2018 BMW G 310 GS

G310GS mainIf you read my previous report on eight bikes of similar capacity you’ll have noticed, or should have, that my least impressive bike was the BMW G 310 R. Unfortunately, it felt a little ‘lost’ in the company of others and, well, I found it a bit boring, sorry BMW.

G310GS GROUP01So, to see if I was missing something regarding this single-cylinder 313c Loncin engine I asked for the GS version, which I’ve never had a chance to ride. And…I quite enjoyed it believe it or not and, NO, I haven’t had a cheque in the post from BMW to sway my opinion, in case you’re wondering.G310GS GROUP02

It’s better on every count over the R model and, for a mere R10,000 more it’s basically twice the bike. Well it is actually because it has both on- and off-road ability and I quite like the way they’ve styled it to look like a GS. It’s obviously worked because I’ve seen no Rs on the road in Jo’burg but I have seen four of the GS version. Interestingly all have had lady/girl riders on them, probably due to ‘tosser’ macho-men saying; ‘that’s all you’ll need because I-me-me-I have the bigger version’, if you know what I mean?G310GS GROUP03

Sexism aside the G 310 GS is physically much bigger than the R and, to me; the build quality is better as well. For having a relatively small engine the GS feels like a big bike and that, I’m sure, is the attraction. The riding position is spot-on and it accommodates a pillion nicely as well. The only limiting factor is the 34hp from the engine where all the power arrives at the top end rpm zone, portrayed on those cheap looking clocks still. The only cheap looking bit of the GS (and R), so it’s not such a bad comment.G310GS GROUP04To keep it on and off the road, BMW chose to fit high-quality Metzeler Tourance tyres, which are worthy of a mention. And whilst on the road and thrashing the poor little thing ‘till it went no further, I saw 147km/h. But it will cruise all day long between 120-130kmh on any highway and let’s not forget the biggest attribute of the G 310 GS which is the amazing fuel consumption. No idea what is was though but the 11-litre tank will take you half way to the moon, maybe?


So that’s myself redeemed to BMW (hopefully) and the G 310 GS is worthy of the BMW badge, unlike the R. For me it’s the only Wee-G’ so there…

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