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2019 Yamaha MT-07


To improve on a product that is already splendid in many ways is always going to be a difficult exercise. Let’s take phones for example, the demon device of our planet, constantly updated to suit ‘human-drones’ that revel in the latest software, even though it tends to do exactly the same thing. TVs are another ‘mindless’ bit of paraphernalia that annually receive visual splendor for the couch-dweller’s pleasure. But does any of this modern intervention actually improve their quality of life, err, NO is the answer! However, Yamaha’s new MT-07, second version, most certainly did mine…

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2019 Suzuki GSX-R750

Did anyone know, or realise, that Suzuki stopped production of their super-famous GSX-R750 two years ago? Well neither did I, so don’t flay yourself. But yes, it is true and for reasons that had more to do with that Euro draconian emission crap than anything from the Suzuki factory, possibly? But two years have passed and for whatever reason the stunning GSX-R750 is back and for sale in South Africa once again- hurrah!

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Kawasaki z400.

z400 mainIn the late 1970s I was at college, yes, I am getting on a bit, enduring an engineering career which was as boring as Trump’s latest speech and the current Brexit ‘can-o-bollocks’.

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