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Yamaha South Africa have announced a new Marketing and Events Coordinator.

yamaha logoGareth Davidson, is the new man responsible for making the Yamaha brand seen and heard in the South African motorcycling industry.

For the past 8 years, Gareth has been working together with SuperBike Magazine, one of the leading motorcycling print publications in South Africa as their Creative Director. Within that time, he has rubbed shoulders with some of South Africa’s best racers in SA National superbike and supersport championships.

"I am very excited to get going with my new task at Yamaha. My plans are to raise the brand to the next level and make sure that we are very proactive with our Yamaha fans offering the full Yamaha experience - says, Gareth."

Keep an eye open for new and exciting things happening with the tuning fork brand.001end bike test

Bill’s 2018 KTM 390 Duke

Part 1: The Arrival

Kilometres to date: 132longterm01

Last year I had the unsurpassed pleasure of ‘owning’ the mighty 1290R Super Duke for six months, then some horrid person bought it and ruined my Christmas, obviously not his!

Anyway it was time to forget and move on and after a forceful conversation with Riaan Neveling (KTM marketing boss, pictured), he agreed to hand over a shiny new 390 Duke for a similar long-term review.

Now why would I ask for one of those after the monster 1290R, 163hp episode, and good question? Well the idea is to find out if a 150kg, 45hp ‘mini-Duke’ is capable of entertaining a rider who’s enjoyed that sort of previous performance, or, is the 390 just for a new/virgin rider? Franziska Brandl (KTMSA hyper-boss, pictured), agreed and I owe her five litres of stein filled lager (seeing as she’s from Austria), for, err, agreeing.longterm02

So, I’ve only covered 130km trying to restrain myself during the running-in period to not ride it like a teenager, if you know what I mean? But I’m positive those youthful moments will return, it’s just that sort of motorbike.

This is the latest 2018 version with a few minor softwear updates and it is without doubt a very attractive motorcycle on anyone’s drawing board. I really like the orange/white colour, which the younger generation will prefer over a black one I’m sure. Well I’m not of the younger generation (pictured with grey hair and no-one’s boss), more in the autumn years of my life to me more precise. But I’d also go for this recognisable KTM colour option given the choice, wouldn’t you?

We’re also going to lather the little 390 Duke with juicy parts (like the 1290R), from KTM’s Power Parts book, which should add even more sparkle. So we’ll have a nice performance exhaust, hopefully by the next issue and other bits to make this the nicest 390 Duke in SA, maybe? Send us images of your 390 if you disagree and I’ll ignore them?

Keep tuned for next month’s exciting report and meanwhile go to to see everything I’ve mentioned above.longterm03end bike test







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