Honda Quest 2018: Prize handover

honda-quest-africa -15 1800x1800The winners of Honda Quest True Adventure 2018, Mojaki Richard Rammoneng and Claude Deyzel received their CRF1000L Dual Clutch Motorcycles at prize handovers which took place at Honda Dealerships in Tygerberg (Cape Town) and Eastrand Mall (Gauteng) respectively.

The motorcycles handed over to the winning pair were the very same CRF1000L DCT units Mojaki Richard Rammoneng and Claude Deyzel competed on in Honda Quest True Adventure 2018.   Designed to handle tarmac and dirt tracks, the CRF1000L DCT showcased its impressive ability to tackle the mountain passes on this 10 day 2500km ultimate off-road adventure.mojaki-richard-rammoneng

Honda Quest 2018 was an intense adventure ride which comprised of seven competing teams navigating their way through the difficult terrain of the Northern and Western Cape. In the end, Mojaki Richard Rammoneng and Claude Deyzel of Team Two were victorious and announced as the winners of Honda Quest 2018.claude-deyzel

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