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Bajaj fuel for thought

fuel mainimageWhat can we possibly do with the infuriating and constant rises in fuel costs? Well, we can all go out and buy a Bajaj, that’s what. They claim they have the most economical motorbikes in the world, so we devised a severe test to find out if their extraordinary claims are correct. If so this will indeed be “fuel for thought”.

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Yamaha TMAX

tmax mainheaderIf you’ve ever been amused by those old Arabian Nights tales and wondered what it would indeed be like to ride a fabled magic carpet, wonder no more, because Yamaha have the perfect compromise and it’s called the TMAX. What’s it like? Well kneel down on your favourite rug and read on…

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Kawasaki Versys 1000

According to some there’s nothing more versatile than a Swiss Army Knife and now Kawasaki also claim to have a similar versatile system, in the motorcycle world that is. So can this new bike “cut it” in these difficult times? Bill opens up the Versys to find out.

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