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Yamaha Factory Racing Team Finish 2nd in Thrilling 2019 Suzuka 8 Hours

01At the 42nd "Coca-Cola" Suzuka 8 Hours, Katsuyuki Nakasuga, Alex Lowes and Michael van der Mark of the Yamaha Factory Racing Team took the #21 YZF-R1 to 2nd place, securing the fifth consecutive podium finish at Suzuka for Yamaha since the return of the factory team in 2015.

With 2019 marking the 21st year since the YZF-R1 was launched, the Yamaha Factory Racing Team entered the Endurance World Championship (EWC) finale on an R1 sporting a revival of the original Yamaha TECH21 Team livery from 1985. The eight-hour race saw the team engage their rivals in a fierce chase for the win from start to finish, with Nakasuga, Lowes and van der Mark faithfully carrying out their respective stints as planned. As the race approached its final stages and the team running in 3rd, Lowes was handed the TECH21 R1 for the last stint of the day.02The Briton made a pass to take 2nd on the 211th lap, but not long after, the leading bike crashed with just minutes left to the chequered flag. The race was subsequently red-flagged and ended, with the Yamaha Factory Racing Team initially taking the victory on the provisional race results. However, following scrutiny and discussion of the on-track events by officials, the provisional results were later amended with Yamaha taking 2nd place instead. Yamaha Motor requested an explanation of this amendment from FIM Race Direction, and upon hearing the background and reasoning for the judgement made by the FIM, Yamaha Motor accepted the decision. 03The YART Yamaha OEWC Team on the #7 YZF-R1 ran a superb race, setting consistent laps among the leading teams for the full eight hours. They finished in the top-five until the amendment to the provisional results put them in 6th. Despite two DNFs among the five rounds of the EWC, their 2nd place finish at the 24 Hour Bol d’Or, a second straight win at the 8 Hours of Slovakia Ring, and this strong performance at Suzuka puts the Austria-based team 4th in the overall standings for the 2018-2019 season. 

Yamaha would like to express our deepest thanks to all of our sponsors and suppliers for their incredible support and to all of the fans that braved the summer heat to come to the circuit and cheer for the Yamaha teams competing in this year’s Suzuka 8 Hours.04end bike test

Camden Mc Lellan #422 – 13 – 14 July 2019 2019 Junior World Championship

008The 2019 edition of the Junior World championship took Camden to Trentino Italy for the secondThe 2019 edition of the Junior World championship took Camden to Trentino Italy for the secondtime this year, alongside 14 of his fellow SA team mates. He has been looking forward to this eventfor a while and was determined to better his previous results at the track with the vastimprovements they have been making over the last few months.After an enjoyable opening ceremony and a team presentation on Friday Evening it was time to getto the real business on Saturday.

In free practice Camden managed to get into a good flow and was enjoying the track, posting the 4thfastest time in his groupIn qualifying the track had developed a little and he felt really strong on the track, managing toimprove to 3rd in his group, putting him through to Sunday’s racing. With 5th Gate pick Camden knewhe was in a good position.On Sunday the track had been flattened once again and wet, so he put down a few fast laps in warmup and prepared himself for the races.

Race 1 Camden had a pretty good start, rounding the first turn in about 15th place. He fought hard inthe first lap climbing to 12th. Continuing to push throughout the race making passes all the way,Camden eventually made his way to 9th place among a large bunch of riders from 3rd to 10th place.He fought hard to make passes in the closing laps but couldn’t get it done, finishing in a strong 9thposition.

Race 2 Camden pulled an even better start getting through the first few turns in 9th. He made someaggressive passes on a track where opportunities were hard to come by and he had really goodracing all the way to the checked flag finishing in a brilliant 5th position.It was a very successful weekend once again, every race there is improvement and every race hisconfidence grows.

Camden is starting to achieve and even surpass the goals set at the beginning ofthe year in a highly competitive class as a rookie.This weekend Camden Races Round 4 of the ADAC series in Tensfeld and we are look forward toseeing what it holds for him.A big thanks to Camden’s sponsors, family and friends for all the support:KTM Kosak, SN Hydraulik Servicetechnik, Motorex, Mefo-Mousse, Bridgestone, Troy Lee Design,Goldfren, Magura, Twin Air, Xtrig, VHM, Esjot, Rynopower, Pepp Underwear, ORS Suspension,, Erace Concept, Oakley, Alpinestars, FMF, Werthaus Wohnbau, Elbfrost, KTM SouthAfrica, Red Bull South Africa, Herschel Specialised Lubricants, Momsen Bikesend bike test

JvB-moto returns with the brand new CP3

01Yard Built: Retro Lines, Adrenaline Vibes 

In garages all over the world, Yamaha owners dream of creating their own customized motorcycle. We seek to enable these dreams by asking talented customizers to provide inspirational ideas on how to transform Sport Heritage models into 'Yard Built' specials. Many builders will not only inspire Yamaha owners with their ideas, but will also make custom parts and accessories available to help owners turn their dream into reality! 

JvB-moto Returns 

The latest Yard Built project sees the return of long-time Yamaha collaborator Jens vom Brauck. Founder of JvB-moto, German custom builder Jens is hailed for the minimalism of his bike designs that bring out the vision of the original within a brand-new skin. 

The first JvB-moto Yard Built special was the 2015 VMAX 'Infrared', a dragster-meets-café racer that marked the 30th anniversary of Yamaha's iconic VMAX cruiser. Customised nose to tail from the sub-frame up, the retro Infrared cemented JvB-moto's distinct style within the Yard Built community. 

The VMAX was followed by the 'Super 7', the first customised version of the new XSR700 that showed off the huge range of options available (and sold by KEDO Germany) to personalise the stock bike. Re-imagining the XSR700 without any cuts or welds to the frame, JvB-moto produced yet another incredible machine that boasts clean, tidy lines while embracing the raw power and agility of the standard bike. 06

An Adrenaline-Fueled Concept 

Four years later and JvB-moto has returned for another round of dazzling customisation, projecting their vision onto the 2019 Yamaha XSR900 to create the CP3. The bike was first presented at the 2019 Café Racer Festival where it received the Best of Show prize. 

Talking about his latest creation, vom Brauck was clear in explaining his vision: 03 "The biggest retro influence is on the lines and proportions. I am a big fan of 70s and 80s concept cars and got a lot of inspiration for this build there. The bike has an understated, clean look and has more of a concept bike 'feel' than a typical custom bike." 

The CP3 captures perfectly the JvB-moto design philosophy of clean lines that enhance the stock bike as a base for easy customisation and breathe new life into it. While the retro theme is in part an influence on the CP3, JvB-moto's design stresses that the bike is a Yamaha through and through at its core, and one that is easy to customise. The dark blue Yamaha racing colour used was darkened further and made matt, highlighting the new bodywork whilst retaining the stock bike's character. Though the design is inherently minimalist, the CP3 sports a number of cutting-edge modifications that elevate it from a typical custom bike to a true concept motorcycle. Carbon fibre wheel covers house the Pirelli Super Corsa tyres, with Behringer front brake disks packing extra stopping power. Lightech footrests help reduce weight and give an assuring platform for the rider, with a new seat to accommodate the feel of the CP3. 02Ultimately JvB-moto envisaged the CP3 as a reflection of the XSR900's powerful 850cc 3-cyclinder engine, unchanged in the customisation, and designed the bike to look how the engine feels to ride. The Termignoni exhaust amplifies the emotive sound of the triple and provides a small boost in horsepower, completing the CP3 package that raises the very high standard of Yard Built specials even further. Jens elaborated on this approach: 05"I wanted it to look fast without looking aggressive, for it to be less retro and more minimalist, with a reduced and purposeful design." 

A Concept Bike for the Customer 

Yamaha's Sport Heritage range is made of state of the art technology machines with retro looks - the range is an easy access to real personalization and through collaborations with professionals like JvB-moto, the brand aims to bring this creativity even closer to the customer. 

Apart from bringing a stunning new concept bike into the world, JvB-moto's CP3 above all else shows just how easy to customise and flexible the Yamaha XSR900 really is. As a result, JvB-moto is now developing a kit to enable customers to either reproduce their own CP3 or just adapt parts of it, emphasizing that the bike is a perfect fit for the vision of the intrepid customiser looking to easily make their own set of customisations to the Yamaha XSR900. 04The kit includes: 

-    Wheel covers 
-    Brakes 
-    Footrests 
-    Seat 
-    Exhaust 
-    Front fender 
-    Fuel tank covers 
-    Handmade tail section with LED taillight 
-    Speedometer relocation kit 
-    Tapered handlebar and raiser 
-    LED headlight and cover 
-    Front and back LED indicators 
-    Number plate carrier 

There is also a range of parts yet to be developed. JvB-moto expect this bolt-on kit to be available to customers in early 2020, and will give them nearly unlimited options to tailor their own XSR900. 07

Taking the Covers Off 

Demonstrating that the highly active Yard Built scene in Germany continues to go from strength to strength, the CP3 debuted in its homeland at a July Yard Built Night in Hamburg, alongside the Hookie Co. Grasshopper, another German-made 2019 Yard Built bike. Over 150 guests from motorcycle media outlets and the customising scene came together for the unveiling of the two bikes which was hosted at KEDO, a motorcycle dealer located next to an industrial railway line that perfectly suited the gritty, backyard feel of Yard Built bikes. 

Both JvB-moto and Hookie Co. attended the launch, explaining in live interviews their individual approaches to customising bikes and how they envisage the Yard Built project. The builders also discussed their plans to offer bolt-on kits and parts for customers to purchase, embracing the Yard Built concept to empower Yamaha customers to imprint their own vision onto their motorcycles. 

The CP3 and Grasshopper showcase the customising potential of the XSR900 and XSR700 and just how easy each model is to change to suit personal taste. With nearly fifty Yard Built bikes created, Yamaha has shown yet again how diverse and accessible retro style is in 2019. end bike test

Yamaha unveils the new 2020 YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M

01New YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M: R history. Your future.

Yamaha has been racing and winning ever since the company manufactured its very first motorcycle. Just 10 days after Yamaha Motor Company was founded on July 1st 1955, the YA1 - Yamaha's very first model - claimed top place on the podium in the prestigious Mount Fuji ascent race. Since that day racing has been an integral part of the company's DNA, and seven decades later this burning desire to compete and win is what defines Yamaha.

Whether racing a 125cc 2-stroke up a mountain in Japan or fighting for the lead in WSBK and MotoGP, the company's absolute commitment to racing is second to none, and this devotion to competition pushes Yamaha to create some of the most inspiring, exciting and technologically sophisticated supersport bikes.

Today's R-Series supersport segment features the widest line up of the most outstanding motorcycles ever built by Yamaha. Developed using the very latest technology from Yamaha's WSBK winning race bikes - and inspired by the advanced designs seen on the M1 MotoGP bikes - each R-Series model from 1000cc to 125cc has the potential to power today's thrill-seeking supersport riders into R-World, where boundaries are constantly pushed and ambitions are achieved.02

Racing is and always will be the driving force that enables Yamaha to make motorcycles that lead the way, and for 2020 Yamaha introduce the new YZF-R1 and new YZF-R1M supersport models.2020 YZF-R1

Built without compromise, the legendary YZF-R1 is Yamaha's ultimate supersport motorcycle.

Since this game-changing model was launced, one of the most significant developments in its history has been the introduction of Yamaha's revolutionary crossplane engine in 2009. Producing strong, linear torque, Yamaha's crossplane technology transformed the supersport riding experience with its high levels of useable power, and marked the beginning of a new era in which Yamaha has focused on achieving enhanced rideability and control.

A huge leap forward came in 2015 with the introduction of a whole new generation of electronic control technology which enabled every rider to push their YZF-R1 closer to the limit. Although it shared the same name as its predecessors, the 2015 model was in effect an all-new motorcycle that marked the YZF-R1's transition from the analogue to the digital world, and in 2018 the introduction of even more electronic advanced rider aids underlined this flagship model's technological sophistication.

For 2020 the YZF-R1 features a radical new race-bred look together with a highly refined engine and uprated chassis that confirm its position as the ultimate Yamaha supersport. With its radical new MotoGP styling and now equipped with a total of seven electronic rider controls, the 2020 YZF-R1 is more than ready for the third decade of the 21st century.05

New M1-inspired body design

Every R-Series model has been inspired by the YZR-M1, and the all-new bodywork on the 2020 YZF-R1 underlines the close link between Yamaha's MotoGP racing bike and the company's production supersport models.

Pure M1 DNA is evident in the aggressively styled front cowl and racing screen, and the new fairing's sides flow seamlessly into the fuel tank assembly to give a clean and fully integrated look that is enhanced by the use of colour matched lower tank panels.

As well as giving the 2020 model a more dynamic style together with a high quality feel, this new bodywork enables riders to reinforce the feeling of unity with their machine. Aerodynamic efficiency is increased by over 5%, giving significant performance gains at high speeds. And the newly styled LED headlights together with redesigned LED position lights further underline the radical next-generation look and character of the 2020 model.

This high quality bodywork also features a new aluminium air duct behind the front cowl that offers increased rigidity, and the lower section of the fairing covering the exhaust system is now manufactured from titanium.07

Highly refined EU5-compliant engine

Producing 200PS, the 998cc 4-cylinder engine is one of the most exciting powerplants available in any motorcycle. Delivering the ultimate performance on the circuit, this sophisticated crossplane engine features a range of changes for 2020 that ensure consistently high levels of refined performance while also complying with the latest EU5 regulations.

Optimized high rpm performance

With its unique crossplane crankshaft delivering an uneven 270° - 180° - 90° - 180° firing sequence and producing maximum power at 13,500rpm, the YZF-R1 engine delivers high levels of linear torque to give the most thrilling ride together with an intoxicating character.

Yamaha's engineers have further refined the engine's outstanding high rpm performance with the adoption of newly designed finger-follower rocker arms and new cam lobe profiles that give an optimized valve lift and a more stable valve opening and closing at high rpm - which in turn ensures smoother and more efficient engine running.10

Increased combustion efficiency

One of the most significant changes is the newly designed intake layout which features a redesigned cylinder head and relocated injector assembly that optimize engine performance. The throttle valves are moved closer to the combustion chambers to reduce intake volume for improved combustion stability and greater efficiency - and the new Bosch injectors are now positioned on top of the 45mm diameter throttle bodies, rather than beneath. These new 10-hole injectors deliver the fuel more directly into the combustion chambers, and also give a wider spray angle of 21.5 degrees in order to promote increased combustion efficiency.

Further upgrades include a redesigned exhaust system that features a total of 4 catalysers - with one pair located in front of the exhaust chamber and another pair at the rear - and both the silencer and also the engine heat protectors feature additional noise-reducing counter measures.09

Increased engine efficiency

For increased engine running efficiency and reduced power losses the crossplane engine's crankshaft benefits from larger diameter lubrication holes together with larger diameter crankshaft journal bearings, and the oil pump uses a 10% more compact rotor. Other changes include resized oil passages in the crankcase assembly in order to optimize the oil pressure, as well as redesigned nozzles on the piston cooler.

Further detail changes for 2020 include a wider second gear pinion for increased transmission efficiency, together with the use of thicker plates on the final drive chain, and for improved cooling performance at the exhaust ports there's a revised cylinder head coolant passage layout.

Ride-by-wire APSG throttle for improved control

The Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) that controls the throttle valves continues for 2020, and for an improved throttle feel and reduced weight the YZF-R1 features a new APSG (Accelerator Position Sensor Grip) system with a magnet and a sensor that sends signals to the YCC-T. In order to retain the intuitive feel of a conventional twistgrip the new APSG unit features a spring, slider and gear that give a natural and progressive feel, and the settings are designed to give improved levels of control with enhanced rider/machine interaction.

Uprated suspension gives increased surface feedback

The YZF-R1's excellent 43mm Kayaba forks with 120mm of travel are regarded as being amongst the best in class, and the forks' inner structure has been modified to achieve an improved rider feedback. Newly designed damping valves are arranged in a laminated layout, and this feature - together with a slightly reduced fork spring rate and a revised fork oil level - transmits more accurate road surface feedback to the rider to give a more direct and natural handling feeling.

These changes to the front suspension are complemented by a modified steering damper as well as revised settings to the rear shock that further enhance the chassis performance of the 2020 YZF-R1.

Class-leading braking and roadholding

The YZF-R1's dual 320mm front discs with monobloc calipers are renowned for their remarkable braking feel and performance, and for 2020 they are fitted with a new high friction pad material that delivers even more powerful stopping. The rubber has also been upgraded on the new model, and the latest Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tyres offer outstanding traction together with accurate feel, enabling the rider to push harder when required.

State of the art electronic control technology

The YZF-R1 has been the first motorcycle to feature next-generation artificial intelligence in the form of a 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). Equipped with gyro and G-force sensors that monitor pitch, roll and yaw - as well as an accelerometer to measure fore-aft, up-down and left-right acceleration - the IMU transmits machine status data 125 times per second to the ECU that controls of the YZF-R1's sophisticated electronic rider aids.

For 2020 this class-leading supersport benefits from two significant new advanced electronic control technologies that further increase this machine's outstanding potential on the track.14

New Brake Control (BC) system - cornering ABS

The new Brake Control (BC) system allows riders to select one of two ABS modes - BC1 and BC2 - that best match their personal preferences and the riding conditions.

BC1 mode features a fixed level of ABS sensitivity, while BC2 mode has a flexible ABS sensitivity that is dependent upon the machine's lean angle and attitude. In BC2 mode the ABS sensitivity and intervention speed increase as the banking angle gets greater, giving added confidence and control when cornering.

Data relating to front and rear wheel speed as well as information from the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) - such as lean angle and slipping acceleration - is relayed to the Hydraulic Unit assembly and the ABS electronic control unit which make real-time calculations. This information then enables the Brake Control to prevent wheel lock ups by modulating the hydraulic pressure in the front and rear brake systems.06

New Engine Brake Management (EBM)

Another new addition to the YZF-R1's impressive line-up of electronic control technologies is the Engine Brake Management (EBM), a system that offers riders the option to choose from one of three different levels of engine braking force (high - medium - low) to suit a variety of riding situations and personal preferences. Using data from various sensors including gear position, engine rpm, throttle position and throttle valve position, the ECU adjusts throttle opening, ignition timing and fuel injection volume to control the level of engine braking. EBM1 delivers the highest engine braking force, with EBM3 the lowest.

Modified Launch Control System (LCS)

The YZF-R1's Launch Control System (LCS) offers increased control during racing starts, and for 2020 the LCS1 mode has been modified to activate at 9000rpm with a throttle opening of 41 degrees.

With the addition of BC and EBM as well as the modified LCS, the 2020 YZF-R1 features a total of seven different types of electronic rider aids and control functions, giving its rider increased confidence and control in a wide range of riding conditions. Each electronic system has been designed to integrate seamlessly with other systems to give a natural and intuitive feel, enabling every rider to fulfil their true potential.

Comprehensive TFT instrument display

The YZF-R1's fully transmissive Thin Film Transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display has been uprated to include indicators for the new Brake Control (BC) and Engine Brake Management (EBM) features.

YZF-R1 New Features

Aggressive new M1-style cowling

Fully integrated bodywork for improved rider/machine unity

Aerodynamic efficiency increased by over 5%

Reinforced feeling of quality and M1 DNA

Uprated suspension for refined surface feedback

New 2-mode Brake Control (BC) cornering ABS

New 3-mode Engine Brake Management (EBM)

Optimized Launch Control System (LCS)

New APSG ride-by-wire throttle

Enhanced combustion efficiency and high rpm performance

Increased braking performance

New settings for steering damper

Latest Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tyres

Uprated TFT instruments with BC and EBM indicators

EU5 compliant engine

YZF-R1 Key Features

998cc 200PS crossplane 4-cylinder engine

Linear torque delivery

Highly advanced electronic control systems

6-axis IMU with Gyro/G sensors for 3D motion data

Power Delivery Modes (PWR)

Banking sensitive Traction Control (TCS) / Slide Control (SCS)

Front Lift Control (LIF) and Launch Control System (LCS)

Quick Shift System (QSS)

Short wheelbase aluminium Deltabox frame

Upward truss type swingarm / magnesium rear frame

Magnesium wheels and 17 litre aluminium fuel tank

Power mode selection system (PWR) adjustable riding modes

Thin Film Transistor (TFT) LCD instruments


Yamaha Blue DPBMC

Tech Black SMX/MBL2

2020 YZF-R1 availability and price

The 2020 Yamaha YZF-R1 will be available from September 2019. Please contact your local Yamaha distributor for more detailed information and local retail price. 

2020 YZF-R1M

The YZF-R1M is the definitive Yamaha supersport motorcycle that has established a hard-won reputation as one of the most sophisticated and capable race bikes - as well as being regarded as the ultimate machine for passionate riders.

With its cutting edge electronic control technology and aggressive M1-inspired carbon bodywork, this exclusive track motorcycle offers every rider the opportunity to experience genuine factory superbike performance. Furthermore, with its highly advanced CCU and Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS), track day riders and racers are able to achieve the ultimate engine and chassis set-up without the need for expensive and highly specialist equipment. This in turn gives a greater number of riders the very real chance to realise their full potential and enjoy one of the greatest extreme sports ever invented!

The 2020 YZF-R1M benefits from a range of exclusive upgrades, in addition to featuring all of the changes that are described in the previous section on the YZF-R1.04

New Öhlins ERS NPX gas pressurised forks

The YZF-R1M uses the latest generation Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS) system that offers the highest level of adjustability for the ultimate control together with race-winning performance.

The 2020 model benefits from the addition of the latest Öhlins ERS NPX gas pressurised forks. These feature a small gas cylinder integrated within the fork axle bracket, and by exerting 0.6 Mpa of internal pressure, the gas reduces fork oil cavitation that is caused by negative pressure that occurs on the rebound stroke.

The new Öhlins ERS NPX gas pressurised forks contribute significantly towards achieving a more consistent damping force for increased levels of chassis control together with higher handling agility and reduced lap times.

To complement the improved performance of the new NPX front forks, the Öhlins Electronic rear suspension benefits from a modified preload setting.11

New lightweight carbon tail cowl

New and exclusive for 2020 is a lightweight carbon tail cowl that complements the new M1-style carbon fairing and front fender. This use of ultra-light bodywork underlines the YZF-R1M's exclusivity, and contributes towards the machine's extremely light and responsive handling performance.12

Stamped with its unique production number

The YZF-R1M is without a doubt the most exclusive supersport model in Yamaha's line up, and to recognise the pride of ownership engendered by this motorcycle, Yamaha are individually numbering each machine as it comes off the production line.

YZF-R1M Apps: A virtual Yamaha pit crew!

Yamaha has developed a number of apps for the YZF-R1M that give every rider full access to the sophisticated technology associated with factory teams. Intuitive software makes these apps straightforward to use and easy to operate, and with their ability to instantly adjust the YZF-R1M's advanced electronic rider control settings, these apps are like having a personal Yamaha pit crew.13

YRC Setting App

The YRC Setting app enables YZF-R1M users to create their own personalised riding modes by adjusting the seven electronic control systems. Riders of all abilities can select their preferred level of support for each mode, and in some cases it is possible to turn off selected electronic controls. The system is quick and easy to use, and gives users the ability to fine-tune their motorcycle so it behaves in a way that suits their own personal preferences and riding conditions.


Y-TRAC is Yamaha's Telemetry Recording and Analysis Controller, and it enables users to access the YZF-R1M's CCU and download a range of data to a mobile device. Using Y-TRAC it's possible to view and replay log files in real time on a Google Maps® image of a race track, as well as analyse and compare everything from engine rpm and lean angle through to acceleration G forces, and also see when various electronic rider controls were activated.15

YZF-R1M New Features

Highly sophisticated Öhlins ERS NPX gas pressurised forks

Lightweight carbon tail cowl

Aggressive new M1-style carbon cowling

Stamped with its unique production number

Updated Y-TRAC and YRC settings apps

Fully integrated bodywork for improved rider/machine unity

Aerodynamic efficiency increased by over 5%

Reinforced feeling of quality and M1 DNA

New 2-mode Brake Control (BC) cornering ABS

New 3-mode Engine Brake Management (EBM)

Optimized Launch Control System (LCS)

New APSG ride-by-wire throttle

Enhanced combustion efficiency and high rpm performance

Increased braking performance

New settings for steering damper

Latest Bridgestone Battlax RS11 tyres with 200-section rear

Uprated TFT instruments with BC and EBM indicators

EU5 compliant engine08

YZF-R1M Key Features

State-of-the-art Öhlins Electronic Racing Suspension (ERS)

Exclusive design with carbon and polished components

Carbon front fender

Communication Control Unit (CCU) with wireless remapping capabilities

998cc 200PS crossplane 4-cylinder engine

6-axis IMU with Gyro/G sensors for 3D motion data

Power Delivery Modes (PWR)

Quick Shift System (QSS)

Banking sensitive Traction Control (TCS) / Slide Control (SCS)

Front Lift Control (LIF) and optimized Launch Control System (LCS)

Short wheelbase aluminium Deltabox frame

Upward truss type swingarm

Magnesium rear frame

Exclusive entry to the European YRE events


Silver Blu Carbon BWM2/Carbon

2020 YZF-R1M reservation system

Yamaha will be operating an online reservation system for all YZF-R1M orders. The system will go live on July 25th 2019, and customers will be able to reserve their machine and also choose their preferred Yamaha dealer. Full details will be announced at the end of July. Please contact your local Yamaha distributor for more detailed information and retail price.16

Yamaha Racing Experience

During 2020 the exclusive Yamaha Racing Experience (YRE) will be taking place at selected European racing circuits, where owners of the 2020 YZF-R1M will be offered technical support and advice and will have the opportunity to learn about personalized set ups and meet some of Yamaha's official riders.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

Yamaha offer a wide range of Genuine Accessories designed for the YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M including beautifully crafted aluminium billet parts, performance parts, slip-on mufflers and service items - as well as exclusive bolt on accessories that enable every rider to personalize their bike.

Riders looking for enhanced power with reduced weight can fit the Akrapovič exhaust system that's been specially developed for the latest YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M. With its more aggressive exhaust note and high-quality construction, this titanium system is a must-have for performance minded riders, and is fully EU5 compliant. There will also be a special Akrapovič exhaust for closed circuit use only that is designed exclusively for track riders looking to explore the full potential of the new engine.

The Genuine Accessories line also includes endurance and sprint screens as well as crash sliders, along with a whole new selection of quality components that sharpen the looks, style and protection of these legendary supersport bikes.

New products are being continuously developed, and the Yamaha Genuine Accessories website is updated as soon as a new item is available. Yamaha is currently finalising the specifications and content of a range of new Accessory Packs designed for the R-series models, and full information will be made available prior to their launch in late 2019.

GYTR High specification racing components

Owners of the 2020 YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M can expect to receive some exciting news from the GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Technology Racing) team. Benefitting from their involvement with the World SBK and Endurance campaigns, Yamaha's very own in-house development team has been working all hours to develop the next generation of high-performance components and assemblies that will give private riders the ability to create their own factory-specification bike.

Full specifications, prices and availability of the new GYTR race parts will be announced in early 2020.

MyGarage App

Using the free MyGarage app, Yamaha R-series owners can configure their ultimate Yamaha supersport model in 3D. It's the fast and easy way to build a virtual Yamaha with selected Genuine Accessories, and MyGarage enables owners and potential owners to view, save and share any number of personalised builds. With over 1 million downloads, MyGarage is the most popular motorcycle configuration app.end bike test


7d768e9f f683 4c90 8417 3ec8e38a0a51Young and aspiring motocross riders are bracing for a bar-to-bar battle in Italy this weekend. From 13-14 July the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship will take place at the famous circuit of Trentino in Northern Italy.

The two-day event will host practice and qualifying sessions on Saturday followed by the main race day on Sunday. Lining up to represent their country are South African motocross brothers Camden and Nate Mc Lellan.7b3cf86d cfb5 415d bbd5 4bdcada000f8Camden Mc Lellan, a 15-year old motocross racer from Germiston, made history when he swept up the 2018 FIM European Championship. As the first South African rider to have ever claimed a title in European Championship history, the rider has fast become a talking point for local motocross fans.

After stepping up to the 125cc class, Mc Lellan has had a quiet 2019 season by his own high standards. With the hope of a top ten finish this weekend, a confident Mc Lellan explained:

“Moving up to the 125 class was always going to be a learning curve. It’s extremely competitive and takes some getting used to, but I’ve made great progress. Being exposed to European racing is preparing me for my ultimate dream – to compete in the MXGP World Championship.” abea616c 18eb 4911 bd5e ce562b7e1dbeHe is excited to be joined by younger brother Nate Mc Lellan in Italy. The young gun, who is currently lying fourth in the South African championship, is elated to have qualified to represent his country in the 85cc class. Inspired by his brother’s achievements, Nate commented:

“I’m up against riders that are older and more experienced than me, but I have a dream to win titles too and this will help prepare me for that,” he said.

KTM South Africa’s Managing Director Franziska Brandl gives a parting shot as her two Red Bull KTM stars step onto the international stage: “It’s been a true privilege seeing both Camden and Nate Mc Lellan grow into the talented youngster they are today, surpassing all our expectations along the way and collecting titles we never would have dreamt of. Carrying the South African flag on an international level is something truly special, but they also realise the expectations that go with it. Being exposed to an international field of riders really gives us a chance to measure our athletes against the world’s best and we are excited for this wonderful experience. Growth can only be achieved by pushing boundaries and getting out of comfort zones and that’s exactly what Camden and Nate are about to do. We can’t wait to follow the event with excitement.”end bike test

IOM TT 2019

01The road racing capital of the world at this year’s world-famous TT races held in the Isle of Man saw a practice week disappear with just one of the seven sessions vanishing because of inclement weather conditions.

The resulting weeks’ racing was thus the subject of further cancellations as the weather pelted down with rain and mist. Finally, the re-organised race schedule came into play with as many as five TT races being held in just one day as the conditions improved.

With all the constant delays big festival days out at Honda’s Peel day and the Drag racing festival at Ramsey was once again put out of business by the ACU. Race team organisers for the limits of around 2 laps on tyre wear and marginal sized petrol race bike tank capacities have changed the TT from its former glory days to a weather watchers wonderland. Not to say that the racing was not once again spectacular, with just seconds deciding the close-run events, that combined to show scintillating race speeds and record-breaking rider winning laps of the 33-mile mountain course.02

Superbike Race

Peter Hickman was out of the blocks quickly in the RL360 Superstock TT Race. It was shortened to three laps to fit into the packed five-race schedule. Hickman’s fast start saw him at Glen Helen 1.68 seconds faster than second placed Dean Harrison who had an advantage of 1.582 seconds.

Hickman consolidated his position on the run out to Ramsey once more showing his total mastery of the Mountain section of the Course with a 9.026 second lead over Dean Harrison as they entered the pits.

Peter Hickman took a comfortable win with a cushion of 26.045 seconds over Harrison.02

Side Car Race

There was drama even before the Sidecar TT Race 2 got underway on Thursday’s packed schedule as newcomer sensations Ryan and Callum Crowe were forced to withdraw due to a fire on their machine minutes before the start.

The Birchell brothers, Ben (driver) and Tom, got the tap on the shoulder at 14:00 to take the plunge down Bray Hill for the first time in the shortened two lap race.

The win puts the Birchalls level on sidecar wins with Rob Fisher, with only David Molyneux having more sidecar wins to his name.03

Lightweight Classic

With Derek McGee out of contention following a spill at Greeba in qualifying, there was no number one on the startline for the postponed Bennetts Lightweight TT Race. Lap record holder Michael Dunlop on a second Paton started in his customary #6 position.

As the clock ticked over and eyes were turned up Glencrutchery Road to see whether Coward could overhaul the 18-time TT winner. In the end it wasn’t to be.

Michael Dunlop took the chequered flag as the first bike on the road and then commenced a tense wait for Coward to cross the line. At Cronk-ny-Mona the gap was only 0.767 seconds.04

Out to Glen Helen on lap one of the two lap race (shortened due to the postponements and delays of multiple races earlier in the week) the leader was Michael Dunlop, looking to repeat his 2018 race victory.

Superstock 360

Peter Hickman (Smiths Racing BMW) claimed his first victory at the Isle of Man TT Races, fuelled by Monster Energy, when he took a sensational RL360 Superstock race by 4.4s from Michael Dunlop (MD Racing BMW) with Dean Harrison (Silicone Engineering Kawasaki) in third.05

Senior TT Race

Double Duke Road Race Rankings Champion, Dean Harrison secured the most coveted accolade in road racing by winning the blue-riband race of the 2019 Isle of Man TT Races, the Senior TT on the Silicone Engineering Racing Kawasaki Superbike.

The popular Bradford rider also took three second places an fourth during a very trying TT period.

Highest mover, Peter Hickman who amassed three victories, the Superbike, Supersport 2 and Superstock TT’s, plus a second in the Senior, third in Supersport 1 and eighth in the Lightweight, 2013 Duke Champion, Michael Dunlop took the Lightweight TT honours on the Paton.06end bike test

Marco Melandri Announces his Retirement

vby6te6y2qv8avz3pjanGRT Yamaha Supported WorldSBK rider, Marco Melandri, has announced that he intends to retire from racing immediately after the final round of the 2019 FIM Superbike World Championship in Qatar. The 36-year-old Italian's decision to hang up his leathers will bring to a close a World Championship career that has spanned three decades.

15-year-old Melandri burst onto the world stage in 1998 and immediately made his mark, taking his first win at Assen to become the youngest ever Grand Prix winner, a record that stood for 10 years. He went on to win once more that year and ended his debut Grand Prix season third in the World Championship. The following season Melandri won five races but missed out on being crowned 125cc World Champion by just a single point.

More success came with a step up to the 250cc World Championship. Melandri dominated the class in 2002, taking nine race wins on his way to being crowned 250cc World Champion. A move to the premier class followed, with Melandri's most successful MotoGP season coming in 2005 when he won the final two races and finished second in the World Championship to Valentino Rossi. yr7g55kchsqbg87jfxlnIn 2011 Melandri made the switch from MotoGP to WorldSBK, winning four races in his first season aboard Yamaha's YZF-R1 to finish the year as vice-champion. Since making his debut in the premier production class, the Italian has secured 75 podium finishes, 22 of which were race wins, making him one of the most successful riders on the WorldSBK grid.

And while these results are already impressive, Melandri is determined to add to them before finally hanging up his leathers in Qatar and bringing to a close an incredible racing career.end bike test


001After a long break, the highly-anticipated National Motocross Championship is about to make its return. The fourth round of the premier series will take place at Dirt Bronco in Krugersdorp this weekend.
After storming to his first victory in the MX2 Class, Joshua Mlimi used the time off to gain riding experience overseas. For the past few weeks he has been based in Temecula, California, perfecting his craft of motocross. He raced in the Swapmoto Amsoil West Coast Open Series and Mammoth Motocross.
We catch up with the rising star as he prepares to take on Dirt Bronco with a completely new perspective:002What were you hoping to gain from your experience in the US?
To gain knowledge and refine my skills – especially those small technicalities that will make a big difference to my riding. I wanted to really just unfold myself as a rider and learn from the best in the US. 
Having mixed with the best in this sport, what areas of your riding were highlighted that you’d like to work on going forward?
During my time over there I learnt that there is always someone better, but that was a good thing. It didn’t intimidate me or stop me from wanting to become better each and every day. I realised that I need to get out of my comfort zone to achieve the best possible results and maximum performance.
How has this trip inspired your long-term dreams as a motocross rider?
My ultimate dream is to still make it happen in the United States. My stay there was short, but I realised that it’s where I want to be ultimately to pursue my motocross career.

Are you going to approach the next national any differently having gained this experience?
Yes - I’m coming in with a lot of confidence! I really feel like I can win again. The knowledge that I’ve gained will definitely give me an edge over my competition this weekend. Some people may think this comes off as cocky, but it’s not. I’ve realised what I am capable of when I am not in my own space.
What are your thoughts ahead of the next round?
Dirt Bronco is always a cool race. I enjoy the terrain and the new layout should be fun and challenging.003
end bike test

Yamalube Yamaha Rally Team Look Forward To Silk Way Rally 2019

crgarsk82nbnle9hiktjSet to compete in round two of the 2019 FIM Cross-Country Rallies World Championship, Yamalube Yamaha Rally Team riders Adrien Van Beveren, Xavier de Soultrait and Franco Caimi will soon line up at the start of the Silk Way Rally – a 10-day event that will take competitors from Russia to Mongolia before finishing in China. Covering a vast array of challenging and contrasting terrain, the event offers further opportunity to continue the development of the team’s WR450F Rally machines ahead of the 2020 Dakar Rally.

With Adrien Van Beveren competing as the team's sole representative and winning the Merzouga Rally in Morocco in early April, the Silk Way Rally will bring together three members of the Yamalube Yamaha Rally Team as they take on an FIM Cross-Country rallies event for the first time in 2019.

Looking forward to returning to competition, Adrien Van Beveren heads into the Silk Way Rally having spent many weeks training and testing aboard his WR450F Rally with the Yamalube Yamaha Rally Team. With several months having passed since his winning ride at the Merzouga Rally, as well as being eager to return to racing, the Frenchman is keen to experience the challenges that the Russian, Mongolian and Chinese stages of the rally will present. With the competition expected to equal January's Dakar Rally in terms of difficulty and length, AVB is both confident of a positive result yet aware of the size of the challenge that lies ahead.cvtfoxtqhxoavr971yaqOne of two Yamalube Yamaha Rally Team riders to make their first post-Dakar outing of 2019, the Silk Way Rally is a race that Xavier de Soultrait has long been looking forward to. Following his sixth-place result at the Dakar Rally in January, Xavier returns to competition rested, fully fit and like all riders intrigued to discover what the multi-day event has in store.

For the Yamalube Yamaha Rally Team's third member, the start of the Silk Way Rally is a long-awaited and important moment for Franco Caimi. Agonisingly forced to abort his participation in the 2019 Dakar Rally having worked incredibly hard to return to competition following a fractured right Femur sustained in the Morocco Rally at the end of 2018, Franco is now ready to compete once again. Working tirelessly to make a full recovery from his injury, the Argentinian is hugely motivated to get back behind the bars of his WR450F Rally.

Celebrating its 9th running this year, the 2019 Silk Way Rally features a motorcycle class for the first time. Starting in Irkutsk with a start ceremony on July 6 the event will get under way on July 7 with a short 50km special stage. With overall stage and special stage lengths increasing as the rally moves through Russia and Mongolia, special stage four - a circular stage starting and finishing in Ulaanbaatar - will be the longest at 470km. Competitors will enter China on July 13 (stage 7) with stage eight the longest of the event at 785km total distance. The final competitive and closing stage will see competitors arrive into Dunhuang on July 16.i0etrhwq7gi61a5pv3bqend bike test

Viñales Aces Assen in Hard-Fought Race

980uv43vgh5quavswh18It was a day of mixed emotions for the Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team at the TT Circuit Assen today. Maverick Viñales delivered a strong race performance at the Motul TT Assen round, riding his YZR-M1 to a brilliant victory after a hard fight at the front. Valentino Rossi‘s luckless streak continued in the Netherlands. He suffered a crash on lap 5, ending his challenge prematurely.

Viñales had a good start from P2, but a wobble in Turn 1 left him a bit unsettled. He fell back to fourth, which he held crossing the finish line for the first time. There was a small scrap between him and Marc Marquez early on, until the number-12 rider noticed the three front men getting away, prompting him to make his move. As he chased the race leaders, frontrunner Álex Rins crashed. It didn‘t shake up the Yamaha rider though. He passed Joan Mir, and then the battle with Marquez and Fabio Quartararo really started.ltrf2xbha4iqdwhnnsm0The 24-year-old was in third place for a while and was having a good look behind Marquez with 14 laps to go, deciding carefully where he would make his move. He first led the race on lap 16, but Marquez proved difficult to shake. With 9 laps to go, the Yamaha rider ran wide going into Turn 1 and fell back to second place, but it was only briefly. He retaliated that same lap by using the Yamaha‘s nimble character to perfection, reclaiming the P1 spot. It was the right moment to put his head down, and this time he broke free from his rival. He showed his incredible race pace, setting a personal best lap of 1‘33.720s on lap 21. The Spaniard kept his concentration until the very end and took the chequered flag with a 4.854s advantage.

Rossi did well to manoeuvre himself through the busy mid-pack in the early stages of the race. Setting off from P14, he held his position in the opening lap and gained a place on the next. He had found a set-up he liked in this morning's warm-up, and it clearly worked for him in the early stages of the race as he swiftly moved up to 11th place in lap 3.

However bad luck struck for the third time in a row. Eager to hit the front, the Italian attempted to overtake Takaaki Nakagami on lap 5 but suffered a fast crash in Turn 8, unfortunately taking his rival down with him. Thankfully the Doctor was quickly back on his feet and able to check on his fellow rider, but he could not resume his challenge.e2u0hu1coj3sltmr58flToday's NC result means Rossi stays in fifth position in the championship standings with an 88-point gap to first. Viñales on the other hand moves up from eleventh to seventh in the rankings, with a 95-point margin to the top. Yamaha remains third in the constructor standings, whilst Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP gains one position, to third, in the team classification.

The team will be back in action next week, when the riders take on the Sachsenring for the German GP.end bike test







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