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Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 Unveils New Look Ahead of 2021 MX2 Campaign

cq5dam.web.2000.2000Fielding an exciting three-rider line-up in 2021, the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team is on the hunt for FIM Motocross World Championship glory, as it aims to secure the MX2 Championship gold plate while defending Yamaha’s title as the MX2 Manufacturer of the Year.

Made up of well-established race and Grand Prix winners, Jago Geerts and Maxime Renaux, and strengthened by the addition of last years’ EMX250 Champion Thibault Benistant, the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team will see all three riders campaign the factory Yamaha YZ250FM in the hotly contested MX2 series.

Geerts, who enters his fourth consecutive year in MX2 with the Hans Corvers led Yamaha team, won the same number of races as the eventual World Champion in 2020, 14, proving he has the speed to challenge for the crown. In addition to his 14 race victories, the 20-year-old Belgian celebrated six Grand Prix wins and 12 pieces of podium finishes on his way to his second championship medal – he finished third in 2019 and second in 2020.

Renaux secured the bronze medal and was the winner of MXGP’s Jan de Groot Young Rider of the Year award. He won one race on his way to a maiden Grand Prix win and mounted the podium on no fewer than five occasions. The 20-year-old Frenchman is already familiar with his new team, having raced for the outfit back in 2015 – where together they celebrated the FIM Junior Motocross 125cc world title. After achieving his initial goal of finishing a season in MX2 on the podium, Renaux has gone the extra mile this winter in terms of his physical preparation and is determined to accomplish his ultimate goal of becoming MX2 World Champion.

Enjoying a successful start to his MX2 career, after dominating the EMX250 Championship with eight race wins and six round wins, Benistant made his Grand Prix debut at the end of the 2020 season. The 18-year-old instantly impressed with two top-three race finishes and a top-five overall finish during the three rounds he raced in Belgium and Italy. Having evolved within Yamaha’s own ranks over the past decade, the young Frenchman has earned his place within the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team and is eager to enter the MX2 series as one of the strongest rookies in 2021.

With the pre-season races fast approaching, the Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team is excited to unveil its 2021 look. The teams fierce new and refreshed set-up confirms an extension of the partnership with two of the most successful clothing and protection brands in motocross, Troy Lee Designs and Alpinestars.

The Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MX2 team is scheduled to line up for the first time in 2021 at the Internationali d’Italia Motocross Championship, which is expected to take place on the 28th of February in Riola Sardo, Sardinia.

Jago Geerts

“The off-season is going really well. We are still taking it pretty easy because we are still two months away from the start of the championship, but I am riding three times a week. I learned a lot in 2020. I learned that the season is long and you need to be consistent during the whole season, and I also learned that everything needs to be 100% with the bike and with myself; otherwise, it is too easy to make mistakes. I have been working on these things and I feel like I am ready to fight for the title again. I had the speed already in 2020, I just need to be a bit smarter and a bit more consistent and when I can do that, I will have a good chance at the title.”

Maxime Renaux

“My winter preparation is going good so far. We have done a lot of physical training, not so much riding, but we are in Sardinia now, and we are starting to ride more on the bike. We have good conditions in Sardinia, good weather and good tracks, also the team is working with me and the bike, so everything is going well. I’m feeling really good with the team and I am really happy. I feel ready for the 2021 season for sure. I still have some things to work on, and to put more time on the new bike. I achieved my goal in 2020 of being on the podium last year with third overall, so my goal for 2021 is to do better than that. We want to catch the title; everyone is working for that. That is the main goal; there is no pressure for it. It is just something that I want to achieve. It’s my dream. I will do everything for that.”

Thibault Benistant

“My winter preparation is going really well, and I am really proud of this. I am enjoying every moment on my Yamaha Factory bike, the YZ250FM. I am enjoying time with my trainer and with all the members of the team. I can’t wait for the 2021 season. It’s my first year in MX2, I just want to learn as much as possible. There is no pressure on me, so I think I can surprise people with what I can do.”end bike test


KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S ActionInvigorating the Adventure motorcycle segment with the release of its over-1000cc ADVENTURE models for the past eight years, KTM has taken full advantage of the development feedback to introduce a new era of rider-focused design and ground-breaking technology with the 2021 KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S.

Introducing a third generation of over-1000cc KTM ADVENTURE models, the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S is the sportiest and most technologically advanced Adventure bike to ever roll its wheels off the production line in Mattighofen, Austria. Forged to provide the benefits of a versatile sports-tourer with diligence paid to ergonomics and comfort over any terrain, in brief it’s the ultimate high-performance Adventure bike.KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S Studio leftRedesigned ergonomics
Focusing on keener handling, the new KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S introduces a chassis overhaul that further enhances weight distribution and riding agility. A sharper cornering sensation is achieved by moving the steering head back by 15 mm and re-locating the front section of the engine. Additionally, the longer open-lattice swingarm contributes to a more stable feeling under acceleration. The subframe has been crafted to provide a lower seat height without sacrificing durability or practicality.

Surrounding the rider is a new 23-liter, keyless-cap fuel tank and a set of bodywork that augment the bike’s agile feeling. Every centimeter of the paneling has been analyzed in order not to impede the riding sensation. Providing additional comfort for the long rides, the new seat is two-tiered and adjustable by 20 mm. Also customizable are the handlebar levers, the all-new TFT and the windshield that has been developed through wind tunnel testing and can be moved by 55 mm. Overall, the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S excels for its lower centralization of masses and refined weight balance. It begs to be ridden hard or caressed to speed over long distances.KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S Studio right 1Technology to boost performance
Regulating the ride is the new generation of electronic aids with a less intrusive level of traction control in RAIN, STREET, SPORT, OFFROAD and an updated (optional) RALLY mode. To take you to the best riding terrain with less fuss, the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S introduces an innovative Adaptive Cruise Control system as standard for 2021. Developed in collaboration with Bosch, the radar-based system automatically adjusts the safe distance to traffic ahead according to five stages that can be set with the re-designed handlebar switches.KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S Static 1The riding experience is further boosted with the brand new 7” TFT display that is hooked to a new Connectivity Unit for seamless smartphone pairing. The larger dashboard view has quicker and more practical menu systems as well as clear aesthetic infographics to clearly indicate various sections of the bike. The dash sits on top of a redesigned storage department with a USB charging socket. To communicate with the new display, the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S comes with all-new switches on both sides of the handlebar, which offer a new and more seamless user experience. A new set of quick select and favorites buttons will allow for set-up changes on the fly and while the rider stays focused on the roads ahead.

Advanced componentry
The heart of the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S is the revised and Euro5 compliant V-twin. The eye-widening 160 hp and 138 Nm come in a lighter form (-1.6 kg) thanks to thinner engine cases and a new oil circuit. The engine breathes through an upgraded two-headed exhaust and shifts with a revised PANKL gear mechanism that brings big improvements in the optional Quickshifter+.

New pistons have further raised reliability and the whole unit retains better cooling thanks to a new water/oil system. The two new radiators work with the redesigned bodywork to channel warm air away from the rider’s legs. 15,000 km service intervals and low fuel consumption round-off the re-energized powerplant.KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S StaticFurthermore, the lean angle dependent Motorcycle Traction Control has two different controllers, one for wheel slip and another for pitch angle, with their own data and strategies. The Cornering ABS and Offroad ABS systems are products of the new Bosch Motorcycle Stability Control, while Motor Slip Regulation is optional.

The KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S will hurtle along bumpy trails courtesy of a new generation of WP APEX Semi-Active Technology, suspension. The SAT boasts augmented damping thanks to new valves while the 6D lean angle sensor inputs directly into the unit for a thorough outline of rider behavior.

Part of the updated range of KTM PowerParts specifically designed for the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S is the Suspension Pro package that offers individual damping for the fork and the shock, automatic preload adjustment and an on/off Anti Dive setting. With the additional Rally Pack featuring the RALLY riding mode and the respective MTC slip adjuster, all of the Suspension Pro and Rally Pack features together with the Quickshifter+, the Motor Slip Regulation, the Hill Hold Control and the adaptive brake light are included in the all-in-one Tech Pack.

// New ergonomics -> new fuel tank, lower seat & new plastics
// Reworked bodywork -> shorter chassis, new subframe & longer swingarm
// Optimized weight distribution -> added agility & comfort
// New generation electronics -> innovative ACC & reworked cornering MTC
// More intuitive 7” TFT display -> optimal accessibility
// Redesigned handlebar switches, improved CCU
// Revised 1301cc LC8 engine -> 160 hp & 138 Nm
// Next generation of Semi-Active Suspension
// Remodeled optional technology -> Suspension Pro, Rally Pack & Tech Pack

end bike test


KTM 890 DUKE ActionThe KTM 790 DUKE sent riders into rapture but the throttle grip is ready for a fresh limit thanks to the launch of the new KTM 890 DUKE. The latest edition of THE SCALPEL is poised to make another deep cut through the popular naked bike midweight motorcycle segment. Weight, power, torque, agility, style, undoubted attitude and guaranteed glee: the KTM 890 DUKE redefines the reference point for riders and all rivals.

The journey has been quick and short. All the envious attributes of the LC8c parallel twin that caused a stir and stirred the emotions of riders young and old with the KTM 790 DUKE have found a new boundary. The reaction to the original SCALPEL motivated KTM to work more with the LC8c and line-up something to tease the desire of extreme petrolheads. The emergence of the KTM 890 DUKE R in the early part of 2020 was the answer: a track weapon, as much as a potent blast for country roads that harnessed all the boosted power of the LC8c and added a range of features that almost obliged riders to get their knees close to the tarmac. Now, staying firmly in the exhaust note of the KTM 890 DUKE R, the KTM 890 DUKE brings all the excellence of its acutely focused sister-version to be the new rapier for the road.KTM 890 DUKE Studio black leftThe styling of the KTM 890 DUKE will turn heads and the aesthetic makes this slim package of power and punch unignorable but the essence of the bike is the compact, light, throbbing source of all the fun located between the two wheels. The bigger displacement from 789cc to 889cc uses a more sophisticated mapping logic and is now pumping out 115 Hp and 92 Nm (10 more horsepower and 5 more newton meters of torque than the KTM 790 DUKE) and the increased rotating mass by 20% ensures better cornering stability and smoother engine action at lower revs and part throttle. Euro5 ready and offering 4,8l/100km through the 14l fuel tank; the speed is offset by keen practicality.

While all the horses are straining to be free, the KTM 890 DUKE can either be gunned or gently guided; creating a large grin for all ages and abilities. The KTM 890 DUKE is ‘midweight’ only through concept, the kilos and the nimbleness of the handling alone: the rest is rasping performance and state-of-the-art ride by wire electronics. This bike will stare down all rivals on the road.KTM 890 DUKE Action 1Filtered through the light sensitive, customizable TFT display the rider aids span RAIN MODE (smooth throttle response, maximum traction control, reduced power and anti-wheelie), STREET MODE (standard throttle response, normal TC, full power, anti-wheelie) and SPORT MODE (sport response, reduced TC, full power, anti-wheelie). For those tempted by the full potential of the KTM 890 DUKE the optional TRACK MODE allows the setting to be tweaked for time attacks. Traction control can be increased or lowered on a nine-gauge scale, anti-wheelie can be disengaged, and throttle response has three levels. Launch control fixes the engine at the ideal RPM to assist with pacey standing starts. A 6D lean angle sensor means that the ECU is filtering a wealth of information and input from the bike’s behavior and positioning for optimum feedback.

Cornering ABS helps the 300mm twin floating discs with improved calipers and pads for stronger force haul the whole show to a safe halt. Getting going at a swift pace is easier thanks to the shorter shift lever, lighter springs and augmented Quickshifter+ (optional) settings.

The handling of the KTM 890 DUKE comes into play with the fitting of the tubular CroMo steel frame with a cast aluminum subframe, stiffly set for a sporty feel and a pinpoint sensation. The LC8c is central again thanks to its role as a stressed member of the chassis. Despite the technical ‘growth’ the KTM 890 DUKE keeps the same weight as its predecessor at a flighty 169 kg (dry). The subframe is innovative with the whole single unit containing the air intakes and airbox; designed to be simplistic, minimal and light. The KTM 890 DUKE glides thanks to updated and upgraded WP APEX Suspension (43mm open cartridge upside-down forks) and gas assisted rear shock. ‘Ergo’ is less purposeful than the all-action KTM 890 DUKE R and created to accommodate a wide demographic of rider, with a lower seat height of 820mm.KTM 890 DUKE Studio orange front leftThe KTM 890 DUKE is clearly part of the DUKE family. The lines are unmistakably KTM, where every centimeter of the bike has been combed and analyzed for purpose. There are no unnecessary edges, angles or parts nor plastics that do not contribute to performance of the unique KTM 890 DUKE feeling. As an example: the condensed taillight is integrated into the plate holder, reducing dimensions and freeing up customization for the rear end.

Other details include a full LED lights set, tubeless wheels, superb and well-tested new Continental ContiRoad tires (providing excellent grip in the wet, strong stability and a very short ‘warm-up’ phase) as well as KTM myRide App compatibility. A wide complement of KTM PowerParts (from Akrapovic slip-on exhausts to sprocket covers) and KTM PowerWear options are other elements that help the KTM 890 DUKE become the sharpest tool in the naked bike ‘box’.
end bike test


A very exciting new platform for all Suzuki fans, and anyone interested in motorcycling for that matter. You'll be able to chat to Suzuki owners around the World and ask questions about your bike, or any Suzuki for that matter.

You can only register on the Jan 28th, and you have to, for some very exciting news on Feb 5th, which the whole World will pay attention too, believe us?

There will also be an App to download, to keep you in touch with this tremendous new and innovative platform, see you on there... Of New Models end bike test

Difficult End To 2021 Dakar Rally For Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

01Difficult End To 2021 Dakar Rally For Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team’s participation in this year’s Dakar Rally drew to a frustrating close today as Adrien Van Beveren was forced to withdraw following a technical issue. Unable to complete the 12th and final stage of the event, AVB was just 30 minutes into the special when he ran into difficulties.02With Van Beveren’s team-mates, Franco Caimi, Andrew Short, Ross Branch and Jamie McCanney, also encountering technical issues during earlier stages of the event, the 2021 Dakar Rally has unquestionably ended far from the way the team hoped it would.

Taking a cautious approach early on in the rally, Adrien Van Beveren ended a consistent opening week with a sixth-place finish on stage six, indicating the Frenchman’s return to form. When competition resumed following the mid-event rest day, the 30-year-old continued to ride well, remaining on the pace with the leading riders throughout the second week of racing. Adrien entered the final day placed eighth overall. Frustratingly, and with the finish line on the horizon, a technical issue ended his rally agonisingly close to the finish line in Jeddah.03Racing in just his third ever Dakar, Ross Branch was a revelation in week one for the Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team. Putting together strong and consistent stage results throughout the opening week of racing, the Botswana native come agonisingly close to victory on stage six, ending the special just 13 seconds behind the eventual winner. As the rally then reached the halfway mark, Ross was well placed among the leading riders in fourth overall.

Further highlights for the Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team came from Franco Caimi and Jamie McCanney. With Franco entering the top 10 overall at the end of stage seven, Jamie, in only his second Dakar, enjoyed a highly positive start to the rally and was well placed inside the top 20 before exiting the event on stage five.04Contaminated fuel, an issue outside of the team’s control, was the unfortunate reason for Andrew Short’s early departure from the 2021 Dakar Rally, on stage two.

Despite the disappointment, the Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team depart Saudi Arabia determined to return stronger in 2022.end bike test


KTM 390 DUKE ActionThe new 2021 collection of smaller capacity KTM DUKEs continues to embody all the KTM naked bike character of attitude, performance and versatility. The re-sculptured KTM 125 DUKE and KTM 390 DUKE are shining examples of a comprehensive range where the smallest whim of curiosity or the largest craving for adrenaline can be fulfilled.

Picture a road. Is it wide, smooth and empty? Is it busy with traffic? Does it take you from ‘A to B’ or is it open and inviting? Do you pass mountains and amazing landscapes? Or are you gliding past buildings and urbanity with ease and freedom? We all have a vision of our journey and the spellbinding array of 2021 KTM naked bikes and the famous KTM DUKE family is a passport to excitement and mobility.KTM 125 DUKE left blackThe KTM 125 DUKE is power in a small, well-directed punch. Don’t settle for a step-through or some other bland characterless option: the KTM 125 DUKE allows you to look and feel different. Young riders or new riders will relish that distinctive sense of identity that all bikers enjoy. Cruising the city, escaping for the day or even daring to drag a knee, the KTM 125 DUKE harnesses all the style and performance guidelines of its senior brothers to fantastic effect. It truly is THE SPAWN OF THE BEAST.
KTM 125 DUKE right greyThe fuel injected, light, compact motor – now Euro5 ready - pumps out A1-applicable 15 Hp (11kw) thanks to state-of-the-art injection electronics. Fuel consumption is as efficient (a 300km reach) as the handling is sharp. The flighty behaviour comes courtesy of the agile chassis and low centralization. WP Suspension upside-down forks, and a shock with an adjustable preload – take any luggage or passenger you want – complement other specs like the BYBRE brakes with a 300mm front disc and 230mm rear, dual channel ABS, 17” cast alloy wheels and a range of juicy KTM PowerParts upgrades in order to really embrace the KTM DUKE vibe.

For 2021 the bike is arguably more aesthetic than ever with two different color schemes. In one example a classy gray is offset by the striking orange trellis frame and the sporty profile of the silencer. It’s fetching and minimal but functional and instantly appealing. Bystanders will have to look twice to differentiate the KTM 125 DUKE from its larger siblings.KTM 390 DUKE right whiteThose with more mileage in their right hands or seeking a potent CORNER ROCKET will satisfy their quest with the KTM 390 DUKE. The bike is a deft touch. The glide from street, dual carriage ways to country lanes and rapid blasts of fun has never felt simpler. It’s a dream for an A2 license holder or even for those who want to wear a grin with their daily commuting grind. The KTM 390 DUKE brings enviable power-to-weight performance to the market. The Euro5-compatible motor churns out 44 Hp (32kw) at a dry weight of less than 150kg. Ride by wire, 46mm throttle bodies and a slipper clutch administer the output, and a 13.4l tank ensures the glee is sustained over distance. An optional Quickshifter+ for 2021 is a must. ABS is fed through the BYBRE brake package and riders will be able to clearly tell if SUPERMOTO MODE is engaged thanks to the wide TFT dash display. The view will be steady and reassuring thanks to the WP Suspension forks with open-cartridge tech and the 150mm adjustable shock.

Have a napkin to hand because the 2021 gray and white colour options are mouth-watering. We defy onlookers to spot the difference between the KTM 390 DUKE and the other bigger members of the range. The blend of shades from the tank, frame and subframe as well as front mask and LED headlight and finely integrated pillion seat will stir the soul. Riders will love the playfulness of the KTM 390 DUKE but will also get a kick out of their appearance on the highway.KTM 390 DUKE front right grayend bike test

2021 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and ZX-10RR:

21MY Ninja ZX 10R GN1 STU.001Kawasaki has totally revamped its 2021 Ninja ZX-10R and ZX-10RR superbikes. The motorcycles, built with input from Kawasaki Racing Team, won the past seven World Superbike Championship titles.21ZX1002L 40RGN1FCWA3CG A 11.high 633x483The largest revision of the ZX-10R arrives in the dramatic styling updates with a more aerodynamic shape that tucks the LED headlights under the cowl, keeping them out of the rider’s view. The goal of the revised bodywork and the taller windscreen is to reduce drag, increase downforce, and better protect the rider from the wind.21ZX1002L 40RGN1FWLA3CG A 29.high 633x483The upgrades for the 2021 bodywork include:

Integrated winglets to help downforce.

A more compact shape of the Ram intake, which directs air towards the induction system for efficiency.

Aerodynamic riding position.

LED headlights and taillight.

Cowling-mounted mirrors with integrated LED turn signals.

Slots in the new tail cowl design contribute to the bike’s stronger aerodynamic design.21MY Ninja ZX 10R BK2 STU21 ZX1002NMFNN 40RGN2DRF3CG A 41.high 633x475The 2021 ZX-10R’s 998cc 16-valve four-cylinder engine was overhauled for stronger performance and cleaner emissions. New air-cooled oil cooler similar to what’s found on Jonathan Rea’s World Superbike machine. New electronic throttle valves and valve train design that enables tuning for a high rev limit and more aggressive cam profiles. New exhaust system that helps maintain power output and improves emissions. New transmission gear ratio that features shorter ratios for first, second, and third gears, reported to help strong low-mid acceleration for quicker corner exits and better off-the-line acceleration.21ZX1002L 40RGN1FPOV3CG A 26.high 633x483The 2021 Ninja ZX-10R’s largest update to its electronic suite is the use of pre-determined riding modes. The bike features sport, road, and rain modes and four manual modes that allow riders to tweak performance as needed. For 2021, the riding modes can now be changed on the fly through a button on the left handlebar.

For those looking for the ultimate track weapon or race bike.

The following upgrades highlight the ZX-10RR:

New more aggressive camshafts

New intake and exhaust valve springs

New lightweight titanium parts by Pankl High-Performance parts, including connecting rods

New lightweight pistons

Elimination of intake funnels for more optimized airflow

New Marchesini forged wheels

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tiresZX 10R Strip 1end bike test

Ross Branch Fourth Fastest On Dakar Rally Stage Two

D001Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team’s Ross Branch has raced to an impressive fourth place finish on stage two of the 2021 Dakar Rally following a faultless ride. With his strong result, Ross advances up to third in the provisional classification. Adrien Van Beveren also put together a positive stage to claim sixth, with Jamie McCanney 19th and Franco Caimi coming home in 31st. Frustratingly, Andrew Short was forced to retire following a technical issue.

Stage two of the 2021 Dakar Rally saw the Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team take on the first sand dunes of the event. With their navigational skills put to the test throughout the technical stage, the team ended the day optimistic about the stages ahead and looking forward to the coming days in the sand dunes.

Setting off in 15th position proved highly advantageous for Ross Branch as he went on to finish in fourth place following an impeccable ride throughout the technical 457-kilometre special. Attacking the sand dunes at the start of the stage he rode confidently, chasing down the leading riders. With Ross never falling outside the top six throughout the stage, the Yamaha WR450F Rally mounted rider now finds himself placed third in the provisional overall classification, just 14 seconds down on the second placed rider.D002After just over four and a half hours in the saddle, Adrien Van Beveren came home in sixth place to continue his strong start to the rally. Taking to the start in 13th following his result on the opening stage proved highly advantageous as he was able to focus on following the lines left in the deep sand by the competitors ahead of him. Despite riding through dust at times, he remained focused, going on to record another strong finish. The Frenchman now sits sixth in the provisional overall classification.

Jamie McCanney continues to learn the ropes of rally racing. After coming close to crashing early on in the stage, the Manxman then found himself passed by some much more experienced riders, temporarily knocking his confidence. Quickly regrouping, he then made a navigational error, which cost him valuable time. Despite his frustrations, Jamie placed 19th and heads into tomorrow very much focused on riding his own race.D003It was a frustrating stage two for Franco Caimi. Following his impressive seventh place finish on stage one, a minor technical issue slowed his pace early on. Once that was resolved he charged forwards, able to claw back some of the lost time to end the stage in 31st. With tomorrow’s stage again set to feature a lot of sand, Franco will be able to capitalise on the tracks left before him and focus on his riding as he aims to return to the top 10 in the overall classification.

In placing 12th on the event’s opening stage, Andrew Short started the Dakar Rally on a positive note. Unfortunately, a technical issue just past the halfway point of stage two brought the American’s participation in this year’s event to an untimely end.

Stage three of the 2021 Dakar Rally is a loop stage that starts from, and returns to, Wadi Ad-Dawasir. The 629 km stage features a 403 km special and provides a real challenge of mixed terrain including dunes and technical canyons, linked together with high-speed sections.D004Ross Branch – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

"It was another good day for me today. I really enjoyed the stage and it was nice to follow some tracks and focus on my riding. The stage was tricky towards the end, some technical sections that required accurate navigation but we got through that fine, so it was a good day at the office. This year’s rally is really tough but I’m having a great time here with the team and loving the racing so I can’t wait for tomorrow."

Adrien Van Beveren – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

"A much better day for me today. Plenty of sand and dunes and I was able to ride loose and confident, a big improvement over yesterday. I pushed from the start, but quickly got caught up in some dust from other riders but I kept my rhythm and kept moving forwards. I made a few small mistakes but felt great today, really confident on my bike and I’m happy with where I am after stage two."

Jamie McCanney – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

"Nothing special today, really. Some tough learnings. I didn’t realise that I was in the top 20 until the end and rode a little cautiously after being passed by some faster riders. That knocked my confidence a bit. I then followed close to someone who then turned around as he’d gone the wrong way and I just followed him into that mistake. I was kicking myself for that one so I’ll be focusing on myself from now on."

Franco Caimi – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

"Today was a difficult one but there is still a long way to go. I had a small technical issue with my bike and lost a lot of time but for tomorrow I will be able to follow tracks left by those ahead of me, so I am confident of making up for lost time. I’m really happy with my riding and the bike set-up and from here onwards I will just push forwards. There is still a lot of racing to go."

Andrew Short - Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Team

"For sure it’s disappointing to end the rally like this as I had a really good stage going. I felt awesome on the bike and things were going well. With Dakar only happening once a year, it’s frustrating to go out like this but I’ll be back next year. I’m thankful to be healthy but sad at the same time as it’s a race that we all work hard towards all year round, but it’s how racing goes sometimes. All the best to my team-mates, it's going to be a tough race this year."

Alexandre Kowalski – Yamaha Europe Off-Road Racing Manager

"It was a good and bad day for the team. It was a difficult stage with very deep sand in places, but our riders enjoyed the challenge. Both Ross and Adrien rode perfectly today. Minimal risks and solid results, but this may hurt them tomorrow as they will start with the leading riders. But this is how rally goes and they both know what they are doing so they will look to maintain their strong overall positions. Franco had a small problem that he was able to fix. This was disappointing but we have seen results change drastically each day so I am confident that he will claw back time in the days ahead. Jamie had another consistent day and his level has really improved over last year, which is nice to see. Consistency is really important this year with the new rules and I am confident that he can continue like this. Sadly, for Andrew, his rally is over. Halfway through the stage he had a problem with the bike and was unable to finish the stage. I’m really disappointed for him after a great start to the rally. Everyone in the team feels for Andrew, but as we all know Dakar can be cruel. Tomorrow will be tough, not too long but more sand so we will prepare the best we can and continue to fight for strong positions."D005

Dakar Rally 2021

Stage 2 Provisional Classification

  1. Joan Barreda (Honda) 4:17:56
  2. Ricky Brabec (Honda) 4:21:51 + 0:03:55
  3. Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) 4:23:58 + 0:06:02
  4. Ross Branch (Yamaha) 4:29:50 + 0:11:54
  5. Jose Ignacio Cornejo (Honda) 4:30:02 + 0:12:06
  6. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 4:30:38 + 0:12:42

  1. Jamie McCanney (Yamaha) 4:43:43 + 0:25:47
  2. Franco Caimi (Yamaha) 4:54:27 + 0:36:31

Dakar Rally 2021

Overall Provisional Classification (after stage 2)

  1. Joan Barreda (Honda) 8:15:38
  2. Ricky Brabec (Honda) 8:22:01 + 0:06:23
  3. Ross Branch (Yamaha) 8:22:15 + 0:06:37
  4. Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) 8:22:54 + 0:07:16
  5. Xavier de Soultrait (Husqvarna) 8:24:03 + 0:08:25
  6. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 8:24:12 + 0:08:34

  1. Jamie McCanney (Yamaha) 8:41:42 + 0:26:04
  2. Franco Caimi (Yamaha) 8:43:03 + 0:27:25end bike test

Van Beveren enjoys positive pre-Dakar outing with Hail Baja victory

001Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Official Team’s Adrien Van Beveren has won the opening Hail Baja – the first of two bajas to be held as part of the Hail Rally – following victory on both stages of the two-day event. Using the race as preparation for the upcoming Dakar Rally, the Frenchman enjoyed a trouble-free run through the competition, enjoying the tricky navigation found throughout both stages.

Comprising a short, two-day schedule and covering a total distance of 692km, the first Hail Baja provided plenty of positive training for Adrien. Welcoming the challenge that lay ahead, and very much using the event to further familiarise himself with true desert terrain, he was the first rider to set off into the sand dunes surrounding Radifah on the opening stage. Relying solely on his roadbook skills, Adrien confidently tackled the tricky navigation and with his pre-race training clearly paying dividends, the Frenchman delivered a mistake-free ride to claim the stage win.002Heading into the desert surrounding the city of Jubbah for day two, the 29-year-old initially navigated his way through a number of rocky sections before safely reaching the day’s sand dunes that formed a large part of the 347km stage. Going on to cross the finish line with a comfortable advantage, he secured the event’s overall victory and rounded out two days of enjoyable and constructive racing in style.

Confident with both his riding and the set-up of his Yamaha WR450F Rally, Van Beveren is now looking ahead to December 15 and the second leg of the Hail Rally. With a similar race format on offer, it will be his final competitive outing in desert conditions ahead of the Dakar Rally in January.003Adrien Van Beveren – Monster Energy Yamaha Rally Official Team

“This race was such great training for the Dakar Rally. Despite being called a Baja, this was just the name for the event and it was a true rally, with tricky navigation. I’m really pleased with my decision to race as the terrain and navigation was just like what is expected at the Dakar. It was cold starting early in the mornings, close to zero, but I really enjoyed both stages once I got into them. I’m here for training and I felt great on my bike, so I’m really happy. I’m now looking forwards to Tuesday for the second rally here and to continue with my preparation ahead of Dakar.”004

Overall Provisional Classification (after stage 2)

1. Adrien Van Beveren (Yamaha) 5:38:22

2. Konrad Dabrowski (KTM) 6:26:47 + 0:48:25

3. Mishal Alghuneim (KTM) 6:57:33 + 1:19:11

4. Riyadh Saud Alshammari (Yamaha) 6:59:14 + 1:20:52

5. Abdulmajeed Abdulaziz Aakhulaifi (Yamaha) 7:12:06 + 1:33:44

6. Anas Al Ruhayany (KTM) 7:22:16 + 1:43:54005end bike test




Tavullia, December 10th 2020. As usual, the Sky Racing Team VR46 has unveiled the liveries of the new season during the Ante Factor of the X Factor final on Sky Uno. This time with something new: Luca Marini for MotoGP and Marco Bezzecchi and Celestino Vietti Ramus for Moto2, live directly from the headquarters of the VR46 Riders Academy in Tavullia, with Guido Meda just before the start of the final episode of the popular talent show.  002The new MotoGP and Moto2 liveries for the 2021 season, revisited in the colors by the graphic and creative department of the VR46, have the same look in both categories: the touch of satin grey becomes shiny black, with a play of contrasts introduced by the chrome blue, which redesigns the graphics of the two Teams in a more racing way.  

After the great results of the 2020, with the Team World title in Moto2, the second place in the standings of Luca Marini, 17 podiums and 7 wins- the Team born in 2014 from the project shared between Sky and VR46 for supporting the growth of the youngItalian motorcycling talents, is projected towards the next season confirming the commitment in two categories.After Francesco Bagnaia, Moto2 World Champion in 2018, Luca Marini will be the second rider of the Team to make his debut in the top class the next February thanks to the agreement between the Sky Racing Team VR46, Esponsorama Racing and Ducati. In Moto2, Marco Bezzecchi, fourth in the Championship this year, is ready to fight for the Top positions alongside Celestino Vietti Ramus, rookie in the category after having impressed in Moto3. 003In both categories, the Sky Racing Team VR46 will be able to count on the commitment and trust of partners who have embraced the Team's philosophy. WITH U, Monster Energy and Bardahl will continue to be the main partners of the project. Fassi is also confirmed together withDainese and AGV, alongside the Team since its birth.   004end bike test




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