a massive undertaking.

While navigating through unfamiliar territory came as no surprise to Poskitt, the pounding Lesotho trails, heat and high elevations were certainly a rude awakening.k002

To put this into perspective, I spent 9 hours taking on massive distances at the Dakar. Today we did 140km’s and it took me the same amount of time!” he said.

While he admits that after the time trial he grew extremely nervous about what he had signed up for, the rider stood in triumph on his Motorex green 2018 KTM 250 EXC TPI on Saturday as he crossed the finish line. Not only did he complete his first enduro race of this nature, but managed to place 23rd in the Silver Class.

I felt a bit like a fish out of water coming to do this, but here I am at the finish line! The terrain has been amazing and so diverse – from river crossings, drop-offs and steep climbs to rolling hills. The bike has been absolutely perfect, I loved it so much that I rang the dealer back home and bought one!” said an excited Poskitt.k003

Another stand-out achievement came from Brother Leader Tread KTM’s Kirsten Landman.

As the only female in her class, she impressively conquered the Gold route for the third time in her career. After 21 hours of riding in three days, Landman finished in 25th among the country’s enduro elite – the highest she has ever ranked in this event.

The days were long and there were lots of passes, it was an absolutely incredible route. There were times I just opened up the throttle and closed my eyes, but that’s why it’s called an extreme enduro – the stuff we do out there is extreme! This was by far the most victorious Roof of Africa for me, I’m over the moon,” enthused Landman.

Rounding out the orange squad was Dwayne Kleynhans, who put on the best ‘Mother of Hard Enduro’ performance of his career.

A podium finish looked promising for the rider when he wrapped up the first long day of mountain racing with a third place overall. However, after coming back from an arm injury that almost cost him the entire 2018 season, Kleynhans was pleased to have finished as high up in the ranks as he did.k004

It was touch and go at some points whether I’d even be able to enter the Roof this year. I’m slightly disappointed to have missed the podium, but at the same time I feel so privileged to have made it to the start line and raced as hard as I did,” said Kleynhans.

Missing from action was Scott Bouverie, who had to pull out of the event on the first race day due to illness. After a time trial that put Bouverie in the position to fight for the coveted Roof of Africa title, the Brother Leader Tread KTM team were gutted by the news.

Scott has gone through a testing year, filled with injuries and health issues, a year he’d more than likely want to forget. Despite all of this we continue to believe in Scott. He is one of the most talented riders in South Africa and seeing him push through pain to a point that his body could not take it anymore was heart breaking to say the least. Scott is the type of rider that will push on, even though in pain, so to see him abandoning his race shows the severity of his health issues and was the wise call to make. We’re hoping to see Scott come back strong again 2019, he has proven his worth many times and will sure continue to do so.” said Franziska Brandl, Managing Director of KTM South Africa.end bike test


001As the 2018 hard enduro season draws to a close, it is only fitting to repeat the line from an international commentator at Red Bull Romaniacs this year – “What is it that they feed these South African riders?”

With the likes of current stars such as Wade Young and Travis Teasdale, and former enduro giants Alfie Cox and Darryl Curtis, it is clear that South African riders are doing something right.

Having recently wrapped up the Roof of Africa, it is obvious that our hard enduro success will only go from strength to strength in the future. A name that stood out this year was PEPSON PLASTICS HUSQVARNA RACING star, Matt Green.002The youngster turned 17-years old recently, and had tongues wagging in Lesotho when he chased down the country’s top racing talent on the smallest motorcycle in his class to claim 6th overall in the coveted event.

His growth over the past year has been truly ground-breaking. In 2017 he managed to finish 20th in a Roof of Africa edition that some Gold riders claimed to be ‘too easy’. The general comments that were repeated about this year’s route described an extreme challenge that had top riders sweating from start to finish, yet Green improved his standings tremendously.003 “Super stoked with my results. There’s a lot of experience that’s required to do well in this race, and I learnt some valuable lessons that will hopefully see me crack the top five next year or even better. I’ve come a long way this season, and I feel confident about the potential I have for the future,” said Green.

His hard enduro efforts were picked up on the international radar too this season.

Green made headlines when he stormed to a top five Gold Class finish at the renowned Red Bull Sea to Sky in Turkey. He also snatched up sixth overall in Silver at Red Bull Romaniacs, which was boasted to be the most ‘epic’ edition yet.

The future looks bright for the young Kwa-Zulu Natal star, as does the country’s future in this sport.end bike test

Key Feature Changes on 2019 Standard Tank Africa Twin

00Engine management electronics

  • TBW (Throttle by Wire) brings with it 3 rider modes to tailor engine character and traction
  • The riding modes are comprised of different levels of Power (P), Engine Braking (EB) and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)
  • HSTC now has 7 levels and OFF
  • New intake design and exhaust aid mid-range response
  • New exhaust also designed to improve engine note
  • New lighter balance shaft weight
  • New lithium-ion battery saves 2.3 kg and enhances durability
  • Power is smooth and consistent, with linear torque delivery
  • Assist/slipper clutch helps upshifts and downshifts
  • Wet weight 2kg lighter at 230kg (MT version)
  • Rider foot pegs and pillion foot peg hangers redesigned for off-road use
  • Stainless steel spokes improve durability and ease of care
  • New Emergency Stop Signal function for rear indicators

1.2 CRF1000D1 Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

  • Super-fast, seamless gear changes in Manual Transmission (MT) or Automatic D mode
  • S mode (with 3 levels) revs higher and downshifts sooner, for aggressive riding
  • G switch improves rear wheel traction when off-road
  • Incline detection adapts shift pattern depending on road gradient


2. Accessories

A full range of genuine Honda accessories are available for the CRF1000L Africa Twin, including:

  • Top box and inner bags
  • Touring bags
  • Frame guard
  • Smoke screen
  • High screen
  • Upper and lower wind deflectors
  • Rubber pillion footpegs
  • DCT foot shifter
  • Heated grips
  • 12V socket
  • Fog lamps with cowl mounting bar
  • Wheel stripes
  • Alarm system.
  • Centre stand
  • Sump guard
  • Lower and higher seats
  • Quick shifter

Available in these TWO colours only:01

Matt Ballistic Black and Grand Prix Red / previously Rally Red

Recommended Retail Price:

CRF1000A (Man) L1  R181 500 Including VAT

CRF1000 DCT L1      R193 999 Including VAT


2019 CRF1000 L2 Africa Twin Adventure Sports (Big Tank):

Key Features on 19YM Big Tank Africa Twin Adventure Sport

  • Longer travel suspension, flatter seat and more upright riding position
  • Extended fairing protection and taller screen
  • Heated grips as standard plus AC charging socket
  • Rider's foot pegs/pillion foot peg hangers designed for off-road use
  • Stainless steel spokes offer durability and ease of care
  • Emergency Stop Signal function for rear indicators
  • Throttle By Wire (TBW) brings with it 3 rider modes to tailor engine character and traction. The riding modes are comprised of different levels of Power (P), Engine Braking (EB) and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)
  • HSTC now has 7 levels and OFF
  • New intake design and exhaust aid mid-range response
  • New exhaust also designed to improve engine note
  • New lighter balance shaft weight
  • New lithium-ion battery saves 2.3 kg and enhances durability
  • Power is smooth and consistent, with linear torque delivery
  • Assist/slipper clutch helps upshifts and downshifts

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

  • Super-fast, seamless gear changes in Manual Transmission (MT) or Automatic D mode
  • S mode (with 3 levels) revs higher and downshifts sooner, for aggressive riding
  • G switch improves rear wheel traction when off-road
  • Incline detection adapts shift pattern depending on road gradient



A full range of genuine Honda accessories are available for the CRF1000L Africa Twin Adventure Sports, including:

  • Touring bags
  • Rubber pillion footpegs
  • DCT foot shifter
  • Fog lamps
  • Wheel stripes
  • Alarm system
  • Centre stand
  • Sump guard
  • Two types of lower seat
  • Quickshifter
  • Tank Bag

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Yamalube Yamaha Rally Ready For 2019 Dakar

Y01Yamalube Yamaha Rally team riders are all-set to take on the 2019 Dakar aboard the newest edition of the WR450F Rally works machine. With this 41st edition of the prestigious event contested exclusively in Peru, Yamaha will be strongly represented by Adrien Van BeverenXavier de Soultraitand Rodney FaggotterFranco Caimi's participation will be decided prior to the event's start in Peru.

Working hard during the last few months to be ready for the biggest event in the annual rally racing calendar, the Yamalube Yamaha Rally team members are all looking forward to the 2019 Dakar. Remaining under the guidance of team director Alexandre Kowalski, team manager José Leloir and sport manager Jordi Arcarons, all riders are looking to make the most of their experience as they battle against the world's elite rally racers in what is expected to be an anything but easy event.Y02

Spearheading the team's efforts for yet another year is Adrien Van Beveren. One of the revelations of the 2018 Dakar Rally, Adrien is eager to impress by fighting for the overall victory next January. At the top of his game following months of hard work, the French rider is now ready to do battle in the dunes of Peru.

Putting in many thousands of racing and training kilometres aboard his WR450F Rally machine in 2018, Xavier de Soultrait is set to enter the fifth Dakar Rally of his career this coming January. Working hard to further improve his navigational skills, the Frenchman has his eyes set on climbing onto the podium in Lima.Y03

Playing a crucial role for the Yamalube Yamaha Rally team during the last two Dakar Rallies, Rodney Faggotter remains with the squad going into the 2019 edition of the event. Enjoying an extremely consistent run that saw him finish 16th overall at the 2018 Dakar Rally, the Aussie will look to improve on this result in January 2019.

With the team 100% ready to have Franco Caimi enter the 2019 Dakar Rally, his participation will be decided just before the start of the race. Doing everything possible to return to full fitness following his injury during the Morocco Rally, the rider from Argentina is expecting to undergo his last medical checks just a few days before the start of the event.

Further strengthening Yamaha's presence at the 2019 Dakar will be Camelia Liparoti. Teaming up with Rosa Romero Font as her co-driver, the two highly-experienced racers will compete in Yamaha's YXZ1000R side-by-side machine at the coming edition of the event in Peru.Y04

Taking place in the southern part of Peru, the 2019 Dakar Rally features a total of 10 demanding stages. The race kicks off on January 7 in Lima, with competitors returning to the Peruvian city for the big finish on January 17 and after an exhaustive 5,000km in the dunes of the South American country.end bike test

Moto2™ Records fall with new Triumph 765cc engine


Moto2 riders from 2019 teams complete a full weekend of testing at Jerez race track.

Two testing laps completed inside previously recorded Jerez circuit Moto2™ fastest lap

Team feedback – “We are ready for 2019 season”T03On 23rd – 25th November Triumph attended the final testing weekend of 2018 at Jerez race track, with 2019 Moto2™ race teams trialling their new race bikes ahead of next season.

On Saturday 24th, two 2019 Moto2™ championship contenders riding different machines, both featuring the new 2019 Triumph triple 765cc race engine, recorded practice lap times inside the fastest recorded lap of Jerez Circuit of 1 minute 41 seconds (1'41.890). This is a landmark achievement in one of the first times the riders have ridden 2019 season race bikes in their new configurations.T02

On Sunday, it was predicted that riders would go even faster, but weather conditions prevented this. All teams used the full weekend on track to complete more testing, development and set up ahead of the forthcoming 2019 Moto2™ race season.

Steve Sargent, Triumph Chief Product Officer said; “This weekend feels like the culmination of 2 years of hard work by many people in Triumph. To hear all the bikes out on track at the same time is a dream come true for Triumph. We had direct and overwhelmingly positive feedback from the teams at Jerez as they gear up for the 2019 season. Bring on Qatar!”T03end bike test

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Conclude Positive Valencia Test

001Despite having to sit out the first three hours of available track time in the pit box again, waiting for the riding conditions to improve, the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP Team were able to complete most of their testing programme on the second day of testing at the Circuito de la Comunitat Valenciana - Ricardo Tormo.

Similar to yesterday, Maverick Viñales and Valentino Rossi both spent all their testing time getting familiar with the new engine evolution.002

Following the same procedure as yesterday, Viñales made his way out on track with more than four hours on the clock. The Spaniard picked up his work on the 2019 engine spec where he had left off and, despite a small crash, proceeded to gradually better his time throughout the day. He rode a total of 57 laps and improved on his personal best from the first day by 0.659s, setting a 1'30.757s lap on his 50th try. He ended the session leading the rankings with a 0.133s advantage over his closest rival. This result puts him in first position in the combined test timesheets.003

Rossi arrived at the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP pit box around the same time as his teammate, heading out on track in the afternoon. The Doctor was very focused on getting his YZR-M1's new engine in perfect shape ahead of the 2019 season. He completed 63 laps in total and set a 1'31.371s after completing two-thirds of his testing programme, which was enough to keep him in ninth position in the rankings, 0.614s from today's best time. The lap also earned him ninth place in the overall Valencia test results, as almost all MotoGP riders improved on their best effort on the second day.end bike test 

And the winner is: IRRC Champion Danny Webb wins the 2018 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy.

01The winner of the 2018 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is: Danny Webb (GBR). The reigning International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) champion picked up a total of 485 out of a possible 500 Race Trophy points. Michal Filla (CZE) finished in second place with 483.02 points, less than two points behind. Third place went to Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR). 

BMW Motorrad Motorsport awarded a total prize fund of 100,000 euros this year, which was divided among the 30 best-placed participants. On top of this were bonuses in various categories, for example, for the 11 riders and teams that won the championship title in their series, for the “Best BMW Rider in Class” or for the “Best Newcomer”. The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy, which was launched in 2014, was held for the fifth time this year. 139 riders from 19 different nations registered for the Race Trophy this season. They competed for 85 teams in 25 different championship classes.02

The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy rankings are calculated using a complex system. A rider can attain a maximum of 500 points, regardless of how many races are held in their respective championship. They consist of race points for results in the races, as well as bonus points, for example, for pole positions and winning the championship title.

Race Trophy winner Danny Webb dominated the International Road Racing Championship on his Wepol Racing by Penz13 BMW S 1000 RR. The Brit picked up the full number of championship points in each race and secured the IRRC championship title at the penultimate round of the season in August. This performance also made him one of the favourites in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. He ended up bagging 485 points in the Race Trophy and securing the winner’s prize money of 15,000 euros.03

Webb had a fierce rival, however, in Michal Filla of the Czech Republic, who made an impression in the Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship Superstock class (AARR STK). The BMW Sikora Motorsport rider won the first nine of the twelve races of the season on his RR. It was only in the tenth race that his winning streak came to an end, but by then Filla had already secured the championship title. Filla picked up 483.02 points in the Race Trophy – not even two points behind Webb. He finished the head-to-head race in second place, with a cash prize of 10,000 euros.04

Third place in the 2018 BMW Motorrad Race Trophy also went to a champion who picked up win after win in his championship, Ilya Mikhalchik of the alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW team. The Ukrainian celebrated winning the title in the International German Championship (IDM). In the 14 races of the season, Mikhalchik topped the podium as winner nine times. He picked up a total of 466.18 points in the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy. He received a cash prize of 7,500 euros for finishing third.05

“Congratulations to the winner Danny Webb and all successful participants of the 2018 Race Trophy,” said BMW Motorrad Motorsport Director Marc Bongers. “We experienced another season packed with thrilling races with victories and triumphs for BMW riders around the world. We are proud of our customers’ successes and thank them for representing the BMW Motorrad colours so impressively all over the world. Once again, they were supported by our extensive network of BMW Motorrad Motorsport experts. And with success, the riders involved in the Race Trophy picked up 100 wins and a total of 383 podiums this season – on the racetrack as well as at major international road races, including the Isle of Man TT and the Macau Grand Prix. This year they celebrated title wins in no fewer than 11 international and national championships. What a result! We look forward to supporting the privateer BMW racers around the world with our proven customer racing programme once again in 2019 – and to further successes for the BMW Motorrad Motorsport community.”06

As part of the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy, the riders and teams that win the title in their championship are rewarded additional bonuses of 2,500 euros for the team and 2,500 euros for the rider. The 11 champions of the 2018 season are:

Markus Reiterberger (GER)

alpha Racing-Van Zon-BMW (FIM Superstock 1000 European Championship)

Danny Webb (GBR)

Wepol Racing by Penz13 (International Road Racing Championship)

Peter Hickman

Smith’s Racing Team (BMW Combined Road Race Challenge)

Michal Filla (CZE)

BMW Sikora Motorsport (Alpe Adria Road Racing Championship Superstock class)

Ilya Mikhalchik (UKR)

alpha Racing-Van-Zon-BMW (International German Championship)

Keith Farmer (GBR)

Tyco BMW Motorrad (British Superbike Championship Superstock class)

Carmelo Morales (ESP)

Graphenano EasyRace SBK Team (Spanish Championship)

Florian Brunet-Lugardon (FRA)

Gers Moto Vitesse Ordannaise (French European Bikes Championship)

Federico D’Annunzio (ITA)

FDA Racing (Italian National Trophy 1000)

Jordan Szoke (CAN)

Mopar Express Lane BMW Superbike Team (Canadian Superbike Championship (CSBK))

Amirul Hafig Azmi (MAS)

TOC HKMTOYO Racing Team (Malaysia Superbike Championship Superstock class)


end bike test







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