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SBK for all… sort of

002Bill recently had a visit to the Superbike magazine headquarters where Marc Giltrow, owner of SBK eyewear South Africa, was also in attendance.

Marc kindly equipped all in the picture with a superb set of 2018 SBK sunglasses, which made everyone happy to the point of them wanting to buy Marc many beers (well maybe not Bill – tight old git and all that), and justifiably so.

So if you’d also like to own similar SBK eyewear products, which you certainly should, go to or call Marc on (082 853 4476). end bike test

Long-term KTM 390 Duke Part 2: Gettin’ to know you…

DSCN2993The more I ride this little beauty the more attached I become and not just me. Natalie cleared off on it for a few days and came back a gibbering jester full of compliments. She adored the lightness, nimbleness and naughtiness the 390 has by the bag load.

I agree with everything she says, for a change. However some KTM dealers say this is the perfect ‘entry-level’ bike into the Duke family but I’m not so sure. Think of it more as a bike you’d keep. You see, around town up here in good ol’ Jo’burg I believe you’ll never need anything bigger. It’s plenty quick enough and with only 700km on the clock I’ve already had it past 180km/h! I certainly agree with Natalie, for a change, on the way it can be thrown around, helped by those brilliant Metzeler tyres. And whilst you’re flying around at silly speeds the one thing that really does stand out (relayed on those ‘best in class’ clocks), is the frugal fuel consumption. I know of no other bike at the moment that gives so much fun for so little petrol.

Anyway, talking of riding around like a ‘teenager’ whose dad paid for the bike, if you know what I mean, let me tell you these tales to put this 45hp, 150kg motorbike into perspective.

I was out on a Sunday morning ‘annoying’ any motorbike that came near when a Harley-Davidson 1200 Sportster came alongside at the lights and scoffed at my 390 badges. Obviously his bike was much louder (my Akrapovic pipe is here as I write and will be fitted by the next report), but his volume was crushed as he tried to drag race my 390 and me and I disappeared into the distance full of glee and merriment. All quite impressive, but

not as impressive as the next robot race with a fairly new Yamaha XT660 though. First gear we’re side-by-side then into second and every subsequent gear change after that the 390 pulled away and even more so at the top end. I’ve never had such a grin since I won the lottery, only to hear my R10,000 win was actually R10. Gloating aside (after a while that is) that’s very impressive for a bike that’s half the capacity of the bigger Yamaha single-cylinder engine?

‘Till next time…

Sir William of Nottingham at your service. end bike test


002Eleanor Andrews is the lucky winner of the KYKNET ‘Kry daai lyf’ competition, has taken delivery of her brand new, Yamaha XMax300 sponsored by Yamaha Motorcycles South Africa. 

Each week, viewers of the popular DSTv exercise program, Kry daai lyf, had to submit their answers to a question, and over a period of 13 weeks, 13 different weekly winners were chosen. Each week, the winner won a Yamaha hamper valued at R1,000 and went into a draw for the grand prize. At the close of the competition, the 13 names went into a hat, and a name was drawn, and the winner was to receive a brand new Yamaha XMax300 scooter valued at R69,950. 001

The lucky winner was, Eleanor Andrews from Bloemfontein. Sally’s Yamaha, an official Yamaha dealer in Nelson Mandela Drive, Bloemfontein, was the closest Yamaha outlet for the lucky lady to receive her brand new Yamaha XMax300 scooter. Eleanor could not contain her excitement when the XMax300 was unveiled to her for the first time. A new motorcyclist was born at this point. 

Eleanor was particularly impressed by the keyless operation of the scooter, and the attention to detail in the design. Eleanor is also excited to start with her riding lessons to get her new journey rolling in the safest way possible.

We are sure that Eleanor will enjoy many safe kilometres on her new Yamaha XMax300.end bike test







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