Zontes Adventure.

IMG 6959Check out this new 2019 motorbike? It’s the all-new Zontes T310 Adventure that will/could be yours to buy within the next few months. This is the only one in SA at the moment to get through SA homologation, and all that garbage.

It uses their single-cylinder 310 motor and it’s stuffed with fancy parts like LCD dash, electric screen, etc… There’s no doubt design parts have been taken from big European bikes, but that’s a good thing, right?

Looks superb and rumours are that it should be in the mid 75K bracket +/-, without the panniers. For more information and delivery dates get in touch with the guys below, and also for all new Zontes model sales.

Bikeman (011 794 5719)    www.thebikeman.co.za 

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