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BMW R nineT Racer

2018R9T mainRetro is the word in motorcycling at the moment. All manufacturers are fiddling with them in one way or another; even Suzuki has joined in with their take on the Katana from the eighties. BMW, on the other glove, has been at it for a while with their classic styled R nineT range and here’s the one I haven’t tried, until now.

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Suzuki DL250 V-Strom

SUZUKI DL250 mainFor many years I’ve been one of the biggest fans of the Suzuki V-Stroms (1000 and 650 of course) having covered many happy and trouble-free kilometers on both. So I was more than keen to ride this little maroon offering to see if it could carry on that name or hide away in shame.

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BMW R 1250 GS 2018

BMW 1250 GSmainThere are few bikes in the world that have as many people interested in what's new than this new BMW R 1250 GS. It's the most important model in the entire BMW motorcycle line-up and since 1980 BMW have sold more than 700,000 of these boxer-engined adventure bikes. It's still the majority market share holder in most biking countries the world over.

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Triumph Street Triple 765 RS

Triumph Street Triple 765 RS mainSo is it? Is this still Triumph’s mid-capacity mental, wild, stunt machine used by many ‘stunters’, and not forgetting that this new engine is the ‘child’ of the new Moto2 formula. These two reasons alone gave me as much anticipated excitement as an afternoon with the Queen explaining to her what a quickshifter does, over a pot of tea and absorbing posh thin biscuits of course. Now she’d probably give me the same look as if Donald Trump was sitting next to her and have no idea what I’m talking about (like him), but she should certainly be very proud of this British motorcycle, as am I.

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