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2017 Honda Fireblade RR and SP

CBR1000RR mainimageClinton Pienaar flies to Portimao for the world launch of the new Fireblade RR and SP versions, he comes back impressed, these are his words.

Before I even rode the bike I kind of knew what it was going to feel like. Honda is a bit of a predictable manufacturer and is going to please the masses rather than the few lunatics out there who always want the cutting edge. For want of a better word in the bike market, it’s almost as if Honda chose to be the Toyota model because everybody drives one and it might not win most competitions but it will always push hard for a podium place in all departments. But I am happy to say that with Honda’s new model I was sorely mistaken!

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Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer.

HondaVFR1200X mainimageAsk any motorcycle aficionado, who dwells in South Africa, to name a big capacity Adventure bike and the reply will be obvious. BMW GS, KTM anything and perhaps the odd mention of Yamaha’s Super Tenere, right? But I doubt very much that anyone will talk about the bike we have here, well maybe a few, which is a little sad to say the least.

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KTM 1290 Super Duke R 2.0.

KTM SUPERDUKE R mainimage03
There I was, crammed into a ridiculously thin seat of Qatar’s ‘finest’ airplane, and we all know how that feels, as in terrible. Then an announcement reveals we have a delay as Johannesburg decides to keep us planted on the runway with a farewell thunderstorm, nice! Predictably a huge dude sits next to me but he is holding a South African bike magazine, great, but at least I can chat about motorbikes as the temperature rises inside the cabin, then, after an hour and a half of stagnation we’re all off to the Middle East on a diet of plastic food with a large dose of turbulence to wash it all down – tremendous.

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