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Kawasaki Z900 vs. Z1000

z factor mainimageKawasaki has placed their Z800 into the tomb/museum of past Kawasaki motorbikes and in steps the new Z900 in its place. So why not test ‘that’ against ‘that’ then, I hear you shout? Well two big reasons dudes and dudesses: One, the Z800 is even heavier than the Z1000 so why bother, and two, the Z900’s engine is a sleeved down version of the Z1000, not a big-bore version of the Z800, so there.

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2017 Kawasaki Z650

KAWASAKI Z650 mainimageOh yes, the Z650 is back after its first appearance in the mid 70s, well sort of. I say that because we all know, or should, that the original Z650 sported an in-line, four-cylinder engine and, well, this one doesn’t. Actually it’s the rebirth of Kawasaki’s ER-6n, which was always a pleasant little fellow to play with and this one is even more so.

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Proton KR3

KR mainimage
It all began with an early telephone call from good friend and competitor Rory Nesbitt. He was enquiring whether Kenny Roberts would be prepared to sell one of his Proton KR3 500cc Grand Prix bikes.

Rory had been trying to obtain a factory spec Grand Prix bike from the golden era of GP racing. Some might say that we are ‘now’ immersed in the golden era with the immense rivalry we are witnessing between Rossi, Marquez and Vinales et al.

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Yamaha MT-10

MT 10 mainimageWell there we go, the pictures here say everything about Yamaha’s MT-10 – end of story and goodbye. But I’m sure you’d feel ripped-off if I ended there and so you jolly well should. So as not to lose anymore of my withering credibility I will endeavour to keep you entertained for a while longer. May I severely suggest that you put on Diana Ross’ famous track in the background as you continue, because it goes with the title nicely? Hopefully you’ll know the Motown tune I’m on about, if not, you’re probably an alien on its annual vacation to earth.

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