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KTM 390 Adventure 2020

2020 KTM 390 ADV mainStrange title I agree, but is it? Is this 390 half the motorbike compared to their 790 Adventure? I mean, it’s basically half the price, half the horsepower and half the capacity. Thankfully this conundrum took my mind off sneaking around and trying to attain ‘illegal rolling papers’, well sort of.

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2020 Kawasaki z900

Z900 mainIt was only a couple of years ago when I first had the pleasure of riding the ‘modern’ z900, not to be associated with their two highly desirable retro models, which is the RS range. Oh no, this z900 was a lighter version, and better version, of their long-standing z1000, so to speak.

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Energica Eva

EVA mainIt’s been a very long time since I couldn’t wait for daylight to appear and ride this particular new motorcycle in the cool, fresh morning air. Oh yes, twitching and tossing (pardon the term) under the sheets in anticipation of riding the most accomplished and powerful electric motorcycle I’ve seen to date. So, while it was still dark, I fed myself on coffee whilst admiring the quality and attention-grabbing bright green ‘tree-like’ light glowing in the middle of the tank cover.

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