Zontes now in Jo’burg!

z01We’re proud to announce that there’s now an official Zontes dealership in Johannesburg. Oh yes, if you’re looking to own any of these new and very impressive Chinese motorcycles, pictured, then these guys will certainly help.

The ‘guys’ mentioned are the crew from Bikeman fronted by the feisty Johnny Shand who’s been involved in the industry for a thousand years, and therefore emits a wealth of experience on all levels.

So we have a couple of 125s under 20k, attractive 250s in all colours and off course the tasty new 310X/Rs. The X model has a full fairing and the R is the naked version, both under 70k.

Get in touch with the Bikeman gang for more information and of course test rides on these exciting new machines from the east. We’ll be testing them shortly, so keep your eye on our New Rides section.

Call: Bikeman (011 794 5719)  www.thebikeman.co.za  end bike test










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