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Milwaukee-Eight SA Launch

hardly mainWhen I first heard about this ‘all-new’ engine I did have a few reservations to say the least. I mean, it’s the ninth generation of their famous big V-twin and what could H-D possibly have done to change their game? Surely it’ll just be an engine designed to meet ever evolving stringent emission rules (as in hyper-boring) and therefore bore me to death but, I’m still alive, so by now you’ll have figured I was wrong!

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KTM 1290 Super Duke GT

KTM 1290 Super GTCaptain Bill here, aboard KTM’s mental space ship that’s supposedly designed to be their ultimate touring bike, yeah right! I don’t mean that horribly though, far from it, but if I was in some sort of perverted sci-fi blockbuster tripping (?) between solar systems on a motorcycle then the 1290 Super Duke GT is the only choice. One problem I can foresee is appropriate space clothing to isolate me from the elements, or the lack of them to be precise – so KTM over to you regarding that one.

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Crosby TT400

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Oh yes, the biggest question that comes into mind, if one is purchasing any product, is inevitably ‘deal or no deal’. Many hours of forceful sales patter from a forceful salesperson can swing you in one way or another to either flick out your credit/bank card or flick you out of the door and we’ve all been there, right?

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