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The KTM Adventure Rally 2019 will be held at the Golden Gate Hotel near Clarens from 5-8 September this year.

We have set up an exhilarating, scenic route to get there and back with a backup vehicle for luggage - if required.
To register your place in the RADMoto crew, please contact us on: 011 234 5007
For more information about this rally where you are sure to discover the TRUE meaning of adventure, charging down epic dirt roads, powering through unchartered forests, conquering extreme riding territory and sharing it with like-minded riders 

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Midrand, Gauteng – The story of Frank Ndzhukula captured South African hearts this week. Ndzhukulastarted his career at KTM in the wash bay. After 26 years, he defied the odds and qualified as an Orange Technician - the highest level that a technician can reach in KTM.

He is quick to mention that he "started from nowhere and knew nothing". His manager at the time, Ralph Pitchford, encouraged him to expand his knowledge and began teaching him to fix motorcycles.

While the process was overwhelming at first, Ndzhukula came up with a little mantra for himself and pushed through his struggles: “I told myself that I’m a human being if someone else can do it why can’t I?"  he said. 

There are three levels for technicians to get through at KTM. Each level teaching more advanced skills than the next. The starting level is Bronze, the next up is Silver, and the final level is Orange.ktm tech

"To become an Orange Technician is by far the most difficult course to pass. It's a four-day course, and Frank was the only one who took all his training material home each night to go over it. He even asked me for extra stuff. This is a massive achievement for him personally," said Stephan Marais, KTM South Africa's Customer Service Manager.

Ndzhukula passed his bronze and silver courses but was hesitant to commit to Orange. Marais, who handles the Orange course at KTM headquarters, encouraged Ndzhukula to try it for years.

After 26 years with the company, Ndzhukula passed the course. It’s a massive milestone for any technician. He is currently employed at Raceworx KTM – a dealership in Gauteng. All the other workers are in awe of what he has achieved and say that they hope to reach the same milestone as him.

Ndzhukula is not only held in high regard by his colleagues, but South Africa’s top KTM athletes have great respect for him too. Louwrens Mahoney, a multiple South African Enduro and Cross-Country champion mentioned that Ndzhukula used to work on his bike when he started his racing career.

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The good guys.

Well here’s one of the new MV Agusta’s now available to buy in SA. The bike is named the Brutale 800RC Reparto Corse. It’s number 75 of 300, so it’s beyond rare and unique, not to mention gorgeous. But this doesn’t come cheap at R299,888, combined with a 3-year factory warranty though, and Fire it-up’s superb 3-year maintenance plan, as do all of their machines.

Berto and James (left) are the ‘original’ guys that made MV Agusta, in SA, so popular in the past, before ‘silly/stupid-people’ took over and made a complete mess of things and hurting the famous brand.

But that is no more and these two professional dudes will confidently look after your MV needs better than ever, which is nice to say the least. More unique models will arrive in the near future with a ‘promised’ 217hp Brutale, the most powerful production naked bike EVER, on the cards. Now that’s going to be something very, very, special, right?

Go to www.fireitup.co.za for more information and fantastic deals on all makes.











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