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Indian Scout Bobber

INDIAN SCOUT mainDuring my many years on planet earth, and not many more left (big sigh from my family and friends, maybe?), I’ve ridden just about everything on two-wheels. Bikes like Alfie Cox’s Dakar bike, a GP 500 two-stroke missile, a diesel powered Royal Enfield from Durban to Jo’burg, and everything new and old in-between since the mid-seventies to name a few. Now I know that we never had modern day phone cameras in those distant and cloudy days but there were cameras for sure.

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Kawasaki z900RS Café.

Z900RS CAFE mainIf you’ve all been paying attention you’ll know we’ve recently had the absolute pleasure of playing with the 2018 Kawasaki z900RS? Well here’s its sibling, the posh named z900RS Café, oooh darling. Yes it is a bit snobbish that and Kawasaki royalty named it, not a retro bike but a…. wait for it – Retro Sport, bet that didn’t take long to think up.

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2018 Kawasaki z900RS

Z900RS mainNow this one new motorbike I’ve been looking forward to, because I used to own an original Z1 and z900. But let me clear something up first; It seems many ‘journos’ keep saying this is roughly based around the 1972 Z1, which was never a z900, sorry for you. They actually went, Z1, Z1A, Z1B then z900, which then had exactly the same badge on the side panels as this 2018 version does. Just thought I’d relieve that from my chest cavity before I commence. Then in 1976 the z1000 replaced that, but anyway…

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